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It can be quite a few things Lisa, but the most likely things are the windscreen rubber has perished, and letting in water (this would be more common on older cars). If your car is more modern, it will probably have a bonded screen. If so, has it recently been replaced? If so, it might be worth approaching the screen fitter to get the screen re-sealed under guarantee.
Run a hose over the front window for a while, while checking below the dashboard to see if you can see where the water is coming in.
There is also a possibility the drain holes in the windscreen scuttle may have become blocked. The scuttle is the bit between the bonnet and the windscreen. It usually has a grill cut into it.
If this is blocked, try to access the drain tube with a long rod to try and clear it out. A common occurrence if your car is regularly parked under trees / bushes, or in dusty areas. Sometimes, you may be able to see a puddle of water collected below the scuttle grill.
The worst result could be rusty floor pans. Most common on older cars. Very rare on newer cars. If you find the carpets become wet only after you have driven in wet conditions, then it is certain to be caused by rust holes in the floor. If you are unlucky enough to have this problem, it might be a good time to get rid of the car.
I can be repaired, but can be very very expensive.
For some very old cars (1960s to 1970s), you can find floor repair panels, but these are less common for newer cars.
You could also have a leaking sunroof. A good competent mechanic should be able to offer a few options to fix that. Start with a hose over the car, with kitchen roll over the carpet to help show up where the water is coming in.
Good luck.

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For Honda radio codes contact this link: Car radio codes in Uxbridge London Gumtree

Honda Ridgeline... | Answered on Oct 19, 2016 | 28 views

I'm providing You a link that will explain how to adjust headlights
looks pretty easy so good Luck.

Honda Ridgeline... | Answered on Oct 13, 2016 | 714 views

Try spraying some WD40 into the ignition switch.

Honda Ridgeline... | Answered on Jun 23, 2015 | 48 views

For the front map lights - gently pry the cover down using a very small screwdriver. The outer-edge (left or right) should be last. the inner portion is where the cover pivots and snaps in.
Once the cover is removed, just unplug the bulb and replace. It is a tube-style bulb...it kind of looks like an old style fuse.

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Return the truck to the place that did the alignment.
They did it wrong.

Honda Ridgeline... | Answered on Dec 29, 2014 | 37 views

Page 4 of the owner's manual shows you clearly however it is located above the AC controls and just below the "passenger airbag off indicator"
If you do not have a manual one can be downloaded free from www.techinfo.honda.com

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Most common is the brake light switch fails.

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Like many modern vehicles, the fuel pump is in the gas tank. Repair (if needed) is not easy but if you are experienced working on cars, get a hold of the factory service manual.

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Check transmission oil level, if that dosent work then read transmission code in auto shop.

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the fsm overs this as does alldata
and you never posted engine option,
ever search youtube, ?
this is not a video site, its just words and almost no photos.
in fact most posts are devoid of year, and engine option making
answers impossible. totally.

alldata.com, log in ,read, and be DIY, no begging.

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screw that..get the aftermarket bulb and install it yourself...bulb..50$

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Hello Daniel, you may be having different problem and one of them is that battery terminals comes with some plastic covers and a lot of people place the car cables on top causing false contact, also have you connect the battery the right way? remember this Japanese cars when you connect the cables the wrong way you burn the main fuse or maybe me more and last thing you want to check is if the previous battery was loosing battery acid it starts eating battery cables causing false contact so if its you case make sure you clean the inside part of the terminals before you connect them in the battery terminals letme know if you need more info ok

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no year, ouch.
posted now, 23 times. here it is, again. (im gunning for a new record)
pretty much all cars, newer
De'ja' vu , all over again. (LOL) RTM
RTM read the operators manual, its all there, here is a direct quote.

true for all cars, really all modern cars, 2001 to now. about. read your operator guide)

quote 23
2008 opr.guide.(lost it, huh?) Accord. non satellite Radio. NAV system. , all cars.... 2008 direct quote.

Your vehicle's audio system may disable itself if it is disconnected from electrical power for any reason.
To make it work again, you must enter a specific five-digit code with the preset buttons.
Because there are hundreds of number combinations possible from the five
digits, making the system work without knowing the exact code is nearly impossible.

You should have received a radio code card that lists your audio system's code and serial numbers. {glove box find}
It is best to store this card in a safe place at home. In addition, you should write the audio system's serial number in this owner's manual.

If you lose the card, you must obtain the code number from your dealer.
To do this, you will need the audio system's serial number.

If your vehicle's battery is disconnected or goes dead, or the radio
fuse is removed, the audio system will disable itself. If this happens,
you will see ''ENTER CODE'' in the frequency display (on the screen on models with navigation system) the next time you turn on the system.
Use the preset buttons to enter the five-digit code. The code is on the radio code card included in your owner's manual kit.
When it is entered correctly, the radio will start playing.

If you make a mistake entering the code, do not start over; complete the
five-digit sequence, then enter the correct code. You have 10 tries to enter the correct code.
If you are unsuccessful in 10 attempts, you
must then leave the system on for 1 hour before trying again.

The system will retain your AM and FM presets even if power is disconnected. {only on newer cars'

General information on Honda and DIY:

{the code can be obtained from any Honda dealership (you must give him/her your radio serial number (sticker off radio)"}
or any locksmith with a license from..NASTIF

Honda1 ServiceExpress (Same info as ISIS)

Acura ISIS (Dealer version w/ advanced search)


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how to,
but no year, stated and no one answered.
nor country car was sold.

checking in car or on the bench.
can you , yes, can the auto store, no.
ask a fully formed question.

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cell phone post? i bet. (id do worse ,on a non existent cell)
this is not a question, it's a statement.
no year, posted either.
open glove box, open operators guide, bingo
if lost, ask for it here, or google it, the guide is free, and everywhere. including, HONDA.
no year, no joy !

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define works.? and link to bogus (LOL) seller... vast there are.

Honda Ridgeline... | Answered on Nov 18, 2013 | 25 views

ask a question, please, above is noun.

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