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Chevrolet... | Answered on Jul 25, 2012 | 513 views

Trouble Code: P1336

CKP Sensor System Variation Not Learned
Possible Causes:

Set the parking brake and block the drive wheels for safety. Verify the hood is closed. Read the trouble codes. If a code is set, refer to that code. Start the engine. Allow engine temperature to reach at least 158?F (70?C). Then key off. Select Crankshaft Position Variation Learn procedure on Scan Tool & start the vehicle. Apply the brake pedal firmly and verify the selector is in Park. Increase accelerator pedal position until fuel cutoff is reached at the test rpm (e.g., 5150). Quickly release the accelerator pedal after fuel cutoff is reached. The CKP system variation compensating values are learned when the engine speed (rpm) decreases back to idle speed and the procedure terminates. Read the trouble codes and recheck for DTC P1336. If DTC P1336 runs and passes, the CKP system variation "learn" procedure is complete. If not, look for other codes. If no codes are set, repeat the test procedure.

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See if you can find a box terminal or something that they have in common. If they are connected to a bus-bar or in a terminal box it is possible that they have gotten dirty or oxidized and all connected together. It has to be something that they all hook to. Good Luck!Gilllight

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That would be a shop manual - try Ebay for a used book.

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Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 15, 2012 | 348 views

It just bolts to the body, easy

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There is not simple fix I am aware of, this almost always means the transmission has failed.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 12, 2012 | 190 views

it should be on the fuel rail itself. with a vacuum hose coming out the top of it. befor you replace it make sure the wiring harness for the injectors is plugged into the main harness

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 11, 2012 | 176 views

po785 is a shift/timing solenoid malfunction. po340 is a camshift position sensor A-Bank 1 circuit malfunction.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jun 05, 2012 | 809 views

One thing to check into would be the antitheft system. Not knowing what year or type of vehicle makes it hard to help. But like i said, engine shut down in 5 seconds or less is a symptom of a bad antitheft security system. This link explains.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Feb 25, 2012 | 270 views

Are they stuck on lock? Maybe you have a switch stuck or shorted out?
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Chevrolet... | Answered on Jan 23, 2012 | 227 views

Call a locksmith, if you try to break in you will most likely do more damage than good and end up costing more than getting a pro to open it for you. This advice comes from 45 years of work experiences.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jan 17, 2012 | 65 views

Step 1: Confirm the heater core is leaking.
Step 2: Take it to a mechanic.
Step 3: Pay the man for his good work.
Step 4: Rejoice in that you did not have to depend on this website for help.

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If the steering wheel is shaking when you apply the brakes, this is usually caused by the front rotors being warped, you can either replace the rotors (replace front brake pads as well) or if they measure thick enough, they may be able to be machined to recover a smooth - non warped surface again. Your local Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, or any other parts place usually can machine the rotors for you at a resonable price, but sometimes it is better to just replace them.... the thinner the get machined the less heat they will disapate and could possibly warp again after a few thousand miles.

Hope this helps

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Check if the car starts when you jump start it. If it does try to remove the jumper cable and the negative of the battery. If the car dies then it is a weak alternator. If it keeps on running it is likely a weak battery. If jump starting does not work you can be sure that it could be electrical or the fuel delivery is an issue.

Check also if all cylinders has sparks by pulling out the high tension cables from the spark plugs one at a time. Make sure you have gloves and you keep the end of the cable over the motor. There may be one that is weaker than the other. It could be a bad cable or wire.

Have the fuel pressure at the injector tested. The pressure may be low due to dirt or faulty injectors.

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i own a 2006 chevy express cutaway box truck the interior box lights are not working and i do not know what fuse designates them can any one help me locate the proper fuse

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The 6 flashes are not an Airbag fault code ...the flashes are only to alert the driver that a fault exists, in other words to get your attention to a failure of the SRS (supplemental restraint system) system - You will now need the system scanned with a special scanner that can read the codes in the Airbag/SRS system. This is not a generic scanner, it is a special tool, most repair shops will have one or of course the dealer. And any AIRBAG system fault shuts down the system, so if you get in an accident you will have no Airbag deployment.

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Chevrolet... | Answered on Aug 30, 2011 | 59 views

Get your fuel pressure tested. You may have a bad check valve, (part of the pump) or a failing pump.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jul 30, 2011 | 60 views

What is Simulating Overheating? it either is overheating, or its not. What engine do you have? What is the trouble code? DO NOT take the word of a parts store free code scan . The ECT is near the thermostat housing.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Jul 27, 2011 | 232 views

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