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Sounds like a air flow problem caused by a reaction from the cooling system warming up. Best bet have it scanned by a shop & sensors & emissions checked. good luck

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Nov 24, 2017 | 65 views

check the plug clean connections maybe wiggle wires to make problem reacure my mitsubitshi does same thing its a bad connection

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2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Oct 02, 2017 | 135 views

Idle air control valve may be getting stuck shut. Remove it and clean it as well as the throttle body idle air passages with carb cleaner.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Sep 16, 2017 | 194 views

No more than othe r cars thy all wear out and it depends on how you drive and what where and how.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 125 views

Crankshaft and or camshaft position sensors are marginal. If they go out, you won't runs at all.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Aug 18, 2015 | 393 views

It's positioned near the left side of the crankshaft pulley at the front of the engine. If you slide under the front bumper you can see it and remove it from there

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jun 11, 2014 | 145 views

The seat gets power from 30A fuse 112 in the battery junction box.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Nov 30, 2013 | 207 views


2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Feb 14, 2013 | 132 views

It is on the outside of the transmission.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Oct 29, 2012 | 286 views

you will need to have the light put out thats all ,try holding the trip meter switch down then turn ignition on and holding the switch in see what happens .

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Sep 14, 2012 | 700 views

The knock sensor is famous for causing all sorts of trouble If you have a code for it, it probably needs to be replaced.

It could be a faulty sensor, valve or blockage in the EGR (tube) from a carbon buildup.

in some cases it may be a problem with the ecu

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jun 11, 2012 | 270 views

You will literally have to take a rubber mallet and beat on them all the way around until they work themselves loose enough to remove them by hand. You won't damage them as long as you use a rubber mallet.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Nov 20, 2011 | 225 views

You need to check: MAF mass air flow sensor, Fuel pressure and Catlic converter.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Aug 25, 2011 | 201 views

It sounds like you most likely have a defective HID control unit for your right headlamp. Your headlamps are computer controlled. The BEST way to diagnose problems with them is to scan your computer system for fault codes. - or you could just pay the BIG bucks for an HID control unit and cross your fingers.

From what I can see, the HID unit is only serviced as a complete composit lamp assembly. At least that is all that is offered to the aftermarket. You REALLY need to check with the dealer to verify this!

The lamp assembly has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1374.83 (US)

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Aug 16, 2011 | 23 views

does it move at all?

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jul 06, 2011 | 314 views

Check the hood pin switch for the alarm, you could of pushed it down a bit when installing the battery so that when the hood is closed it barely opens the switch. Any amount of moisture will make it have contact...also, check the door switch in the door jam. one of them could be bad. if you walk around the car and push on each door individually, you might be able to manipulate it into messing with the alarm or door ajar light. Or just open the door and press it with your finger and see if you find the bad one---I hope this helps.

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jul 12, 2011 | 1,557 views

They changed the radiator and then told you need the engine overhauled? That tells me you don't want to deal with them! Any shop should have tested things out not just arbitraly start replacing parts. So unless your vehicle is still under warranty, then I would take it somewhere else to have them work on it.

Since I am not there to check out your vehicle, this is a WAG on what is going on with your engine.

Since you started off with misfiring - that could be a sign that your spark plugs are being fouled by oil or a few more things. But not usually an indication of a cracked block at least at that point.

But then you add the overheating into the equation - depending on how fast it overheats - right away (a couple of blocks driving) could mean either a blown head gasket or a cracked block but slowly could mean low coolant; radiator blockage, and so many more things.

If your engine was misfiring, you should have gotten an error code from your computer, which if acted on right away could have been a much cheaper fix. Now with what should like either a blown head gasket or maybe even a chrack block you are talking major work and dollars!

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jul 04, 2011 | 512 views

this could be a number of things.
The switch has a built up a bit of resistance due to being used a lot.
A tired lifter motor for glass.
Or the drive cable getting old.
The other thing is its the window channel itself is dirty and giving a lot of resistance. (spray the grove both sides with some silicon oil (no other type) and make window go up and down a few times.


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2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Mar 23, 2011 | 201 views

Check with Ebay, there's usually a bunch available

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Mar 23, 2011 | 44 views

pull out socket and check for power and ground wire that goes to center should be the power wire and wire that goes to out side should be ground
if u have power and ground then replace socket
if u dont have power check fuses again look for broken wire
if u dont have ground look for bad wire

2004 Infiniti... | Answered on Jan 30, 2011 | 436 views

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