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It is my understanding that there isn't a fuel filter per se for Suzuki's. They are an integral part of the fuel pump located in the tank, and are not designed to be replaced. Several manufacturers are doing this, including Toyota.

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Well code 782 is for a problem with the 2-3 shift solenoid or the circuit back to the engine computer. The solenoid is inside the transmission.
Code 722 was for a problem with the speed sensor. You could have a wiring harness problem.

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Change the starter pinion or pinion clutch assembly of starter motor. It has worn out

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dab of grease at the hood pop latch thingy
normally one would replace a stretched hood release cable

any adjustment or way to tension the cable at the bonnet catch

never heard of a diff lock on a FWD
no fault codes for transmission
how many miles /kms had the transmission done

transmission uses shift solenoid
or failing torque converter ..(no codes for that )
=service transmission




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The cable terminates at the latch release located at the front center of the hood. If you can get to this, usually by removing the grill, find the lever the cable terminates in and move it manually with whatever tool you can get in there.

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2014 showing as 2016, unanswered,
the cure, answer it and its gone

Page 2-12 in your operators guide states;

This position locks your steering wheel,
ignition, automatic transmission shift lever
and automatic transmission. This is the
only position from which you can remove
the key. For easier key operation when
unlocking the steering wheel, move the
steering wheel back and forth while turning
the key to the ACC position."

this means if car has wheels (tires) againsta curb or large rock
that means, wiggle the steering wheel and turn the key to lock
then it can do that.
in some cases it can be near impossible
like in San Fransisco, on a very very very steep hill.
the manual tells you set the hand brake first.
or you many not get the transmission out of park or steering lock failure. do to these forces at bay.

next time tell poster where your tires are.
we cant guess, that. and MATTERS.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 02, 2017 | 79 views

It often means that you are burning antifreeze. You asked if it needs antifreeze, have you noticed any leaking out of the reservoir tank while you are running it? Sometimes when the head gasket goes it will produce a passage for the antifreeze to pass from the capillaries into the combustion chamber. It is easy to check if you have an air compressor. Remove one of the rear sparkplugs and the radiator cap. Fill the radiator and then push some air into the sparkplug hole (get a good seal in case a valve is open). Repeat with all the cylinders and watch for air bubbles coming up into the radiator. If bubbles come up or fluid is pumped out, the head gasket is blown and must be replaced. It is more likely to happen at the back of the engine because it is farthest away from the fan and therefore gets less cooling. Also check your oil for discoloration. If it is a brownish color it could mean your oil and antifreeze are mixing and has the potential to damage your bearings

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Not knowing how far your cam timing is off, your valves may be hitting the top one of a pistons. That may be why cam wont turn anymore.
May be best to back up the cam a bit, remove the spark plugs & with screw driver or wooden dowel probe the cylinders to see which piston is near the top.
Then rotate crank a bit to lower piston down the cylinders DO NOT USE STARTER to rotate engine while timing belt is off or valve damage may occur.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 02, 2016 | 255 views

take to a dealer spares and identify it
if it is too dear or unavailable , take it to a wreckers for the make and get one from them

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Aug 30, 2016 | 348 views

the 2.0L engine, in uSA? (6 engine world wide even k11/12)

egr tests and steps, and cleaning or extensive
the valve must not stick
the total path not blocked. end to end.

488s may mean just that.
it's a 5 wire motor driven EGR valve
clean it first
some will reset and cycle key on, off.
use that trick to clean it, and see if it works.

many newer cars the EGR has a read back device, direct. it has variable resistor in the main valve, that tells the PCM that the valve moved to the correct spot.
if this fails, the valve is stuck.
reading up on 488s, tells you what the test does.
i dont have that book,
if the motor works and is not stuck then the path is blocked,

the exhaust path, this can be a small horror to cure.
once you do one, then 2nd will not be fun.
after you look like a carbon covered monkey.
Some take a full weekend to do at home.
see these 5 pins on back of main egr.
there is a motor there, but one pin might be
egr feed back sensor. not sure.
, one way to test it. is to unscrew it.
and clean it then cycle the key connected
and look inside to see if it moves inside.
the ECU resets it and at key on, you can watch it.
if it seems to work ok,, the path is blocked, sorry


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Recommend that you purchase the repair manual for your vehicle at an auto parts store.

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The most likely cause is that the EGR valve position sensor is defective. But testing is required to confirm this.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 28, 2016 | 160 views

Scrap yard or vehicle breaker. Or Google
Make model refurbished transmission

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on May 29, 2016 | 94 views

The only way I ever got them out is with a large drill bit. Then replaced the lock cylinder.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 01, 2016 | 71 views

asked 2 times,
sorry not answering it 2 times...

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 31, 2015 | 81 views

the main lug.?
this is car repair 101 basics.
all this in books , online and on youtube.
must we repeat that which super basics?
first remove the battery neg lug, so you dont blow up the battery and eat acid in face.
the go to walfart.
walk to rear (heck take whole car and let them do it>? or nuttn)
see that battery rack
see to the left. that lugs.
buy one and put it on.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 31, 2015 | 90 views

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