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faulty connection to the rear of the bulb
rusted bulb connectors
faulty bulb (but not if both do it)
faulty alternator regulator

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Why are you trying to bypass?

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Check the "Help"section at your local auto parts store, they have a selection of these "clips" & "fasteners". If for some reason they don't just call the local dealer that sells your type of vehicle and they'll hook you right up for a few bucks at most. No Worries, this is an easy fix.

You can hit up a local junkyard or salvage yard; they'll give it to you or charge a minimal price at worst, that's what I usually do!

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u'd need a proper manual for this in my opinion
like there are plenty of dealers and online shops that deal in those..
you can get some free at reliable-store and it;s actually really illustrative

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The shift Solenoid by be bad the will not unlock the shifter. If you really need to get going ..You can physically override the shifter. Read your manual and it will tell you how to do it. In the mean time check all your fuses. There are many plastic parts that can crack split or come apart on some solenoids.

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Sounds as if you may have a vacuum leak; possibly a dirty/sticking idle air control valve, or dirty/sticking EGR valve. Could possibly be clogged converter or muffler as well.

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brake switch not releasing the shift lock

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Hello Mac Davis,

My Dodge (Chrysler, Plymouth) days significantly
pre-date your 2001... although in trouble shooting
"modern" Dodge switches ... I have noticed there are
a huge number of "SWITCHES" available...

Meaning you are VERY likely on the RIGHT TRACK..

If you are NOT comfortable taking YOUR switch apart...
BUY a (practice) DONOR switch from eBay and
examine/dismantle... play, test... (etc.) to your
heart's content...

See BELOW (circuit drawings)

Totally FREE Circuit Drawings & Technical Service Bulletins
(TSBs) are available on the BBB Industries website...

Registration is required... (These are REAL documents)...
BBB Industries Premium Alternators Starters Power Steering Products
The only problem... Every time you return from the
DRAWINGS you are in the Technical Service Bulletins...

and must switch back to "WIRING"... but FREE... helps.

I hope I have.

Carnac the Magnificent

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What color wire was loose ? VI/YL - Violet with yellow trace . A no bus message means the instrument cluster lost communication with the serial data network . Do you know what that is ? Gauge info. comes from other computers on the vehicle through the data bus. If a module (computer ) looes connection some how , faultly module , wiring problem etc... this message will show an more then likely a DTC - diagnostic trouble code will set in one of the modules on the vehicle . Don't know how much you know about this stuff , but you can not go to a auto part's store an have it check for code's . The tool they use doesn't check all the computers on the vehicle . The data bus on your vehicle is the PCI bus. 006 Chrysler PCI Communications
Reading as much as you can about this an finding wiring diagrams to test the bus wiring plus having the modules checked for communication network code's is the way to find a fix . Most of the time it is a loose connection that causes this problem .

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There is an issue where the oxygen sensor that is after the catalytic converter can short out internally in the heater circuit and cause a voltage to feed back into the transmission. This in turn can cause the error that you are describing. The best this and cheapest thing to do is replace the sensor and see if the code comes back. If it does then you are looking at a possible transmission issue.

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Have you tried blowing on the aera where the key goes into with a hair dryer if this solves the issue maybe think about replacing it at your earliest convenience, just a thought....

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There is a tap or valve on the heater or hose that controls the hot water to the heater radiator, make sure this is working and not closed or broken.

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This could be he Idle Control Valve and is around 50 dollars and a easy fix. Also try STP 5 in 1 fuel cleaner for a couple of tanks if you are using the cheap gas

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Not saying this is your problem but I had a ram 1500 5.9l gas do the same thing would start and die as soon as I put it in drive but would run fine in reverse after doing all kinds of trans testing it ended up being the crank sensor still doesn't make sense to me but it would back fire and carry on in drive changed sensor and runs great and better fuel mileage

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you can buy that pigtail and solder it back in there. use shrink tubing also. replace the resistor

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Without a scan tool there's not much else you can do. You really need to see if the computer is getting good cam and crank signals. Also need to look at engine coolant temp and MAF readings

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could be a lot of things. I personally would start with your vacuum lines... check for a leak somewhere. You can do that by spraying carb cleaner (if motor tries to die, you found your leak), or it could be a sensor, likely idle air control, mas air, etc.)

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Have you checked your ground to the engine block itself? Many times this is the culprit.

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The fork Inside the transfercase is broken for sure change the fork it could also be bend try this good luck my friend

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