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hi try these codes
*#06# Show IMEI *#9999# Show mobile Software Version *#0837# Show mobile Software Version (instructions) *#0001# Show Serial Parameters *#9125# Activates the smiley when charging *#0523# LCD Contrast
*#9998*228# Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature) *#9998*246# Program status *#9998*289# Change Alarm Buzzer Frequency *#9998*324# Debug Screens *#9998*364# Watchdog *#9998*377# EEPROM Error Stack - Use side keys to select values *#9998*427# Trace Watchdog *#9998*523# Change LCD contrast *#9998*544# Jig detect *#9998*636# Memory status *#9998*746# SIM File Size *#9998*778# SIM Service Table *#9998*785# RTK (Run Time Kernel) errors - if ok then phn is reset, info is put in memory error *#9998*786# Run, Last UP, Last DOWN *#9998*837# Mobile Software Version *#9998*842# Test ******** - Flash the screenlight during 10 sec and vibration activated *#9998*862# Vocoder Reg - Normal, Earphone or Carkit *#9998*872# Diag *#9998*947# Reset On Fatal Error *#9998*999# Last/Chk *#9998*9266# Yann debug screen (Debug Screens?) *#9998*9999# Software version *0001*s*f*t# Changes serial parameters (s=?, f=0.1, t=0.1) *0002*?# unknown Samsung's comand *0003*?# unknown Samsung's comand For Mobile phones SGH (R210, T100, A300...) if Samsung code is in format *#9998*xxx# try write in this *#0xxx# SGH-600 SGH-2100 *2767*3855# Full EEPROM Reset (THIS CODE REMMOVES SP-LOCK! but also changes IMEI to 447967-89-400044-0 *2767*2878# Custom EEPROM Reset Samsung mobile phone codes: Samsung E700 *2767*688# remove USER CODE and SIMLOCK Samsung mobile phone codes: Samsung V200 Unlocking: Power on the mobile phone without SIM card and type these codes: *2767*63342# and press green button *2767*3855# and press green button *2767*2878# and press green button *2767*927# and press green button *2767*7822573738# press button Phone will be unlocked, but all trims are reseted !!! Mobile phone must be fully charged Samsung mobile phone codes: Samsung S500 Unlocking *2767*MVT# (*2767*688#) E2P MVT Reset *#SIMLOCK# (*#7465625#)

Cell Phones | Answered 23 minutes ago | 362 views

Here is a video which explains how to replace the screen, pretty clear.

Hope this helps

Nokia N95... | Answered 41 minutes ago | 369,132 views

OK, can you please provide the make and model,of your machine, and what the specific circumstances are...

Office Equipment... | Answered 48 minutes ago | 18 views

Hard to do, unless you provide the make and model of your machine...

Washing Machines | Answered 49 minutes ago | 16 views

It sounds like your fuser roller or fuser unit has failed.
Download the manuals for your model from Support area to find the replacement part information

Dell Office... | Answered 50 minutes ago | 41 views

Can you give us more details please?
are there lights flashing or a message on the front panel?
does it go,into error after being turned off, immediately when you turn it on, or only after you try to print.
can you print a test page from the control panel of the printer?
when did you last change the toner cartridges? Did you use genuine Dell cartridges? Have you ever replaced any of the regular maintenance parts? How many pages have been printed?
You can download the manual,including the service part replacement intervals, from Support area of the website, enter your model, or the Dell service tag number (on a white label on the back or bottom)

Dell 1250c Color... | Answered 52 minutes ago | 27 views

In the front panel menus there is usually a menu option for Service or Configuration or Network, if you step through the manu choices, one of the options may be to print a configuration page; that will have the IP address (and more) on it. If you go to Dell Support web page, you can look up your printer by model of]r by Dell service tag (white label on the back or bottom of the machine) and you should be able to download the manuals.

Dell Office... | Answered 57 minutes ago | 120 views

Your problem is that your scanner bulb or the scanner bulb power supply circuit is failing. The bulb is usually a flourecent tube. Repair parts are not commonly available, but a Dell service shop may be able to get it. This is not a software error..

Dell Office... | Answered 59 minutes ago | 44 views

you need a philips screwdriver and a flashlight, and a telescoping magnet is recommended.

the best way to do this would be to empty your trunk, and lay in the trunk on your back with your legs hanging out and your flashlight pointed up at your work.
inside the trunk directly under the stoplamp you should see a connector, disconnect that and you should see a philips screw. remove the screw.
this part is a little tricky, shine the light up and to the left so that you can see the fastener that holds the bulb into the lamp. take your screwdriver, and place the tip on the flat part that sticks off of the bulb socket and press, so that you can turn it. once the socket is released, remove the bulb socket & bulb with its wire completely.
next, about 2-3 inches to the left of the rectangle where you removed the bulb & socket you should see a hole that is covered with a black foam. remove the foam from the hole, look straight up and you will see another philips screw. remove it, i recommend using a magnet to pull it from its hole after you've loosened it almost all the way, but whatever you do, do NOT do NOT drop that screw. it is almost impossible to retrieve and if you dont, it will rattle.
once you have both screws removed, get out of the trunk and go into the backseat and lift the 3rd brakelamp assembly off of the package tray; it may need a little negotiation, but be patient, it will come out.
once you have the stoplamp assembly out of the car, take the bulb socket, it should have a long flat tip at the bottom. take a pair of dikes and cut that tip completely off. replace the bulb, and install the bulb & socket into the lamp assembly, and re-install the lamp from inside the car, slowly and carefully slding it back into place. (hint, the more of the flat tip that you cut off, the easier it will slide into place).

once the lamp is back in place, hook up the connector, and re-install the screws, and you're done.

2006 Hyundai... | Answered 1 hour ago | 28,039 views

Your question regarding the two steel balls should tend more towards "where did they come from?"

They might have come from a non-return valve in the oil supply but most likely they came from a failing bearing - one thing is certain and that is there shouldn't be any spare steel balls.

Anything that finds a way into the turbo blades can wreck it in a split-second and in turn can cause extensive engine damage - the intake should not only be completely free of foreign objects, it should also be free of the possibility of foreign objects. I think you need to get it checked out like a doctor in an operating theatre...

Ford Cars &... | Answered 1 hour ago | 16 views

Make and model of the machine, please, and can you restate your question with more description of what you want to know and why. Are you looking for the serial number?

Office Equipment... | Answered 2 hours ago | 11 views

RC-R0620 is the remote control model number (RC-R0622 in U.K./EU) you can buy on eBay or amazon A universal remote may work but only if the universal has codes for your Kenwood. Check first.

Kenwood Audio... | Answered 2 hours ago | 59 views

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There are different models of Hoover Legacy Upright vacuum, but in general, you unlatch the front cover, and pull the old bag off. The cardboard flange of the new bag goes over the tube near the top of the bag compartment

Hoover Vacuums | Answered 2 hours ago | 13 views

Is the new battery charged up? Try charging with an external charger. Are the cables on the correct terminals and well tightened? Are there any other wires loose under the hood?

Mazda Cars &... | Answered 2 hours ago | 15 views

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