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You've got a circuit problem. Check your electric system. Computer scanning might help to pinpoint problem

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I have an 03 and around 30,000 miles the same thing happened to me . I took it to the dealer and the replaces the idler pully wich is what was making the noise .hope this helps you

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The problem is the Lincoln Aviator is a piece of junk!!!! If anyone is thinking about purchasing one turn around and run. I cant begin to tell you how many problems i'v had and continue to have w/my 04 Aviator. I know this aint much help I just don't want to see anyone else end up like us...

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Sounds like the throttle body

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TFT is Transmission Fluid Temperature. Check your ATF level. Check the wiring harness that goes i to the transmission for proper connection. If your transmission has not had a service since 2011 THEN DO IT. CHANGE FILTER FLUID AND MAKE SURE THE COOLER GETS FLUSHED.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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Hello Eric,

If you'd care to elaborate...

I have a bunch of Lincoln books...
Can you elaborate on your trouble.

If you cooling system is throwing some warning... about coolant
either your ENTIRE system level is to low or you have a leak between your fill reservoir (recovery tank (at firewall)) and your radiator.

My best suggestion would be to beg, borrow or buy a cooling system tester (see below) and do a cold pressure test of your system (leaks are MUCH MORE OBVIOUS) without the engine running...

Autozone (for example) has a tool loan program
(once said to be FREE (Haven't checked lately)).,2004,aviator,4.6l+v8,1428083,cooling+system

Go to Bing homepage

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If your doing it yourself, you are saving a lot of money. You need a manual to do it. You have to remove the console and other pieces close to it. There are hidden screws and bolts to remove. An extra $30 is money well spent. Plus the manual will help with future repairs. You can get them at parts stores.

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What is that about?

The cooling system is shown in the factory service manuals

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If BOTH failed at the same time, it is the breaker in the fuse panel.

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Sounds like the transmission, and when did you last check the fluids? If it is a stick shift then the linkages are gone/wore out. But it's amazing how quickly a car can go from working to not.

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Motorcraft Batteries?

In my Lincoln L/S, the first one lasted 3 1/2 years & was done under warranty

Second one lasted 5 years

Now that one failed two weeks ago at 20 months

In my case the battery is in the trunk & you can't find a battery with
a vent for that car & ford batteries are on odd size, just for their
design or group size,go figure

The Motorcraft Max is free for 3 years & pro rated for 100 months,
so not a bad deal.

IF you have a big enough battery tray & a basic looking battery,
try the NAPA Legend Batt 8465 750 CCA 65 BCI (group size)

They are from East Penn MFG in Penn & plants in other states & their own brand is DEKA in the private parts stores

What I like is that there are no caps on top & no leaking, just like
the old AC Delco I used for 40 years & got 7 to 9 years out of them

I have had a Napa in my 30 year old blazer for two year so far

The question,well I think it is part battery & part the load the electronics puts on the batteries

When I open the trunk & have only the trunk light on & with a
new or old battery, I only get 12.3 volts

I get the same thing on my scan tool data when I turn off the car
& then put the key on,yet all data is good KOEO or Engine Running.

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check the cv joints for wear. check rear drive shaft for worn slip joint splines and "u" joint wear. When you lock in awd there is no centre diff to allow the variations between the wheels and so you are experiencing a torque build up between the front and rear diffs . This put stress on the entire drive chain so any looseness or worn parts will display noises. Remember that the awd lock should be only used on surfaces that allow the tyres to slip and relieve the stress ( dirt road---snow---mud--ice )

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possible blown fuse

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My Sharan car gearbox when is cold, wont change

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Use standard 80-90 OEP diff oils in standard diff and special oil if diff is limited slip unit as oep oils will destroy a limited slip diff.

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Your engine fan is temp control, it will lock up when you are driving at a high speed, the clutch could be bad and also you have a electric coolant fan too..

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If this is still under the Warranty, back to the Dealer it goes. If you had to pay for an unneeded part, ask for compensation.
The sparkplug and coil get a signal to fire from the PCM. If the signal is not getting to the #8 coil/plug, then you need to move upstream to the PCM. Something may be corroded in the connector for that single cylinder.
The other test is the Noid test for injector firing. You might want to throw a new injector into the #8 spot and see if it helps.
Finally, the rear cylinders,4 and 8, have been used to route exhaust gas to the EGR. This is an additional duty that may effect exhaust flow on that single cylinder.
You did not state the year of your vehicle. For a time, a part called a "Cam Phaser" on 4.6L and 5.4L V-8 engines would cause timing issues inside the motor. Each side of the motor is independently timed, so you can have an issue on only one side of the motor. Perhaps with cylinder 8, a combination of events is causing your problem and when both the EGR flow demands from cylinder 8 and improper timing from a bad "Cam Phaser" causes a misfire. The "Lean Code" which has not appeared is an average of all 4 cylinders on one bank. Since you are not dumping "Raw, unburned fuel" from cylinder 8, we can assume that cylinder 8 is running lean and may not even be getting fuel.

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perhaps the body control module

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get out of the car with the keys in hand. lock all doors trunk etc. open car with key in door then reenter car retry starter

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