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The wire runs from the back of the radio through the side frame rails inside the car under the plastic covers by the doors on the floor into the trunk and is inside the quaternary panel where the antenna is and is a push in connector

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in trunk behind right rear wheel well area

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Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable, wait 15 minutes then reconnect. If the problem is fixed the light should be out when you restart the vehicle. If this doesn't work you may need a scan tool to clear the codes. Some parts stores have scan tools and will help 6iu out free of charge.

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Check the obvious things first. Any coolant leaking? My water pump failed, and was leaking from a little hole in the pump. Check all hoses, radiator, heater etc for wear/cracks/holes. Next the thermostat, it's a cheap part that often fails. (take it out, drop it in a cup of boiling water, if it opens it is working)
Is the fan working? Should be on when the car is very hot, (example sitting at the lights with no air flow) if not I'd try disconnecting it, and run wires to the battery. If that works, you know the fan is good, and the problem is a fuse, or the temp sensor, or worse.
Always use coolant not tap water, (except in emergency) as corrosion can form and damage your engine.
If it's really hot ?? it could be a head gasket, cracked or warped head. (check for steam coming from your exhaust) and coolant loss.
Get it fixed ASAP, because thermostats, hoses, and water pumps, and fuses and fans, are much cheaper and easier to replace and repair, than your engine.
Good luck.
PS, check your oil for water (grey not black or brown), and oil in the coolant, both signs of bad head gasket, or cracked /warped head.

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Ford owners.Com register then download the manual then go to roadside emergencies and your fuse box diagrams and fuse values and relay locations are there

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these online books they sell here on this website have mentioned. Must check it out
they also have live chat for instant help
or try manualslife com, but they don't have live chat.
these 2 are pretty good.
I take their manuals' help for every problem in my machinery. All the best :)

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Wiring, schematic,
electrical diagrams, fuse diag, error codes, torque settings etc are basic contents of these online books they have here on this website I have attached. Must check it out

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are you sure not alternator or water pump

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Here' s trick to find water leaks into cabin area,.
Mix a quart of water with a tablespoon of Murphy's Oil Soap (won't harm finish on car) liquid, mixing gently just to mix but not foam.
Start car, and place blower fan on full setting. Close all windows and other openings to try to help increase positive air pressure inside cabin compartment
Get out of car with fan blowing (engine can be running but make sure you don't lock yourself out of car) and gently pour solution on suspected areas. If there's a leak opening, the air from cabin will cause bubbles indicated leak point.
Also raise hood and use solution on fire wall where there are seams and sealant applied. I've seen these be leaks soaking the driver's side floor mats.

If you find a leak, seal it with the best clear silicone caulk, generally about $7 a tube. Clean all areas to be sealed thoroughly of any dirt, oil, grease, or loose rusted metal.

Good Luck

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If it told you to check the transmission, there's a code stored. But chances are it's an enhanced code or a U, C or B code that your code reader can't read. A professional scan tool is needed to read those codes. The computer never posts a message without setting a code. NEVER.

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Your generator is pcm controlled. So is the charge indicator. Any charging system trouble codes? The gencom circuit is signal from pcm to generator. The genmon signal is from generator to pcm. Even at idle if you turn on a load, there should be a reaction, engine speed may increase as well as generator output. By load,I'm talking about headlamps or hvac something. At the moment I can't rule out your generator? I hate to see you replace anything and it not fix it?

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you have a possible vacuum leak somewhere or maybe clogged egr

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I'm recommend you to change pcv valve

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You either have a short/large draw in your electrical system or your alternator is bad. Remove the alternator and have it tested at your local parts store.

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the rpm gage dont go the the trans its hooks up the the motor so your trans dont have anything to do with the rpms

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Or clogged fuel injectors . Do yourself a favor and save yourself the aggravation , take it to a qualified repair shop where they have the diagnostic tools an knowledge .

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Is there spark at the spark plugs , does the vehicle have fuel pressure , is there compression in the cylinders ? Do you know how to test for the thing's i mention ? Maybe you should think about taking it to a qualified repair shop .

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