1995 GMC Jimmy - Answered Questions & Fixed issues

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1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Mar 13, 2018 | 212 views

Use a gage and check proper fuel pressure. My info for the 7.4L engine says, 26--32 psi, so if it is right in the middle somewhere, should be ok. If pressure too high, check out the return side of the fuel system.
If you have a leaking fuel injector, fix it.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Feb 07, 2018 | 58 views

Change your motor fan and change your temperature sensor.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jan 31, 2018 | 64 views

Some of the older GMC ECM's keep the error code for some time. You may have to have it reset and see if the code comes back. I had a Yukon that had a check engine lite on for about 6 months and it finally went off last week!

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Dec 12, 2017 | 30 views

just get the service and repair manual from the given link but first go to the link read the description then buy and i am sure you will took help from the mechanic after buying this factory manual http://toolsnyou.com/

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Dec 12, 2017 | 40 views

Go to online store reliable they have repair manuals I am sure you will get the solution. Here's the link Best Manuals

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Dec 06, 2017 | 113 views

If something is draining the battery you have a parasitic draw on the electrical system . There are a couple ways of testing for this . GM insturment clusters can cause this problem as well as a module not powering down . Really don't think electrical wire burnt problem . The car would catch fire an burn up.
The BEST Way TO Perform Parasitic Draw Test

How To Perform Parasitic Draw Test EricTheCarGuy

The Trainer 27 3 Ways Of Finding The Cause Of Key Off Battery Drain...

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Aug 07, 2017 | 73 views

bad switch?

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jul 28, 2017 | 59 views

Replacing internal parts on that old a transmission is a waste of money. I would replace it with a certified rrebuilt.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jul 03, 2017 | 77 views

Brake lights run through the hazzard switch. There are known problems with this, and the multifunction switch. You may need to buy a new hazzard switch and OR the multifunction switch. Before you do that, check the pigtail that goes into the brake switch up by the fender, make sure it's not shorting out up there. Happened to me!

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on May 08, 2017 | 314 views

Replace the ignition lock cylinder with a new one that you do have a key for or go to the dealer prove to them that you do own the car and they will contact GM and make a new key to fit your vehicle.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on May 05, 2017 | 68 views

I am old school and do not know if vacum modulator still used , check if hose still ok . Modulators used to be cheap .

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Mar 10, 2017 | 32 views

It sounds like you have a fuel problem (too lean). This problem is probably with the injector spider assembly, a common problem with high mileage Jimmys. Early versions of this spider do not use individually controlled poppets - just one injector that feeds each of the six cylinders in sequence under control of the ECM. If you can get it started, try a high strength injector cleaner in the gas tank. Also, the fuel pressure reading must be within normal range when you turn ignition on and then while trying to start the engine, and if not, the fuel regulator is faulty. You could also have a malfunctioning injector. In either case, you should try replacing the entire spider assembly.
Replacing the faulty O2 sensor is also a good idea. This engine starts in open loop mode, and after it warms up it tries to go to closed loop and the ECM will attempt to use the O2 sensors in it's calculation for fuel delivery. If one or more of the sensors are contaminated, this will drive the ECM crazy.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Mar 07, 2017 | 44 views

There is no timing sensor - what you are looking for is the crank sensor located on the timing chain cover (front of engine).

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jan 29, 2017 | 46 views

Check fuses and relays.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Oct 08, 2016 | 113 views

You didn't mention what size engine. However the firing order is stamped on the intake manifold.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Oct 06, 2016 | 40 views

first check your rim sizes and make sure both front rims are the same size. second check both front tires and make sure they are both the same size.
third inspect strut and spring assembly on driver side and ensure that it is not damaged.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jul 16, 2016 | 44 views

Yes , you installed the thermostat correctly. However, I have installed a brand new thermostat from an auto parts store and it did not work.So...
  • pull out thermostat, place in pan of water and put on stove or barbecue grill and heat it up. thermostat should open when water boils.
  • if thermostat is functioning, reinstall.
  • check water pump for water flow
  • flush radiator and replace antifreeze
  • leave car running in park on warm day and see if electric cooling fans come on.

1995 GMC Jimmy | Answered on Jul 16, 2016 | 36 views

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