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If you are asking if a soft top is worse to heat than the hard top, the answer is yes, but not that bad. They can be noisier and draftier too, and are only really fun in the summer, when they are down!

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 30, 2018

My personal suggestion would be to go for these repair catalogs. I know this website www.reliable-store.com that i
used to buy them from, and they sold online it was very good manual. Go ahead, I bet.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 08, 2018

contact a suzuki dealer with your vin for the code

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 31, 2017

last year, OBD1 car (dumbb ECU)
no scan tools for it
if you run on the road with that hack , and wreck
expect a nice fire. fuel fire.
if you used a voltmeter and say 12vdc there, all hotwiring stuff
need not be done. (
it stalled (misfire)
and then would not what? start but cranks ok?
3sp ,4sp auto or 5speed stick
16v engine or 8v, both are G16s but EFI radially different.
16v is MPI with 4 injectors, 8v is 1 injector TBI
try a new
cap,.rotor spark wires and spark plugs yet?
cant burn fuel with bad spark
i guess the cam bent did not slip as it run ok later, but is 60,000 mile belt. and will slip ignored.

next time it stalls
check headlamps they work, and all electric
then see if CEL glows key on, i must or ECU lost power
it has 3 fuse that can rust, IG coil, FI, and DOME.
the CEL must glow, is first checks.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 22, 2017

how I paula.?
post a real question please.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 07, 2017

is it a Vitara or a Sidekick
Sidekick is USA /Canada, Vitara is rest of world name for same car. as is Geo Tracker.(usa/can)
5sp, just sold 3 like that....
my guess, is car will not crank and start in gear?
with clutch to the floor ,? and car ties to move, doing so?
that is the cable bad, a $25 part. and very comon failure.
or does wont go mean exactly that. the shifter gets netural
for all gears. that is bad shifter parts a $5 fix.
means car starts in gear, but will not move ever.
that means a false neutral, is selected.

link to cable cause. (sold in all stores)"auto"

link to , shifter, $5 plastic failure.
same page, top click part 27 bad.
only suzuki (defunct in USA) sells it.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 19, 2016

old kick , all dead, every one? even the lic, plate lamp... is park
the car has like 20 park lamps.and tail lamps.
it is the largest circuit on these very simple cars.
all outside lamps and inside that glow in park are all on that same long wire (Daisey chained)
the red-yellow wire (usa colors) run this feed.
it comes off the combo park lamp switch.

so what is the answer, well if all else works ok (you never said)
then the park fuse.
the full schematic is here, every wire in car.
fuse 3 tail/dome fuse, is the fuse that runs all that.
if the dome light works then its not the fuse.
if the white wire fuse works, #3 is 12vdc, then the fuse is good
and if the white 12vdc wire makes it to the combo and is still 12vdc there, and the red-yell i s dead, then the combo switch is bad.

here is the combo and fuse 3 wiring

all you need is the one page.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Nov 21, 2015

4wd CV joints,
PUT On? so they are off now?, and just the put back on time? well, that be less than the take off time.
now that all those rusty bolts are now free.
so is reverse time... that you know now.
ill guess 2hrs. (put on max)

add more if never done it . (skill)
add more if parts damaged. (or rust issues)
add more if cant find spare parts.
add more if using wrong tools or missing them.
more for cell phone turn on.

below is for pan, access. but has CV steps.. in real photos......

the fsm covers this , but they dont attempt to do the TIME thing, as that is mostly useless in the real world of rust,and damage, etc.


if you meant total time out then in,
then that means you have to say.
1: rebuilding my alxes my self (have steps)
2: or replacing whole left and right axles end to end with total rebuilt axles.
none of this we can guess.

ONE guy took all weekend, but he had lots of issues. (damage not expected and rust.)
only reality matters, not any thing else.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Jun 25, 2015

Hi the best way to go about this if you havent got a diagram,first if you take all the sparkplugs out and get a rubber glove and cut the finger off and put a bit of tissue in the end then push it tight into the number 1 sparkplug hole then turn crank by hand when the tissue jumps out of the hole it means that that is the top dead centre,
so when it jumps out just turn the crank back just past the top dead centre mark and slowly move forwould untill the 0 mark lines up with the pointer on the engine block,if you take the cape off the distibuter it should be pointing at the number 1 position,
right now what you want to do is get some tipex or a good felt tip and mark the cams or cam and put a mark on the head the same place on the block,undo tensioner and replace the belt, be carefull to make shore the sprockets match up when the belt is put back on,
last thing to do is to turn the engine over by hand untill the marks line up again(the crank will have to goround twice for the marks to inline again)if it lines up all right then you are ready to start the engine,if not just tuncrank again untill the crank lines up again and make adjustments.
hope this was some help.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on May 07, 2015

hello. Yolanda , welcome.
so is reverse dead too>?
is the car a STICK shift or auto>??
if auto shift transmission, is it 3speed or 4,
the 4 speed look like this.
see the 2 on the shifter (that is 4 speed)


if its a 4speed we need to scan it,
if 3 speed, the 3speed box is bad. or levels low,
ever check levels by the book, or lost the book?


1995 Suzuki... | Answered on May 05, 2015

buy them and install them.
the book is free.

read it all there, step by step..

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on May 05, 2015

at all 4 spark wire tips?, but what about the coil does it have spark ( there are 5 places to check for spark,not 4)
does the cam spin?, & run the belt over 60k miles.?
open oil cap filler, see cam, see it spin ,cranked?

Ill assume the cam spins and the COIL really is dead. below.....?
if the cam belt slips the coil makes spark perfectly but is now timed ALL WRONG.

This is a G16 engine, and the ECU makes the spark.
here are the steps.
1: fuses good, "FI" and IGcoil. both !!!
2: key on, CEL lamp must glow or ECU is dead, (see #1)
3: Insert diagnostic jumper and crank engine for 5 full seconds
bingo it tells you why there is no spark about 90% of time.
code 41 or 42 , that means the ECU knows why, it fails.
DTC flash codes (CEL lamp falshes)

paper clip test is here, 100% documented .

CMP dead, due to cam belt snapped?
there is no CKP sensor until 1996 (usa EPA laws)
The ECU sees the CMP pulses and generates spark.
via the IGNITOR.

all 27 ways to not start.
but if the Ignition coil high voltage tower is dead, you need to use make sure cam spins and then the DLC jumper clip test.


1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 19, 2015

95 jx
but is it 3speed or 4 speeds.
if 3speed, the lever not really going to Drive?
if that does happen the trans is bad.
if 4sp, (see od light see od switch and P/N switch that is 4speed
as is the 2 on gears, if 4speed it has a TCM brain
the tranny brain, and we can scan, it , or more accurately a jumper
clip , and the TCM flashes out codes
is the the OD lamp flashing, yes that is the TCM begging for help.

next time post trans gear counts, as we can not guess that ever
nor engine. 95 had 2 engine choices.

the 3speed also has a filter in the pan area (above)
if packed in junk,, as they all do. it will only shift hot. or not at all.
its called a full flush, with filter. not a lame drain and fill.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 26, 2015

at what RPM?,sure the 2wd has no tachometer,

Sidekick, with what engine? sure 5speed and 2wd,
but what engine.?
in 1995 they (last year this) 2 engines
the 8v and 16valve,
both, night and day different, EFI.
TBI and MPI injected, 8v is black top, 16v says 16 valves on top.
but both engines, will fail ISC controls like that if there are problems.(idle speed controls)
the surging (hunting) is one of 2 things.
  1. (too lean, or air leaks)
  2. or ISC lost control)
the ECU on the car will in fact hunt the ISC if it can not attain
800 RPM hot IDLE, that is its JOB, to do that, endlessly.
in fact 200 times a second.!
but is not working. (this control, its out of control for sure)
to find this can be easy or hard.? (luck and true causes)
depends on true cause.
I cant do both engines here, be like 10 pages.
The 8v engine races with all air leaks. and hunts. (races)
the 16v goes lean with all air leaks, (air density system is unique)
and goes slower, RPM and may hunt. no RPM stated so cant wax smarter...sorry.

so its a dirty ISC? cant close fully, ? clean it? first.
the 8v has air leaks. caused by vast reasons.
cracked hoses. leaking diaphragms, even the brake booster can leak. lots of leakage patch possible
or some one fiddled the idle air bleed screw making it fail.
try closing that valve (screw) turn it CW directly clock wise.

this page covers both systems.


this ISC cleans just like the EGR that leaks.
egr leaking cause, low RPm and it too, can make the ISC go nuts.
so, but no RPM stated. so.....
eg: hunting from 1000 to 1500RPM
or hunting from 500 to 700 rpm?

i pinch all hoses first.
if RPM drops the hose is cracked or the other end is leaking air.
every 50k miles?


does RPM go below 800 RPM HOT engine?
yes ./no
this a is key factor.

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015

USA car? (this is USA forum so USA wiring it is)
electric side mirrors 95 kick
i can tell you right now, its not called MIRROR.
as the fuse cover clearly is missing that word, so, only a real FSM has that, I have just that .

the 1996 its the radio fuse. marked radio.f15 white-black power feed
95, ? i think or USA car did not have this in 1995
its missing in my 95 FSM.

tell me all wires colors to the mirror switch
and i can tell you what fuse. sure.
The colors are different in other countries. lots are.
so.... be the first to post country.
my guess is USA or Canada, for Sidekick name and not Vitara
but in canada they have different wring , DRL and some have
unique colored wires, but id bet not this wire. (no laws regulating mirrors yet, is my reasoning)
what is your VIN number. (put x's on last 3 digits)

i see one post with radio dead and mirror for 1995
so, radio fuse. blown
i have a russian fsm that shows, same color. 1995 as above
radio fuse

"from Russia , with love?" google is my friend.

W/B wire it shows, and is RADIO. BINGO

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 28, 2015

if the relay output hits 12vcd to horn (green-blk)
then the horn is bad, a $10 walfart meter solves that riddle.
if 12vdc gets there and the ground at the horn is bad, it fails.
as all do on all suzuki's (using body grounds ,sux)
caused by rust there.a G101 point.
clean off rust under horn mount yet

this is it !

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 24, 2015

The work wasn't done correctly
or you wouldn't have those issues

Something was missed or not done

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 06, 2014

Go to You Tube Video, as well a google how to
test a suzuki ignition system & read that inf,
print some of it & take to the vehicle to do your testing

1995 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 01, 2014

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