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Sounds like the same problem I had. I brought it to the Jeep dealer and they told me that the heating element in the seat stopped working. They told me that the only way to repair was to take the seat apart and replace the heating element in the seat. Of course they will charge you the standard $80 to tell you this. and then quote you $500 plus to repair. I can't even remember how much, I have decided it was not worth it.
Also this website could help you:

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Wheel sensors are usually for ABS and traction control systems. Speedo is usually connected to transmission

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Check the wires that run through the door pillar they do break in time as door opened repeatedly .

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Your catalytic converter is not doing it's job efficiently enough and it is setting off your sensor. This problem is emissions problem and usually has no effect on the operation of your vehicle( unless the converter clogs) As long as you don't live somewhere they do emissions test you don't really have to worry about it. However if you want to fix it you can take converter off and run a straight pipe or to do it "right" you could go pay way to much to get a new converter put on.

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The OBDll system will need to be reset with a scanner. Waiting for the computer to do a system can take time and mileage.

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With all the problems, you might have a module problem. Make sure it is alright.

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Or they gave you the wrong line. There may have been a design change though. Ask the dealer

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Sounds like the relay that runs the fuel pump. The computer may be reading no oil pressure and shuts the engine down Check the oil pressure when it starts with a manual gauge. You may need to prime the oil pump.

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I got this free Pdf manual from reliable-store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the 20 times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

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it is on the valve body. usually in a solenoid pack

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I suggest you get one of those manuals people get nowadays to do it yourself.. My nephew use it to repair my car and it's totally repaired now. Here's the website he bought it from.

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you need a new thermostat lol


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id change the axle fluid first

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try air mass meter

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If there was a trouble code, the code should tell you which one? bank 1 or bank 2, and or sensor 1 or sensor 2. Bank 1 on a v engine is the bank with number one cylinder. Bank 2 is the other bank. Some sensors are labeled upstream and downstream in relation to the cat, before or after. Upstream is senor 1 and downstream from the cat is sensor 2.
Is it clear as mud?

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I would check to see if the vehicle had an accident and the inner panel or insulation was not installed or not installed properly. Check the under side of the vehicle on the passenger side and make sure the rocker area is not damaged if the vehicle went off road and hit or landed on s large rock. If you have a vent not the inner kick panel, the vent may not be closing if it is electronic or the vent is not closed completely.

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The car Gods created check engine lights so people don't have to guess at where to start. Get the codes read. Then you'll have a starting point. Waste of time to guess until you do that.
Check engine light on Part Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice

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If you have a high mileage vehicle, or you have purchased this Jeep second hand, it could be a clogged cooler that is causing the overheating issue. How did the fluid look when it was drained?
Pull the lines off at the transmission and at the cooler. Use compressed air with a rubber tip to blow out the cooler lines. If the lines are not clogged up, then focus on the cooler itself. If it is the original cooler the factory installed, it may need to be replaced just based on age. Hot and cold temps will cause ANY material to fatigue.
Is the cooler clean (no debris between the fins or behind the cooler)? If you live in a dusty environment, this could cause enough heat build up.
To increase the cooling efficiency, you can move up a size on the cooler and you can use some spacers to increase the gap between the back of the cooler and what ever it is mounted next to. More air behind it will help it cool a little better.
Since it is a Jeep, if you have off road lights or a winch mounted in front of the cooler, you may want to consider mounting it someplace else to maximize the air flow it receives.
Other than cooler woes, I don't have many more guesses. If it were electronic you may or may not be getting a Check Engine Light. Might want to call a local dealership or a transmission shop to see if they have seen anything like this before.

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Tail light and backuo light are separate circuits. Backup light is under the control of the backup switch located on the shift lever or transmission. Thats why one might work right and not other. Most troubles of this type are due to poor ground connections Check again what you did to change the tail light assembly

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Look for a very dirty cabin air filter that hasn't been replaced since who knows when.

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