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Look carefully at your dishwasher keyboard, to see what key is nearest (above or below) the lighted lock symbol. Usually it's the Heated Dry button. Whatever it is, press and hold that key for 5 seconds. That should unlock you dishwaser and you can now use it normally.

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select a feature that is not eco friendly

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The manual lists that error code as faulty water supply. I am guessing your heater may be malfunctioning. Try to run it on cold and see if it works.

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The lower spray arm being loose is a normal condition. The first thing that needs to be checked is that the holes in the spray arms are clean and not blocked. Next once the unit has filled with water, the water level needs to be checked. If it is too low this will be what we need to repair. There is a float assembly in one of the front corners the water should be very close to the float. If it is not there is either a restriction in the fill line, water fill valve or the main board. You should be able to listen to the fill time and that should be around 55 seconds. After these tests are done I will nee the information to continue the diagnosis.

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I would replace the sump assembly in this case as the motor is $118 and the seals and other parts needed are about $50 and a complete sump assembly is $170 Part #WPW10780877. Also by replacing the assembly you do not have to worry about damaging a seal and having a leak.

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My best guess is the door latch or door latch switch is not working properly. Once the unit is full of water try holding the door shut tightly if the unit runs by doing this check the top rack and make sure it is completely seated to the back. I have found a knife or fork tangled in the top rack and letting it seat, also the alignment of the water line for the top rack. If it does not run with what I have suggested, it will be time to start checking the mainboard operation.
I hope this helps

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The first thing to do is visually check to make sure the water connections from the sump assembly to the top spray arm is all in good shape and connected, also make sure the spray arms ports are clear of any foreign material. Make sure that the top rack is seating properly to the water tube in the back of the machine. If this is all good it is possible that the diverter valve is malfunctioning. If it comes down to the diverter valve I would recommend that an authorized repair company assist you as they can be a trick and quite involved.

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The most common problem with the door not latching is the top rack not being completely in the back position. Check the rack to make sure that there is nothing jammed and not letting the rack completely close, also make sure that water tube lines up. On most models there is not real adjustments for the door latch.

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If you broke a glass, the odds are that a piece of glass has jammed the impeller on the drain pump and the buzzing you hear is the pump trying to run. In order to fix this the dishwasher will need to be removed and tilted back. Be careful not to damage the floor or countertop and the unit should be disconnected from power for safety. Once the unit is pulled out and tilted back the drain pump is easily accessed. Put a cakepan or something under the drain pump to keep the mess to a minimum. Remove the drain pump and remove your broken glass. If you do not feel comfortable with a job as such please use and authorized repair company.
I hope this helps

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There was a recall on certain models of Kenmore dishwashers. This recall was to replace the heating element. If it lasted a year it is possible that the element could have went bad again, but not likely. There are several things that can cause the thermal fuse to blow. I would recommend having and authorized repair company take a look at it for you as the part they installed over a year ago would no longer be under warranty.

I hope this helps.

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If you go to you should find the answers you need

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The first question I have is did this issue start after a garbage disposal was installed? There is a plug in a new disposal that needs to be removed. If this is not the case the easiest thing to do is pull the dishwasher out. Be careful not to damage the floor or countertop. Tip the dishwasher back and put a cakepan or something under the drain pump to keep the mess to a minimum.
Remove the drain pump. Make sure you check the impeller is not loose on the shaft or broken and of course clean the ports.

I hope this helps.

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This is a job that you can do, but take your time. First there is a pedal repair kit that you will need. I have attached a link that will help you with that.

As the compactor is heavy be careful not to damage the floor when you remove it and of course make sure it is unplugged before starting for safety. I recommend sitting it on a packing blanket or rug. Then remove the kick/toe panel and follow the directions in the repair kit. Plug in and test before reinstalling.

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I would put a bowl with about a cup of white vinegar in the top rack
along with your dishes ever wash for about a month and then do the same thing about once a month on a regular basis. You will be surprised how nice everything will come out and it will clean your dishwasher at the same time. Of course the bowl that had the vinegar in it will have dirty water in it and need to be rewashed but it will be worth it.

I hope you are pleased with the results

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My guess is the bearings in the wash pump are bad. This does not happen very often and usually happens with a dishwasher that does not get used on a regular basis. The seals dry and let water into the bearings. If this is the case it does need to be attended to as it may start leaking water and cause floor damage.

I hope this helps

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The most likely culprit is the heating element. Most of the time with a close visual inspection you will find a burn spot on the element. If that is not the concern, unplug the unit for safety, then unplug the heating element and using an ohm meter you can test the element. Of course you need to do a visual inspection of the wiring as you access it. If the problem is not found yet it will be time to disassemble the door and start testing the computer. I do recommend an authorized repair company do the work depending on your experience.

I hope this helps

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Not using all the buttons from time to time can be a problem as moisture can get into the contacts and corrode them. Depending on the model the contacts may be cleaned instead of replaced.

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