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Someone probably changed the fuel pump at one time and may have put the fuel fill hose on wrong or kinked it shut.

2002 Dodge Neon | 51 views | 0 helpful votes

have the fault codes read
computers do not lie --they report what they know as fact

2001 Dodge Neon | 239 views | 0 helpful votes

May have a bad thermostat responsible for overheating and smell. Till resolved turn on heater full blast and open window!
Continue to monitor for leaks and lack of pressure in cooling system. Fill expansion tank to the mark and make sure all hoses and clamps are tight at radiator and heater core.

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the neon has a problem with the wiring near the engine mounts in that it breaks or otherwise looses connectivity and that set of wires are for the cam position sensor
with that sensor not reporting to the ECM , the engine is turned off when there is not reaction from the engine , connection is restored and so ti start up again
check in the wiring harness in that area for the problem

2002 Dodge Neon | 585 views | 1 helpful votes

Could be blown head gasket, if so you should have quiet a bit of white smoke also if this is problem.

Dodge Neon Cars... | 75 views | 0 helpful votes

First have battery checked at shop that knows what they are doing.

1995 Dodge Neon | 48 views | 0 helpful votes

Hey Shona... Please take your car to a qualified professional... this could be something very serious related to safety.. do not take a chance.. let them diagnose your problem..please...

2003 Dodge Neon | 79 views | 0 helpful votes

Get the engine mounts checked. A bad mount may allow part of the engine to lie on a body or frame part, allowing engine vibrations to become very loud. Torquing of the engine (under load) can cause the same type problems.

2005 Dodge Neon... | 521 views | 0 helpful votes

The easiest thing to check first is the body ground cable, is it there, is it loose, is it broken? take it off, clean the connections and reinstall it. Do the dash lights or interior lights go out when the engine dies? What do you mean that the speedometer doesn't work right? Does it bounce, Bang going into reverse intimates it has an automatic transmission, and you are driving the car when it shuts down. Des the transmission do anything strange while driving? If driving and the engine shuts down, does the car come to a stop somewhat slowly or abruptly? If abruptly, it may be the transmission going into two gears, stalling the engine.
It is most likely an electrical problem that needs more diagnosis. Is this a rust belt car, is there rust under the fuse box or where wires go from front to back in the car, or in the driver or passenger side firewall or floorboard? Does it make any difference if the headlights or parking lights are on or off? Does the car have air conditioning, if so does it make a difference if it is on or off?
It may even be the ECU quitting when hot, does the problem go away, or take longer to happen if you put an ice pack on the ECU?

Changing spark plugs "and all that" fixed this man's car.

rhi4409 Cars Trucks Expert Fixya

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Click on the link
See the fuse, key on, use a test lite and check for voltage at fuse circuit, it should be hot.
See pins 4 and 5 at wiper motor, those wire colors should be voltage for hi and/or lo speed, use the test lite, check for voltage hi and or low speed on those wire colors.
At the moment, I think your wiper/washer switch is faulty?

2005 Dodge Neon | 77 views | 0 helpful votes

you need the compressor running to get freon into the system
using gauges on a manifold you allow the compressor to suck the gas in to the system until you get a pressure reading at the high side gauge
That is the correct amount of gas for the system
take it to an accredited ac specialist shop to have the job done properly

2000 Dodge Neon | 238 views | 0 helpful votes

Have it current ramped tested . Could be the coil driver (transistor ) inside thePCM - engine computer . Look on youtube testing computer driver .

Part 2 Diagnosing P2305 P0352 P0351 and P0300 Faulty PCM Chrysler How To Diagnose Check Engine Light Codes P2305 P0352 P0351 P0300

2003 Dodge Neon | 289 views | 0 helpful votes

Where did he get the power from to run the fan,if he just used a hot wire from inside the car it most likely blew the fuse for ignition as the engine fan gets its power from a relay in the power distribution box under the hood as far as the fan goes if it ran with the wire then the engine coolant temp sensor is probably bad

1997 Dodge Neon | 60 views | 0 helpful votes

The mechanism is called a window regulator and you have to replace the entire unit if a plastic piece broke that supports the cable. The mechanism is bolted to the door. is a great pro grade shop manual.

2003 Dodge Neon | 40 views | 0 helpful votes

The ignition switch . Free wiring diagrams here Enter vehicle info. year , make , model an engine size . Under system click on electrical distribution ,then under subsystem click on power distribution .

2005 Dodge Neon | 49 views | 0 helpful votes

Unless i am mistaken the fuel level sending unit is part of the new pump. Sounds like a weak fuel pump to me or a dirty fuel filter.

Dodge Neon Cars... | 57 views | 0 helpful votes

Check the OBDII SCAN and look for a MAF sensor fault and replace the fuel pressure regulator. Be careful when working with fuel related repairs. High pressure and Fire hazards exist. Have a fire extinguisher close by. Let the fuel pump pressure bleed down or bleed at pressure tap on the fuel rail. Do not try to crank the engine, While liquid fuel is present. A hydro lock condition will cause engine damage and a fire hazard exist

1999 Dodge Neon | 121 views | 0 helpful votes

You need a new ignition lock with transponder chip and key with transponder chip. Then you need to pair them. You can either do this at a dealership, or you can disconnect the battery for 4 hours, put the ignition key in the ignition but not turned on, connect the battery, wait 15 minutes for the system to reset and pair and then cross your fingers.

2002 Dodge Neon | 76 views | 0 helpful votes

Try having a radiator shop look at the transmission cooler inside the radiator to see if it can be repaired. If not, then a new radiator is needed.

2004 Dodge Neon | 235 views | 0 helpful votes

seems like a considerable effort when the wreckers/junk yards are full of good units
may be the bolts are part of the rubber mouldings
have you tried a hydraulic press to push them out

2000 Dodge Neon | 45 views | 0 helpful votes

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