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Depends on the handle try Google or check parts store for the right tool. Then pop it off as it will have fasteners on the panel. Do this firmly but gently so you don't wreck the panel

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Come off the fuse box on a fused circuit that is from a battery wire. Always hot.

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The blower motor squirrel cage blower wheel must be rubbing inside the blower case or something is in there like leaves..

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Have you checked for codes ? Might be your first place to begin checking on what is causing your air bag light to stay on.

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Double check that everything is reconnected properly

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Automatic transmission? Any fluids added have to go down the dipstick tube.

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wow, no DTC stated, so we must guess which one, and IS KEY to the cause..
ah , smog fails for CEL glowing
said but true
and it dont lie, the switch , conn. or wires to it are bad.
the real question is where is it and how to test it.
you can google neutral safety switch all day and learn what it does.
The TJ jeep
has. the 42RLE box.
TRS it has. "transmission range, switch"
here it is.

26131331-sfgrgt5j1genusl55xvezfzt-4-0.jpg seen here
The Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) is mounted
to the top of the valve body inside the transmission
and can only be serviced by removing the valve body
assembly. The electrical connector extends through
the transmission case (Fig. 249

(1) Disconnect the TRS connector.
(2) Remove valve body assembly from vehicle. (OOPS)!
(3) Remove the manual shaft seal (Fig. 250).
(5) Slide TRS off of manual valve shaft.
(1) Install the TRS to the manual shaft. Make sure
TRS locating pin rests in manual valve bore slot.
(2) Install the TRS/manual shaft retaining screw
and torque to 5 N·m (45 in. lbs.) torque.
(3) Install the manual shaft seal.
(4) Install valve body to the transmission.

my points! given above. facts.
check fuses first.we check the voltages second at p/n sense pins.check for corrosion on the 3 pins related,even re-seat all connectors and pray it goes away cleaning all 3 with real electrical conn spray.does this help?

btw , you never asked a question?
1: how can I fix this.?
2: who, can? (any ASE shop on earth)
3: what parts do I need? (a TRS)
4: what are the steps. (posted)
so i guessed, 1 and 3 and 4.

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Smell the fluid. If it smells like gasoline you have a gas leak. If it smells like antifreeze you could have a hose or a anti freeze cooler line leaking. Or could be a water pump leaking and running along the frame under the car. Get a flash light and crawl under neath the vehicle and see where the fluid is coming from.

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Before replacing the relay did you test ? You could have a clock spring problem . VEHICLE RELAYS Operation Diagnosis Do you know what a clock spring is ? I'm not saying that is the problem , it could be . A clock spring is a device with wire inside that allow the steering wheel to be turned from full left to full right keeping the air bag an cruise control an any other buttons on the steering wheel connected electrically , to wiring in the steering column . The wiring does fail inside the clock spring. How cars clock spring works

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why ask us.
why not just look on the jeep OEM parts pages...
its all there to see, as is the FSM book for jeeps.
posted over 100 times here, ( ever do searches?)

answer the questions i cant and go to brakes,

the free FSM , is missing the brakes chapter, sadly
but not the real FSM.

there are discounted FSM books on EBAY
best is to buy the FSM and have it handing before you need it.
boy scout like...."ever ready"

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its not a FORD, why would you thing a jeep is a ford?
is stock car , USA stock car (we are USA forum, )
then this book cover all that. its called the FSm.

ever wire, every bit,

why assume it has an inertial switch. ?
here is the truth.
  1. check all fuses first, (using a meter, no guessing)
  2. check fuel pressure, ah 0psi cranking,
  3. Check engine light must glow key or PCM is dead. (fuses)
  4. I check voltage at fuel pump relay output, its 0v cranking
  5. bad relay or PCM sees no spark.
  6. got 12v there, but not at pump cranking, bad wire .connector on way to pump.
  7. if 12vdc at actual pump and dead pump that is a bad pump. (0psi pressure)

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your forward clutch is slipping, it wont do that for long before you cant move at all,
change your fluid and filter, and add lucas to the trans when you do, if you still have a problem, its over, you need it rebuilt


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Badidle could be a vacuum leak egr valve stuck on idle air conttol

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so you have a DTC error (my other shoe drops?)
why not put US in context. what's up doc?
i can just say , unscrew it and take it out. but is that not obvious?
2wd or 4wd
transmissions used. (usa)
32RH trans A/T
AW4 trans? a/t?
or ax15, m/t and down this list.?
what is failing, ?
we can start there, or do a easter egg hunt.
speedo dead.
cruise dead
A/T box shifting oddly?
scan tool shows DTC errors ???? (it will if it this is bad)
The VSS sensor for speed veh, is at the tail of the transmission.
it measures tail shaft , main drive shaft speed, to do vehicle speeds.
there are many speed sensor on cars. some are used as a backup
when one fails.
tell more get more.

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trace the cause of a lamp fail 97 wrangler.
fuse blow for shorts, (preventing the fire)
so, there are only 3 ways to find shorts,

  1. visual inspection ever inch of shorted wire, (luck happens)
  2. pull all loads off the wire feed, is short not gone (BINGO?>)
  3. use an AMMETER, this is what we use, to get them all.

one nice way to find shorts,(not wanting to blow 100 fuses)
is to remove the blown fuse ATC and put in a Circuit breaker ATC fuse in that place, not it trips , cools off and repeat the trip
this allows for fast testing (meter) and pulling loads, checks.

your car is jeep TJ
and the wiring is free here.
the schematic tells you all things that can short to this node.
click wiring,
Tail/park shorts, (lots of loads, the highest of all wires it is)
answers USA only not export and no DRL light option.
we are tracing the complex path called PARK (tails)
see chapter 8W that be IT.
and page. pdf page # 8w-40-7 (pdf #93)
turn the dash dimmer to lowest, still blow fuse.
no, then the short is not in cab (easy huh?)
so parks are shorted, see 8W-50 (pdf 134)
see park there/ see those fues # which one blew, that is a big CLUE.
my guess is fuse 1, (others are head lights)
F1 blows
main HL switch park pin 9 ,black yellow wire feed.
see that?
see 8w-50-4 then page 5 , see all rear parks.
then see page 8w 70-20 for fogs.

there you go... i cant teach you how to use and ammeter.
so google that.
see all those junction C connectors, all can be pulled to isolate that short.

see connector C110 , pulling that isolates front parks
conn C322 , pulling that isolates tail parks.

as you see park feed is hug (simple) but huge, lots of places to short
and big time short if trailer wiring hacks are on car. look first.

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ask Paramount yet?
only they know, they did design it. or sold it and know who did.

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