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You will need to purchase a separate module that will allow the factory options that originally are routed through the radio to still work. Believe it or not, many GM vehicles will not start with the factory radio removed unless the separate emulator installed.

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rocker arm cover-- 106 inch lbs.

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based on what you say here i suspect maybe theres an open in the tps. you can test it with an ohmeter if you have one. some scanners will even show what its doing.

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At get complete guide on whether to repair or not, service it, and how to repair etc, along with wiring diagrams, electrical diagrams, torque specs, error codes, everything.

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neutral safety switch on the driver side of the trans where the shift cable hooks up.

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Have a factory or professional scanner hooked up , check for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble code's .GM had problem with stepper motors in side the instrument cluster ,model years 2003 to 2006 . Stepper motor's control the gauge needles .
How to repair GM Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge Stepper

The ABS an service brake message or probably related , have it checked for code's !

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Vacuum leak, tear in the air duct between the MAF and throttle body. Have it scanned to see what the fuel trims show. A vacuum leak will cause the PCM to add more fuel to correct a lean condition. That'll cause misfires and load the converter, causing it to melt down and restrict exhaust. Sound like you're throwing parts at it instead of diagnosing the problem

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remove the dash clean the connectors and refit, sounds like its become un-seated on the connection, if you push on the dash and see if it comes to life again or parts come back then this is the fault, other fault can be the board on the back of the dash, damp etc can cause electrical problems, it may need drying, and you can re seal the board with nail varnish clear but you will need to re-solder all the connections back on first then use the varnish, the varnish should last years longer than the flaky stuff they use from new, just make sure its dry before plugging back in to the vehicle.

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Lisle tool 50600 Back Single Spring Brake Tool is made just for this purpose. Makes it a piece of cake. Nightmare to do without it.

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it will be the actuators on the transfer case
check electrical connections , actuators and any vacuum hoses

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Trying to understand from what you wrote..It sounds like something is not recirculating correctly.I would change out the thermostat first because it's the cheapest thing you can do..It might be getting stuck...not opening normal..When you said you turned on the heater and no hot air.. there's a hose right there at the thermostat that runs to your heater core usually under your glove box..If your not getting hot air then the water is not recirculating through your heater could be a valve that is stuck when selecting heat that's not working also.. Flush your radiator..Open the radiator cap only after car motor has cooled down..Drain the radiator...There's a small turn valve nut at the bottom of it..Watch what comes the water rusty color especially as it slows down from draining...They make radiator flush.. Also you can buy a thermostat that opens sooner...Like if yours is can buy one that opens at 160..A lot of cars are missing the black spoilers under the car that help push air up to keep motor cool..Make sure your water pump is good..Cat converter is not clogged in front of muffler...It will make you car run hot if it's getting clogged...Also Find out where your losing coolant...I've seen on holes in the heater core that leek from where your AC condensed water drips out..It will fool you and loose about a cup of water.. Smell the water your loosing also....if it's dripping from where the AC water is and you smell coolant...You have a bad heating core

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Retrofitting HIDs into halogen headlight assemblies is ******* and my look bright to you, but they actually cast less light on the road because the reflector isn't designed to focus an HID tube. Their designed to focus a filament.
Are HID kits legal Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice

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How about motor mounts.

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under the dashboard to the right of your controls there is small resistor.Unplug it and replace,I had the same thing with my 00 silverado. Jeff

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This model has a weak connector on the blower resistor. Remove the hush panel on the passenger side and disconnect the resistor. Look for signs of melting on the connector plastic near the ground terminal. The resistor may also have failed. I have the wiring diagram somewhere if you need it.

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Install a meter in series with the neg battery cable. After all modules go to sleep your drain amount should be 50milliamps or less. Trick all doors into thinking they are closed by tripping the latches manually so the vehicle remains asleep while you have access to the interior. Pull ALL fuses and breakers 1 at a time until you see the meter read close to the given spec. This will disclose the circuit that the draw is coming from and let you see the actual amount of the draw live as you are investigating.

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May be a slight short in the switch/button. Enough that it cycles the settings or just stays on. If you want it to stay off for now, look for a fuse or relay to pull. Come to think of it, might be a bad relay. If there is one for each seat, try swapping them out and see if the problem starts on the other seat. If it follows the relay, then there's your problem.

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Instrument cluster - GM had problems with a part inside the cluster , Stepper motor , These faulty step motors caused the gauges to act erratically . 2003 to 2006 ! ALL GM vehicles . Just replaced a cavalier instrument cluster for what customer thought was a over heating problem .The fans come on low speed when engine temp. reaches 220 degress
The PCM commands the low speed cooling fans ON under the following conditions:
• Engine coolant temperature exceeds approximately 104.25°C (220°F).
• A/C refrigerant pressure exceeds 1447 kPa (210 psi).
• After the vehicle is shut OFF if the engine coolant temperature at key-off is greater than 101°C (214°F) the low speed fans will run for a minimum of 60 seconds After 60 seconds, if the coolant temperature drops below 101°C (214°F) the fans will shut OFF. The fans will automatically shut OFF after 3 min. regardless of coolant temperature.
The PCM commands the high speed fans ON under the following conditions:
• Engine coolant temperature exceeds approximately 107.2°C (225°F).
• A/C refrigerant pressure exceeds approximately 1824 kPa (265 psi).
• When certain DTCs set.
At idle and very low vehicle speeds the cooling fans are only allowed to increase in speed if required. This insures idle stability by preventing the fans from cycling between high and low speed.

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There will be a vaccum fitting on the booster tank. With the engine turned off pull the vaccum fitting off and you should hear a hiss (air going into the tank) as this tank stores vaccum. If you do not hear this hiss there is a vaccum leak that must be fixed. It could be the tank, master cylinder, a hose, or valve.

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seems to be a ground circuit . Do you know how to do automotive electrical testing ? specifically voltage drop testing ! There are no grounds in the steering column . The power door locks ground at G - 200 an G-203 G200
In the HVAC harness, on the right side of the I/P near the A-pillar below the I/P top cover
Power and Grounding Component Views
In the I/P harness, on the left side of the I/P near the A-pillar below the I/P top cover

Is the air bag light lit ? Clock spring ! do you know what that is . No horn . The battery drain needs to be diagnosed doing parasitic drain testing .

Chevrolet Truck Battery Dies Overnight Part

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