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use picassa

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Mar 26, 2014

Yes. I'm assuming your printer has the old style Winchester plug instead of a USB jack. It's called a USB to parallel adapter or a USB to printer adapter.

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

some mfg's put the dongle inside the battery compartment to ship or store them . look there

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

Start over from the beginning, that's the only option to do this correctly! I know that's not the simplest thing but it's what must be done- Best of Luck, you got this!

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

download and install bluestacks, it is a android emulator and the only way to access smartphone/tablet apps on pc

HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

sorry so slow, the spammers here pushed you to way down the list.
I guess ************ means expletive, words,? IDK nor care. but..

W8.1 is clear , no PC stated, at all just HP, 1 of 10,000 models
for near 4 decades !
PCs have up to 7 levels of passwords, even more on enterprise grade or for sure all very new PCs.
even some so good its impossible to hack out.
Why not just post your bad screen, as a photo, use your cell phone camera and post the screen below, click add photos.
in real PC repair shop the technician sees it with his eyes
and posting here in the blind is super useless,
we can not guess what you see, nor when !!


if just the windows login password lost
say so..
as that sure can be hacked.
in fact google that for 1million hits.

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

AIO are junk sure.

there are 2 issues here,
1: do you have a MS account? yes /no?
2: if yes, ask them MS how to delete your account. it is easy.
google how to delete my MS account. (millions ask a day)
3: of no live.com MS account at all , that if you windows login looks like username xyz123
and not bob1234@live.com Or outlook.com or x360.com
then it is not a Microsoft account locked in password but is what we call local. account.
4: if local account there is 2 ways, I never do this but here is the answer,
a: in control panel, click users, and delete them all 1 by 1.
I bet the last one refuses (IDK ) last admin refuses, due to running now, like shooting your horse while riding him (texas humor)
b: boot the PC and hammer F11, this invokes the magic windows HP full recovery. (F11 run fresh w10 install)
do that and its like new.
one answer.
I answered all ways, due to my not knowing if you say wanted to keep the MS live account for PC #2 , on order.
good luck,
next time get a Dell OptiPlex 3040 or newer, way way better, PC.
with a future too.

AIO means too cheap to buy a real Desktop, that is what it is.
some AIO love to fail; many have bad PSU that can not be fixed.

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

  1. Turn on the power and press F11 to run recovery without starting Windows (on some models esc key and then F11 key.

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

IN never came with w10 from, HP ever.
ok, HP told you not to use W10 , HP does not support w10 on this PC, now you can but some things will be dead.
I can list them all but will not now.

musical OS day, ?wow !@
you installed W7 from whom and what, ? MS disks or HP?
you installed w10 from whom? not HP but was MS, so was a fresh install or upgrade install, I cant guess or see what you did, not ever.
why not just run w7 and not upgrade, so HP will give you full support , why not?

head set, so does that mean , 3.5mm phone jacks dead
or are those USB head sets. we cant guess that either.
USB phones will cause chaos if not set up manually, ask.
3.5mm is child's play,
I own many 8540w, laptops.
all run W10 but I had to get the drivers to all dead chip from the chip maker, HP does not have them, because they dont support w10 here, nor do the security software work at all ever, there.
and more, the speaker control panel buttons are dead too...
until i fixed that panel, with a HP w7 force fed driver.
this pc came with XP ,vista or w7 , 32 and 64bit.
so what did you load, 32 or 64 bit, i cant guess that either.

so let me guess,
3.5mm dead, but not internal speakers,
so load this HP driver, off your official HP page.
its shows audio there see that, sp12345.exe
match the BITS (32/64) hint hint
IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver
sp46721.exe (27.8 MB)
this driver is certified on w7 only.
so if it dont work then we go the chip makers site
for a newer driver,

it must be a 4 way match.
OS same
bits same
chip same
and driver to match.
in all cases.

full support here, at HP
link is 64bit. back up one page to get 32'

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 15, 2019

1. This is a quite old motherboard. After years of usage the capacitors next to the processor might pop out and no longer work, therefore the processor does not get the required power. Check these capacitors. I added a photo of faulty capacitors. Check them. The top surface of them has to be flat without any electrolite(brown stuff) leaked out. This is a hard to fix issue because you need to solder them out and replace them with capacitors of the same type.

2. Make sure the button is working. It could have gone wrong too. You can test it by disconnecting the connector of the button (it is connected to two small pins) and connect the pins manually with some metal object or the end of a screwdriver for a moment. If the pc turns off the button is faulty.

3. If these suggestions wont help some people reported that putting the whole motherboard in the oven for a specific time on a given temperature can fix things.


HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 15, 2019

w10 32bit
or w10 64?
and using who's media kit HP or MS? wow, no hint there. wow.

why not ask HP .this.
if you want the drivers to work ask HP.
the rules at MS are even more strict now.
MS 32bit has one set of rules
and 64bit vastly more strict, (for reasons of security)

8 year old PC, it is, and matters !
are you in the USA ,like us?
did you buy it here? support varies by PC, country and OS.
it looks like a cheap AIO PC, all in one PC. that is IMO toy grade.
and the HP pages here on it show near zero support.
HP new Website is a mess, but here is the first pages that hit.
HP should rename itself to DEAD links dot com.... no really.
Dell has them beat miles here. GO DELL.COM
HP has no brains for link redirection usage, sadly..... for 3 years now.

they show no model like yours of the 29 listed there.
why? seems the first ones sold were year 2009
so is now 10 years old by their terms
and at 10 years HP loves to delete support at that year.
and says so on page 1.
it is rare here in usa.
I see one sold for $1 here, but are rare to sell at all used.
so the answer is...... after deep checking is....
no W10 support for USA HP.com

so why not just get the w10 for free from and use the 30 free trial.
I best it fails for not just one reason
but these.
AMD Athlon II X2 260u (the bad)
the good.:Supports up to 8 GB on 64-bit PCs (DIMMs run at DDR3-1066) Supports up to 4 GB* on 32-bit PCstry w10 for free, get the ISO from MS, load it to usb stick
boot the stick 16GB min, and load w10 32 bit. 64bit is hopeless.!
32bit can fail for many reasons.
not just cpu, but no sound,or gpu support w10
no lan chip or wifi chip support .

but HP does not support this PC at all nor w10 forsure.

ok I found the DEAD HP links using powerful
GOOGLE SITE:search methods
here it is. w7 max


it will run w7 64 bit but not w10 64 bit
w10 is way to strict to allow that upgrade to 64bit. (now)

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 12, 2019

try it yet,
install w7?
with internet connected,?
let W7 install find the drivers as it loads. ,PnP. plug and Play.
do that yet?
keep in mine that is server , not PC or workstation
nor do I know what vga chip or card GPU is in your ML110.
It did not come with W7
see proof here.

GLP embedded Matrox G200

Matrox shows ZERO

8 year old server.
HERE IS what Microsoft has in there PNP server, (catalogs)


what you see is what you get.

why not add any w7 video card to the expansion slot.
spend $5 used. endless choices.
some g6 have x16 slot PCI express any card works there ALMOST ALL ATI LEGACY CARDS HAVE NO W7 SUPPORT,VISTA MAX ON MOST. OK?
what I do to learn what is the oldest and cheapest card from ATI that does W7, is I go to the official MS, PnP, servers. and look.
ever do plug and play?
seems you did and found out your GPU chip is from a dead chip maker. so
what can we uses, well best is Nvidia and ATI'/amd is next.
RaDEON HD ? 3410 UP? SPEND $6)?
to find cards that have good drivers you only need look here first, at MS, driver catalogs, pnp

900+ drivers for vast cards, for free, and 100% MS certified and by ATI, (amd/ati) has it too.


see that?


HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 11, 2019

Have you verified that all components are seated properly?
Reseating the RAM (a possible reason for the 5-beep error) might be in order.

When booting, do you get the prompt for entering the BIOS ?
Del, F2, F10, and F12 are the usual ones I have seen.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 11, 2019

I had a similar problem for over a week .... I wanted to smash my computer but I searched and searched and nothing that solved my problem, but I saw something about a bug where putting your computer on hibernation can cause a bug that makes the computer to not be able to recognize batteries, then I remember that before my problem came I put my laptop on Hibernation ...

So what I did to fix this problem was:

1 Unplug your battery
2 Start your computer with only AC power
3 Put your computer on Hibernation
4 Wait until is on Hibernation and Close the lid
5 Put the battery on
6 If the charging led is not blinking after a minute then is working, just turn on your computer to get out Hibernation
7 ???
8 Profit

Sorry for the bad English
Hope this might help for some people

Please bump this if it worked for you

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 10, 2019

1. Within BIOS SETUP, your disk-drive is not listed in the list of "bootable" devices. 2. Within BIOS SETUP, your disk-drive is now showing-up as being "found". 3. No electrical power reaching your disk-drive. 4. The "data" cable, which should connect from the motherboard to the disk-drive, is not properly connected, at one end. 5. The disk-drive is "failing". Power-off your computer. Power-on your computer, and immediately choose to run the HP Hardware Diagnostics. Run the short test against the disk-drive.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 09, 2019

ok in English you have audio mixer device, (semi pro like)
and you want to connect it to a PC , at the mic jack
well this is wrong, the mic jack is High GAIN amp input for a real microphone that has super tiny signals.
if you take any pro grade gear with Line outs signals 100mv to 300mv , this huge signal will overload the living snarf out of that poor little mic amp, (called in electronics saturation and noise clipping , or overloaded) It takes very nice sinusoid waveform out and makes it a nasty square wave , and sounds like H3LL,
but gee ok for HEAVY METAL no? (purposeful distortion)

the big trouble is the Pav 15. (but what is it really that name is no good, PAV come in laptops and desk tops)
LET ME GUESS, a laptop that has no jack called LINE IN.
as most don't have and most desktops do. see?
the cure is 2 fold (ways)
use a desktop the pink jack mic is wrong
the correct jack is blue. a jack you don't have right? I cant see your pC or would go gee that will never work at all.
as seen here

or cure 2 or 3:
buy a sound dongle for that laptop USB dongle that has the blue jack called LINE input.
or cure 3.
buy a line out to mic input , line transformer, a step down transformer does this, but will be hard to find them that works perfectly and the sound quality is near PA grade (crappola)

hp made 189 pavilion laptops models some or most have no blue jack nor am I going to read 189 users manuals to find out sorry

next time post the full service tag data on the PAV 15.
the typical LT, as only 2 jacks (weak)
1 head phones, line out.
2: mic
and no line in on LT but most desktops have it. on the card or on the main board.(not all but most) and can be added in minutes.

then when connected up use windows to enter the MIX in the PC.
enable LINE input, and set the volume on that line in mixer knob.
bingo clear sounds. Line out to line in, works.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 03, 2019

Films? I guess
where are these films, I guess you mean
local video movies? in files on your HDD?
or do you mean streaming like in Netflix.?

we sure don't know what films you have.
when I was a boy we had 8mm (and super8),16mm or 35mm movie films. I own a working Bolex 16 (Panavision mod'd)
and also still film by Kodak or even Fuji. later.
Then all the films of the world were digitized to files. 2 decades ago..
of 50+ formats. MP4 and MKV are common, as are DVD formatted disks.(movie disks like at Walmart)
VHS died out long ago. even at Walmart (last)
no PC stated.
no film name stated (title) or home made?
NO OS stated if XP OS, then sure it's slow and infected.
if streaming wifi may be overloaded as it loves to do.
best is to.
use wired ethernet, for best solid reliability.
Called Gigalan.
also if on ASDL service it too can run slow.
If streaming try other sources, like hulu, vudu or youtube if all are slow the problem is at home or poor internet service.
we run speed test on the web.(use IE11 or firefox v60+)
google "speed test" and see how you do?6d709164-97e1-4255-8e9d-a02cd7e29706.jpeg

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 02, 2019

what is your type of motherboard. See part number of your laptop to confirm the type of Non-volatile memory it uses.
HP ProBook 450 G2 Notebook PC and HP ProBook 455 G2 Notebook PC Statement...

HP Computers &... | Answered on Mar 01, 2019

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