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if ur replacing it remove front grill disconnect both lines and carefully remove retaining clips from radiator if replacement is original eguipt mount & reconnect --if its a universal follow instructions usually cut off fittings and use clamps and hose to hook up

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does it crank over? if not the gear linkage may be out of alignment try different positions such as in neutral drive 2nd if it does work then you need linkage adjusted or fixed. this does not work give more information what does and does not happen when you turn key

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missfires can be a vast amount of thing not even related to plugs.can you provide more info.any exhaust leaks,vacume leaks,o2 sensor codes ?

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you did not state engine size....and I assume you are referencing your spark plugs.....if the TPS or IAC(throttle position sensor,Idle air controls ) are faulty these will cause performance problems

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change the socket

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you have to put the key into the ignition setting,and then step on the gas pedal 3 times.that resets it.

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The load range refers to what used to be ply ratings, it is now the grade for holding pressure at load, a "D" range is equal to 8 ply, and the load index for this tire is approx 2300lbs/tire, the "E" rating is equal to 10 ply, and the load index is approx 2700lbs/tire. If you are hauling 12 passengers at 200lbs/passenger plus driver total is 2600lbs. I would say the "E" rated tire is better for that application. If you need more info you can go to google and type in understanding tire markings or ratings, and there are several sites that will cover all tire markings in depth, I hope this helps, let me know

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I used a screwdriver and hammer to break loose the pads from the bracket they slide onto. Must have been subjected to a lot of heat. Seemed like the pads were almost welded to the brackets. As for the rotor, once you remove the caliper, you have to remove the bracket that holds the caliper. There are two bolts on the back side that secure it. Takes a strong arm and a cheater pipe for more leverage. After this bracket is removed the rotor will slide off.

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Continually push the brake pedal to set the brakes. (With park brake off). Brakes are self adjusting and will adjust to correct position.

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Instructions too long to write here. you can find them in any cheap manual such as haynes. Most important part of job is to make sure you remove ALL of the old gasket on block before replacing with new, and to re-check all hose connections after you run it for a while to prevent leaks. Make sure you can remember where belt routing is so that you're not stumped when you go to put it back on.If it overheated, it's wise to replace thermostat...they get weird after overheating.

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Yes that is correct.There is also a coil that fires the spark plug for each cylinder.There are specific tests for each component so you can find out which part is bad.compression could also be an isue not likely if the problem came all the sudden.

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the first thing to test is the [bitron] sensor its on the side of the radiator this sensor overides the ign system.a simple test can soon establish if this the fault.to test ;1 disconnect the wiring plug from bitron switch ,bridge the two contacts in the wiring plug useing a lenth of spare wire and switch the ign on if the fan now operates the switch is faulty [replace]hope this helps you.adrain

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the fuse box is within the cabin at ether left or right of dash take a good look;its there?if you have a manaul it goes by numbers the lighter is known as an accessery ;when you find it replace fuse this the most common fuse to blow.hope this helps you.adrian

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You have a cylinder misfire. That is the only thing that will flash the check engine light. With the van running spray the plug wires with water. Watch and listen for arcing. If there is, replace that or all the wires. It is possible for new wires to be bad. Next check the cap and rotor buy spraying them with water, than removing and looking inside for signs of burning or anything that will hinder the spark. Last check the spark plugs for carbon tracking (small black lines in the porcelin), caused buy hair line cracks. If you dont find any thing, check it again. With no other codes it is very unlikley that anything else is causing the misfire.

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hi you usuraly can use a long screwdriver to use as a stop to get the big nut off.depending or the rotation of your motor will determin the rotation to remove the big nut.if fan rotates clock wise turn nut clockwise.if counterckockwise turn nut counterclockwise.

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hi it is in the verry front on top of your motor.follow your upper radiator hose to engine and it is under the housing.

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I have the same problem with the side doors of my 04 express. I put penetrating oil on the hinge pin with a hypodermic needle (hard to find). It is important that the oil gets into the hinge. I bent one set of hinges and broke a hinge because I waited too long to oil the hinge. The door may not close correctly because the hinge may be slightly bent. Keep all other hinges well lubed especially during the winter months when the hinges can be exposed to road salt. Fixing a bent hinge is difficult at best.

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Check if the SECURITY LIGHT is Blinking or on.
Or off.
Let me know if you have replaced any electrical part.
Or if have replace the lock Cylinder.

I will try to help you.

Thank you.

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radiator not the greatest when you ask the engine for more power radiator doesnt cool engine enought thanks pierre

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