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The hot wire (positive) is red and the ground (negative) is black or, sometimes, brown. There is also a drain wire in the harness, that should be connected to the RF ground of the boat or, if none, to the negative terminal. You'll also need to add a 3A slow-blow fuse in the positive wire.
Follow the installation instructions as follows:
1. Connect the transducer / power connector to the rear of the unit and secure using the locking collar.
2. The drain wire should be connected to the vessel RF ground point. If your vessel has no groundpoint connect to the negative side of the vessel's power supply.
3. The Negative wire must be connected to the negative side of the 12 V dc power supply.
4. A fuse holder (not supplied) MUST be fitted to the positive wire using a suitably rated inline fuse or breaker.
5. The positive wire must be connected to the positive side of the 12 V dc power supply.

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get your cam corder and record it show it to your repair man

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There isn't a seperate IAC on our I6 engine. It's all done through the throttle body. Having idle problems?

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If it is a factory fitted alarm and immobilizer, you can't. If is an aftermarket system, you have to take it to an installer for that make and have it removed professionally. I wrote this tip a while back

Want to bypass your vehicle security system?
The short answer is you can't!

All modern cars have alarms and immobilizers. There is a chip in the key and a chip in the ignition lock. If both are present, the ECM (engine control module) releases power to the ignition circuit. When you turn the key, the starter spins the engine and you get a spark. If any one of those three items are not in the chain, you get the engine to turn, but no spark. There is no way to beat the system. You have to fix what is wrong, not find a way around it.

The immobilizer is in place to stop exactly what you are trying to do.

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It depends entirely on the make and model

You can Google

year make model dashboard warning lights

They are all online. Green is usually the symbol for something being okay, whereas an exclamation mark is that is isn't okay!

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