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I don't think the cat would cause a problem with the transmission. On a '95 neon, you should be able to remove the cat altogether and drive the car normally-it would only be loud, but it should drive.
That's why I wanted to ask what happens if you rev the engine when it is in park? Can it go up to and hold steady about 2500 rpm? That would be about like driving at 45 mph or close to that. Also, I just realized you put the old cat back on? Maybe it got plugged up. A restricted exhaust could shut the engine off, too.

I do almost all my own repairs, but exhaust work is something I leave to a well equipped shop. Pretty hard to do laying on your back, eh?

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Maybe something wrong with multifunction switch? Your lower stop lamps are wired through the multifunction switch, the high mount stop lamp isn't wired that way. The lower brake lamps and turn signal, use the same bulb filament, just not at the same time. Sometimes, you can click on diagram to enlarge, if not, click on your highlighted post, sometimes on that page, you can enlarge.


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You can open the trunk from inside the vehicle by
pressing a switch located inside the glove compartment if so equipped. (it is optional)

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Blue smoke indicates that your engine is burning oil and at for your leak. Might want to perform a complete engine cleaning with a steam cleaner and determine where the oil leak is coming from.

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best place for this is a service dealer
normally the immobilizer works around the barrel and is activated by the proximity of the fob key
if you were to get a locksmith to install a new barrel , it would have to be reset to your key so that you could insert the key and activate the immobilizer system
another way may be to get the entire lock system from a wreckers and have it reprogrammed by a locksmith or service center to your key or a new key

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Automatic transmission or manual trans . ? If automatic ,maybe the park neutral safety switch . Manual maybe clutch start switch . Try moving from park to neutral on a automatic trans. How To Test and Replace the Neutral Safety Swtich Inhibitor Switch P0705 2006 Honda Odyssey Intermittent No Crank No Start No Codes

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Ok here is the deal, the lifters are poorly designed and prone to noise or "tick", the way to silence this is not just new lifters but new rocker arm assemblies which include new lifters. Use the best parts not the cheapest ones, factory new one are improved from previous designs. If you still want to just replace the lifters you must take the rockers to a machine shop and have the lifters pressed out and replaced by them. Another suggestion is if you live in a warm climate use 10W-30W synthetic oil.

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Vacuum Leak Present IAC Fully Seated

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Car will not start how ? A crank- no - start or a no crank - no - start < meaning when you turn the key to the start position does anything happen ? Starter engages an spins the engine an doesn't start an run ! Or when you turn the key to start the position nothing happens ? Who told you it was a fuse ? Are there any light's lit on the instrument cluster , SECURITY ? If Nothing happens Find the starter relay an jump pin's 30 & 87 , if nothing is wrong with starter , battery , battery cables it should spin the engine . Is your vehicle automatic transmission or stick ? Automatic has a neutral safety switch , won't let vehicle engine spin unless in park or neutral . Manual has clutch switch , won't let starter engage unless the clutch pedal is pressed . Both of these switches can go bad . There are videos on youtube on basic electrical trouble shooting . Also on testing starter circuit . How to voltage drop test starter motor circuit

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Yes of course you can. get a screw/bolt extractor kit from the auto parts store.

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This is not how it works, we have no way to know the prior question, when it was answered use the email link provided to provide added info, do not post the answer as another question.

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Lequita, put your seat belt on or take things off your passenger seat. Sounds like your seat belt chime is telling you someone needs to buckle up.

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It should but please contact a local auto salvage yard, they have software that shows interchangeability of all parts.

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Scan for fault codes to give indication of fault, re-check valve timing

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You don't do an ohm check . Hook a test light to battery positive an have someone crank the engine over an touch the point part of test light to the PCM circuit at the relay socket . If the test light light's the PCM is grounding the circuit . Watch this video ! Fuel Pump Electrical Circuits Description and Operation ASD relay chrysler

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First you have test the circuit to find out if it's shorted or an open circuit ! Do you have DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ? You can buy a cheap one for $10.00 - 15.00 at auto parts store . Then you'll need wiring diagrams so you test the right circuits . You can find free wiring diagrams at . You mite want to watch this video .

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