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By a cheap odb2 reader read code then delete codes,,with no check engine light on it will crank with remote start ,,a few times,,,,or til the light reappears ,,,you can also take the neg cable off the battery for 30 seconds to clear the codes,,, remote start should work after that if no engine light

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jan 07, 2019 | 2,683 views

check wheel bearings for service and adjustment
The bearings could be allowing the disc rotor to be hitting on the calliper housing

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jan 15, 2016 | 133 views

It is under the hood and has the wiper symbol on it. usually on the driver side.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Nov 29, 2015 | 68 views

Way too involved here; get the manual and read it. If you do not know what you are doing get some one who does..

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Sep 02, 2015 | 51 views

It's underneath the vehicle on the frame rail.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on May 30, 2015 | 66 views

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing with your Silverado Jeanette. It sounds like the detailer may have gotten liquid inside the driver's door panel/armrest. Since you say the door locks still work with the fob and all the fuses checked good then I can only assume water intrusion in these switches is the problem. Water could also cause the speaker to short out and become non-functional. This year model truck is notorious for door lock actuator, power mirror, and speaker failure. I've had to replace all on my 2008 Silverado along with the mirror switch. There are several good videos posted on YouTube on how to troubleshoot these problems which may be helpful if you are a DIY kind of person. Otherwise you'll have to take it to a trustworthy mechanic to do the troubleshooting and repairs for you. Hopefully you know someone who is good at this sort of thing because the dealerships will charge you a small fortune to repair them. Have you contacted the detailer to see what he may do to help with the cost? It couldn't hurt!

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 30, 2015 | 134 views

Did it ever over heat The intake manifolds on chevys can't take heat.
Cheak your antifreeze for oil in it look at your dip stick look for white fome.
If you see eighter of these condutions you need to fix the intake manifold fast or the engine will be shot.
It could be a valve problem to how many miles are on it .But check the oil and antifreeze

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 13, 2015 | 185 views

The evos vent solinoid or vent valve,, i forget,,,is stuck open,,, its the one on the intake ,,, drive side towards top and front,, see youtube,,,the evaperating fuel fumes are flooding the engine so it wont start after sitting awhile,,,does the samething on fillups,, try this next time it is a no start,,, hold pedal to floor and keep turning it over til it cranks,no longer than 30 seconds,,the part is only 30 bucks you can change yourself ,,you can clear the engine code if it fixes it by undoing the ground cable off the battery for 30 seconds,,,check the codes befor you delete,,its either the vent valve solionoid, vent valve purge, i cant remember,,, the code are po4** in that range

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 07, 2015 | 124 views

Call your Chevy dealer with your VIN number. They can run it and see if there are any outstanding recalls.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015 | 197 views

Once they lock up they are done. They need to be replaced. They should come with an instruction sheet for replacing them.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015 | 66 views

Slim Jims do not work very well. There is a new tool that is heavier than a hanger. You sneak it down between the door jam and door frame and either push the power door lock button or pull the unlock knob in the door panel to unlock the door.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Oct 13, 2014 | 748 views

My advice is don't causecany more damage more than necessary. Sounds like it is going to collapse , suggestvyou have it checked out by the professionals. Think you are going to need a replacement unit

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Oct 10, 2014 | 147 views

Your asking for a guess- are you?

Your going to have to do some testing,
when it comes to vehicle problems

What is squeeling?

the belt
the pump

How about a failed steering rack?
Do you have one of those?

Suspension parts failed?

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Oct 04, 2014 | 38 views

Jason, unfortunately this is a common problem with this year model truck. I've replaced the driver and passenger door lock actuators on my '08 Silverado. If you are a DIY guy you can buy an actuator for around $120 and save the $100+ hourly rate the dealer will charge to do it. There are several good videos on YouTube that show how to remove the door panels with a few common tools. It's not difficult but can try your patience. Post any follow-up questions you may have.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Sep 17, 2014 | 316 views

Pull bottom radiator hose..or open petcock on passenger side of radiator(bottom)
Drain fluid
Replace hose/close petcock
Fill w newfluid
Let runfor a few min w cap off to burp system and refill as needed
Run until thermostat opens...

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Sep 01, 2014 | 241 views

On my 2008 Chevy pickup, the temp gauge would show normal temp and all if a sudden would drop out down to 160 on dash. When this happened, the panel would show ENGINE HOT, AC OFF. I had this problem for months. To reset it, I would have to pull over, take the battery cable off to reset the panel. I finally did some research and found out that the thermostat was the problem! When you replace the thermostat, make sure you get one that is set at 195 degrees cause there are different set points and if it doesn't make temp, the computer automatically takes over to prevent engine damage. I went to Autozone and bought a Failsafe 195 temp thermostat and my truck hasn't had a problem since!

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jul 10, 2014 | 479 views

possibility its your knock sensor
or timing sensor

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 21, 2014 | 27 views

I have a auto repair shop and a customer has the same problem my genisys code scanner pull a radio communication code U0199 which is lost communication with door control module A. I will further diagnose this system and post later hope some of this will help you with yours

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 14, 2014 | 11,675 views

I have a 2008 Silverado and noticed my chime was not working. They work off the front door speakers. Found out GM put the cheapest speakers on the market in them. Bought a new pair of Kenwood speakers from Crutchfield and installed them last week. They sound great. I will probably install Kenwood's in the rear doors since it's only a matter of time before they die too.

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 14, 2014 | 530 views

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