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sounds to me like it has jumped timing

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It will be a leak somewhere in the system.

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I believe you should just set the idle higher at the throttle body or MAF so it gets enough air and fuel to keep running. Those butterflies have to be cracked open a little to start with so it's getting enough air to run without you having to keep your foot on the throttle pedal.

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Do you hear any squealing when you drive the car? If so the belt is slipping so yes. Replace it anyway because you don't want it to snap and Replace the battery. Retest the charging voltage you are looking for 12.7v to 13.9 if you don't have a multi meter take it to another garage and ask nicely if they could check the charging voltage most will not charge but you want the voltage NOT pass/ fail or its fine
I recommend this as some battery faults can give faulse charging readings

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Did you replace every with the belt? if so, pull the valve cover and check the cam journals. One at a time. If they are scored up, replace the head.

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Misty, if automatic check the transmission fluid level and top up if necessary. Take into a good shop for diagnoses(codes) and estimate on repair if needed. Could be transmission valve body or other internal problem causing pressure loss, maybe solenoid issue.
Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck
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Common Transmission Problems Symptoms Causes Repair and Cost Information
Reverse Gear Doesn Work Anymore on an Automatic
Automatic Transmission Diagnose By Symptom

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It's difficult to diagnose a fault without seeing the car...
..but that sounds like sensor at fault.. fuel/air mix sensor or maybe a temperature sensor It sounds as though your car is getting too much fuel for the amount of air ... but .. also check your air filter..)

A workshop should be able to do a diagnostic check for you

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Park shift interlock is stuck. The ignition switch is designed that the key won't come out unless car is in park. The car think it is still in gear I had same problem my cable was stuck

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There are several things that could cause this. If the air filter is clean, my first guess would be a sensor on the engine is nearing the end of its useful life. Some auto parts stores will run a scan for free, because they think you will be grateful and buy their parts. Start with that and see what the scan shows.

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If the belt came off/broken you will have no power steering. If the fluid is low/empty you will have no power steering.

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This procedure usually works:
  • Check the battery cable connections:
Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable makes a good ground connection at the battery and (preferably) at the engine.
  • Check the battery the simple way, like this:
Turn on the headlights, then try to start the car.If the headlights do not dim or go out, then the battery is likely ok.
  • Check the starter and solenoid:
If the wiring looks ok, then look at the starter solenoid for a good connection, and proper voltage at the starter(10 volts minimum while cranking).
If the starter spins and no crank, the problem is most likely the Solenoid's bendix gear is stuck.
Have someone hit (not too hard) the starter while you try to start the car. This usually works by dislodging a stuck bendix gear.
  • Make a simple test of the alternator:
If you can, somehow get the engine running, measure the voltage at the battery. It should be at least 13.6 volts to properly charge the battery.

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what about your security system? Is the security lamp on the dash on of flashing? If it is your security system, I doubt I can help you from here? Any applicable trouble codes?

Battery has a full charge? Sometimes the battery gets run down from testing?

The asd relay supplies primary voltage to fuel injectors--coil pack and other, engine cranking. The computer usually has to see both the cam and crank sensor signals or it won't ground the asd relay. I can only make suggestions on what to check.

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check for battery terminals ,starter fuse ,check if key has chip inside. use original key,.maybe new battery,chek that first,and we go from there.

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Remove inner door panel and you will find a actuator rod has become disengaged, probably due to a broken clip at one end.

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better replace the timing components including the water pump before you have to replace head or engine.This is an interference engine.!!!!!!!!

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Take the tension off the belt and then move each pulley by hand . If the tensioner pulley feels rough or makes a noise, replace it. Same goes for the power steering, although the pump may be noisy without the pulley feeling loose.

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P0010 code is the camshaft position sensor. If this fails the vehicle will simply shut off.

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