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it's an old model
Try , it's very helpful in repairing your vehicle

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The steering wheel stays on. Dismantle the steering column shroud. Use a Torx 15 screwdriver and undo the three screws from the bottom of the shroud. It should come apart in two pieces, top and bottom. You now can access the ignition switch on the right side of the steering column where you insert the key.

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why not read the FSM ? all 50 steps. whatevah'

here it is for free. cherokee.
see 93 here

buy it at techauthority?

its all there stepbystep, if you look.
same with all cars. made.
RTM read the manual, if confuse state at which step you get so...
as we all do....(at spec. tools,etc)

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The first thing to do is to get a regular gauge and locate the sender on the engine and pull the sender out and put in the gauge to see what the real pressure is. While the sender is out and you start the car see if the gauge still sticks to the right. If it does then it is the instrument cluster that needs to be fixed. If the gauge reads low with it disconnected, replace the sender. IF the actual test gauge reads high pressure then you have another problem all together.

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Lost a wheel balance weight, or there is a wad of dried mud or frozen ice on the wheel causing an unbalance. Have the wheel balance checked.

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Allen bits and a ratchet.

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1994 Jeep, Cherokee?

check all EFI system fuse first with a meter.

that is ASD drop out.
all jeeps from 93 to now have ASD relays.

43 code (nice checking you did) is bad spark.
when the PCM sees bad spark it then shuts every thing down

cause is bad ignitor or coil.
the big v8, with the funny locking throttle body... short.
that is true if you crank for 5 full seconds.
to see if CMP sensor fails too.
cmp cam sensor is in the distributor base.
the ignitor is in the PCM, and drives the coil directly.
i presume spark is dead directly at the coil terminal
and is dead the first 2 seconds cranking. right.
takes 2 person to test spark. one at key , 1 and coil
the PCM only allows 2 seconds for spark to happen
if it fails ,it kills the ASD relay.
making trouble shooting tad hard , for those that dont know jeep ASD issues.
if the 5.2L cmp and CKP sensors work right, the PCM then creates spark
it does this via and ignitor.
the coil can be bad, as can the rotor and cap. id replace any old cap and rotor, fast. if the coil tower terminal HV. has good spark.

read failure to start test here
chapter 8D-6

and page 8w-30-4 , coil schematic.
as you can see, the coil has 12vdc key on for 2 seconds.
the PCM ground the minus coil pin.
this charges and fires the coil
the ignitor transistor is in the PCM on this car.
The PCM monitors this pin minus , and if it fails to pulse,
it knows the Coil is dead. and then shuts down EVERYTHING EFI wise.

that is how it works.
tricky yes,but true.

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but can you save the stall, with a fast right foot.
when it stalls do any lamps die in dash or others?
12vdc to the EFI system is the first check.
loss of power, kills EFI dead as a door nail. so .../?????
and the fast foot trick is next , always.
1,2, test 1, test 2 in 3 seconds at stall.

fast foot"
1: easy, (idle air loss, ISC stuck)
2: tad hard, (egr stuck open ,clean it) or flooding.???
3: impossible , lost spark,. or lost fuel pressure.

and rail pressure is dont with a gauge
all other ways are useless, , unless dry.
only 30psi or more is valid. not less.
no injector runs right below 28psi. (read the specs)

my new jeep runs at 60psi. 3.8L
to check rail pressure ,step one is to get the spec.
the FSM cover this.
My FSM shows no V8s, is that a typo.????? sure...
see the wiki and do tell REAL engine.

if you can not tell real engine, i can not tell real specs.
not ever.
USA car, or export???? what COUNTRY ?
again, what car, what country what engine?
cant fix cars , if you can not identify the engine.
here is the list
all tell end if 1996.

on any 1996 , I6, 4.0 engines
1296 means. (not other engines!!!! or cars)
No 5 Volts to MAP Sensor
the 5v line is shorted ,or cut, or the ECU 5vdc power reg, is dead.

with the bad the engine EFI will be hopelessly stuck in limphome.
TPS dead, etc. and will run like craap
and stall.
P1 is a factory code, and you MUST mach code to exact engine,year and maker. or data you read is wrong.
P0 codes are federal codes. and are universal.
P mean powertrain errors.

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9 hrs on a 4wd 7 on a 2wd. That is chilton/mitchell time. a good tech will beat that time but deserves to be paid accordingly

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I just posted 1min ago to 93

why guess, crank and get the scan codes?
the ECU will in fact telly you when any of the 3 permissive fail.

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Double posted, do we get 3, the record here is 25 posts.

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Install new oil pump to solve this issue!

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check the wiring between the driver and passenger door jams then check to make sure getting power to the window motor

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Your problem is a common one in the early 90's Jeeps. It's called the delayed start, no check engine light problem. Your main computer ECU is in need of repair. There are a lot of posts on this site, regarding this issue and solutions to it. Or, look on Ebay for Jeep ECU repair or for a replacement ECU.

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Bad neutral safety switch, starter relay, starter fuse or bad ignition switch. You will have to check each of those things to find what's keeping the current from reaching the starter, when you try cranking.

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check the neutral safety switch and see if its bad it should be near the shifter linkage on the transmission..see if its broken or out of adjustment..

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Fig. Fig. 5: 4.0L engine Engine firing order: 1-5-3-6-2-4 Distributor rotation: Clockwise

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