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If you feel it want to pull and it wont. Clutches are bad.. It's time for a rebuild. Other things can cause this, but it is still time... Sorry.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Nov 23, 2019 | 66 views

Any number of connections or components may be wet . Make sure the air filter is dry . Unplug connections and spray a spurt of WD-40 on them and plug them back while listening for the click of a good connection .

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Oct 21, 2019 | 48 views

First off you open your trunk and take the body bolts off of the top of the bumper cover Than you go to the back of the back tires and take out the two or three screws Than you go underneath the car in the back and take off the rest of the plastic clips and it will come off

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Oct 20, 2019 | 973 views

Up until 2002 the fuel pressure regulator was vac controlled and mounted in the fuel rail on the intake manifold.
After 2002 I think it is part of the fuel pressure sensor which still mounts on the rail.
You may have to check with the dealer to see which version your engine has.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 30, 2018 | 320 views

Low idle is a sign of a weak fuel pump.Check fuel pressure it should be 37-45 psi with key on engine off,

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 30, 2018 | 122 views

If you're finding it difficult to service/repair your
car, get one of those online manuals. You'll not have to wait for others to answer, or rely on mechanics and all. Plus i know a website that has very good manuals online, without expiry i.e. for lifetime. www.reliable-store.com

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Mar 08, 2018 | 45 views

That code is for 02 heater circuit. Replacing the sensor may not fix it. I'd have to check voltage and ground for the heater circuit wiring. The voltage is fuse protected, red wire.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Feb 14, 2018 | 165 views

Might be but it is difficult to speculate about what happened 20,000 miles ago.

Dirt in all its forms shorten the life of an auto transmission, unfortunately the transmission produces much dirt for itself so it will eventually self-destruct. Boy-racer starts, towing, long slow hills, heavy slow-moving traffic and suchlike are all things that cause the tranny to create more dirt and hasten the end. When a tranny gives mechanical trouble best practice is a complete strip-down and a thorough clean every time especially when a close examination of the oil pan reveals metal swarf - the big problem is the extended downtime and a great deal more expensive than most owners would tolerate and so repairs are carried out instead, hopefully striking the correct compromise between the cost and the life expectancy.

I suspect the auto tranny technology hasn't kept pace with engine technology as in my experience they are failing earlier and in greater quantity than ever before and in my limited experience 82,000 miles isn't so bad...

A broken shaft and damaged converter splines would certainly produce metal swarf and best practice would be to completely dismantle the transmission for a thorough clean but as the work was under warranty it is unlikely that happened.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Feb 14, 2018 | 164 views

that item is called a relay switch. it toggles on and off depending on which electrical component it is connecting. if it's blown, they are cheap and easy to replace like a fuse, but you'll need to look at the fuse box chart (usually on the underside of the lid) to determine which one and where it's located. You can't look inside the relay to determine if blown, but you can replace them one at a time to test...
Also, if you're experienced in electrical, a paper clip can be used when the relay is out, to connect the circuit that you need. use tools and or gloves when attempting this method.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Jan 17, 2018 | 101 views

If this all happened after pan gasket change, chances are you knocked the oil pump pickup and the pump is sucking air. You've lost oil pressure. Fix that. Do NOT add washers. That's not your problem.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Dec 26, 2017 | 53 views

Who told you the alternator was fine? Sounds exactly like an alternator issue, fuel relay cant stop your dash gauges from working. An alternator should be putting out 13-14.5 wolts with the car running. Do you have any lights on the dash? like a battery light or anything out of the ordinary?

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Dec 21, 2017 | 93 views

The fuel pump driver module ? Did for mention anything about this ? The fuel pump driver module (FPDM) is what controls the fuel pump , from commands from the PCM - engine computer . Read up on ford electronic returnless fuel system .
Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel System Diagnosis Part 2
Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel System Diagnosis Part 1 Ford

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Dec 13, 2017 | 189 views

indicates a selection adjustment--loose , broken or loose switch

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Nov 23, 2017 | 584 views

How does the car drive otherwise?

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 29, 2017 | 85 views

check/replace the door lock control module

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 17, 2017 | 86 views

What I think Bank 1 usually refers to the O2 sensor before catalytic converter. I have been told in the past many thing can set it off. I have gotten them before for O2 sensor and took my negative battery cable off the batter and it cleared the code. Sometimes it comes back sometimes not. I did find some info.
One thing I need to add if you pull the cable off the battery and your radio has a antitheft program in it you will have to provide a code to get your radio working again.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 21, 2017 | 87 views

Change nothing till you get the compression check,guessing will cost a lot of money,and still not be fixed.It may be best to go to the Ford dealer and get it repaired.They have a scan tool that will pinpoint the problem and cost less,here's a link to Code P0301. P0301 OBD II Trouble Code

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 18, 2017 | 98 views

Hey Dee,
Take the vehicle to more than TWO CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL mechanics... (its your money - spend it wisely!).. get a written diagnosis from each.. then compare.. If you have to, go to the nearest town and get another opinion!!!

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Jun 17, 2017 | 66 views

"Economy" shoes.

2003 Ford Taurus | Answered on Jun 15, 2017 | 157 views

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