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I believe you should just set the idle higher at the throttle body or MAF so it gets enough air and fuel to keep running. Those butterflies have to be cracked open a little to start with so it's getting enough air to run without you having to keep your foot on the throttle pedal.

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The player mechanism has failed.

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You must have the TCM scanned for fault codes, you could have many issue that can cause this problem. Do not guess, it is huge waste of money. Have the proper testing performed.

2002 Dodge Neon | 476 views | 0 helpful votes

code p 0700 refers to transmission control system/MIL---malfunction====causes---wiring---TCM
you may have to have the replacement tcm checked out as you may have replaced a faulty unit with a faulty unit
check the wires and harness connections ( pins corroded , loose broken wiring at both ends including the connector at the ECM)
Other than that , take it to an accredited transmission specialist shop and have the system checked and diagnosed

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bit to do to replace the oil pump
yours is a second gen
its repair manual would help

Second generation (1999-2005)
have 2003 neon and was wondering where the oil pump is located

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Do you hear any squealing when you drive the car? If so the belt is slipping so yes. Replace it anyway because you don't want it to snap and Replace the battery. Retest the charging voltage you are looking for 12.7v to 13.9 if you don't have a multi meter take it to another garage and ask nicely if they could check the charging voltage most will not charge but you want the voltage NOT pass/ fail or its fine
I recommend this as some battery faults can give faulse charging readings

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Get the code. Codes never tell you to change a sensor, they just indicate the problem circuit they are seeing. Only sometimes it is a failure of the sensor.
You probably need test equipment like a digital voltmeter. Maybe join a neon forum to find out how others solved the problem.

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Put a 12v test light between the positive terminal and the battery cable.If the light is bright the draw is to much.A dim light is fine.if the light is bright,plug one fuse at a time until light dims.DO NOT cause a draw by leaving a door open etc while testing.DO NOT try and start the car or turn the key on during this test.Once you have found the fuse that causes the most draw,if you want to save $ you can just pull this fuse overnight or wire that circuit with a relay to unpower it when the vehicle is switched off.

2004 Dodge Neon | 196 views | 0 helpful votes

loose oil filter ,. bad filter unit , loose sump plug

2005 Dodge Neon | 170 views | 0 helpful votes

Hi. Look like your charging system is down. Check battery first, alternator fuses relay responsible for charging. Your battery doesn't have or hold voltage and air bags are first in the system as good indication of power lose unless is actual air bag fault

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Have you verified that system has been "burped" of air? That the fans kick on? Check radiator hoses for kinks. You can try running without the thermostat to see if that helps and can identify if the thermostat could be a problem. You may need to check your coolant mixture too.
Sounds like you have reduced flow or restriction in cooling (heat exchanger) as it runs fine at cooler temp but can't keep up when it gets warm.
New parts don't always equal working fine parts.

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Darn, just sold my '95 neon. I never had to bother with the electronics, it always worked. That da da noise sounds like must come from some relay. Come to think of it, Chrysler makes had a kind of "main relay" called the Auto Shutdown Relay or ASD relay. It's purpose was as a main relay for sending power to necessary things to keep the engine running-like power to the ignition coil, and power to the fuel injectors, and to the fuel pump. This relay is triggered or controlled by the computer.
If you have a relay chattering and it is not a bad relay, then could also be a poor positive battery connection, or even a poor ground too. If that chattering sound is from the starter solenoid (on the starter motor), then you either have a weak battery or a poor connection ... or a bad solenoid.

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I didn't see main relay listed? If it cranks good but won't start, I consider the asd relay, important, under hood fuse box.
You can check the basics when problem is ongoing. If it cranks good but won't start, have a helper crank it while you check for spark at the spark plugs. If spark everywhere, use a gage and check proper fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse.
Ask your friend, "what does that relay control?"
asd relay-yxinkdrqsupldkydswjnbqrr-5-0.jpg

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Most Parts, 2000 Neon to 04-2005 neon did not change to much. 2005-2006 are more different.

Compare size and fit, Make a good call.

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Why not put the car back to standard and see if it cures all these problems.
Not all cars like hids, some have to be wired in with resistors

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O2 cause engine stall.What codes have you?

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Your torque converter lock up is defective, it is not turning off. I would replace the torque converter lock up solenoid first and change the fluid and filter, if that is not the fix the transmission will need to come out for rebuilding and the torque converter replaced most likely..

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look for problem injectors and leaking injector seals

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If u have an exhaust leak (loud sound) that will affect a lot of the sensor readings. The O2 sensors will not read properly either & set codes. If the leak is large enough u will lose power & the trans wont work properly either & set codes. Just because u have a code, doesn't mean the part is bad. Start w the basics. If there is an exhaust leak, fix that 1st & clear the codes.

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