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You have to go to a local radiator shop or mechanic to have a leak down test done to see if you have blowen the head gasket

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Feb 20, 2019 | 48 views

Did you check for power going to the starter. could be a connection on that side of things. should be able to pull starter and jump batt to it to see if gear pops out and spins.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Feb 01, 2018 | 65 views

unlikely as faulty cat converters will cause problems under load and at rpm
check for fuel pressure problems and faulty u regulator not holding pressure over night

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 27, 2018 | 70 views

Parts can be had from a junk yard...remove door panel and push up on the connecting rod to open...generally, a little piece of plastic slips off or breaks inside the door. It is attached to a certain part of the rod. Should be white or clear plastic...look for the broken bits when door panel is removed so you know what you need....cheers

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 25, 2018 | 510 views

IS that an OEM antitheft or aftermarket? If it is an aftermarket please post the info on it.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 22, 2018 | 37 views

This is indicating an issue with the transmission that should not be ignored. The flashing light was designed to annoy you into action. Waiting could cost you a lot more money. I would get the error codes by asking my local shop to get them, or many chain auto stores offer free code reading, just ask. I was at AutoZone a few weeks ago and got the codes, and they printed them off for me, in addition to recommendations as to the cause.
Best case scenario is just a reset is necessary (computer perhaps). You don't want to be stuck on the side of the road, so it's good to find out.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 04, 2018 | 220 views

hi there.
see if you can find anything at this link to try and help you find out why.
Windshield washer pumps not working in 1997 RAV4 Google Search

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Nov 17, 2017 | 233 views

have someone drive you vehicle and you sit in the back seat if its a wheel bearing you will hear it and it could also be the tranny as they like to humm

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Sep 28, 2017 | 114 views

Remove the entire aftermarket system, they are junk.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jul 20, 2017 | 197 views

over time the grease in the locks etc can become frozen and stop movement when its warmed up a bit it will move better, using the key on the doors every now and then helps move this greas about as the central locking wont move these parts only the switches, replacing the grease after a degreasing locking mechanisms inside the door on the rear of the lock should help choose a grease that can handle low temperatures.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jun 07, 2017 | 114 views

for the heater fan-yes the fuse and fusible link are under the hood
for the cig lighter-no only the 15A cig/radio fuse power it

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Mar 05, 2017 | 163 views

you can buy an after market kit for two or four doors
kit has everything including actuator motors
wiring control box
remote fob

all door card off DIY might take a few days depending on skill level

or auto electrician for a professional kit



1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Oct 17, 2016 | 48 views

Hi Tracy:
I'd start by checking the battery condition, and the condition of the battery connections . If they are corroded or have white or greenish stuff on them, they will probably not be letting enough current through. If that's what you find, disconnect them. and neutralize the corrosion by dipping then in a glass of water with one teaspoon of ordinary kitchen baking soda dissolved in it. Repeat until all bubbling stops, then rinse with clear water. Clean the battery posts with a post cleaning tool (it's a special wire brush, and use a knife or file to scrape any corrosion or scale off the posts and wire connections.
Re-connect and give it a try.
If it works.............. Ta Da!
If not, let me know and we'll chase some more ideas.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Sep 11, 2016 | 42 views

Drawing too much power. I would check to make sure the battery is still good. Check the wiring from the battery as well.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Apr 13, 2016 | 46 views

Your automatic choke is in need of adjustment.

Should be about 2200 when cold and 900 when warmed up. It is not stepping down properly. EZ fix.


1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Mar 31, 2016 | 72 views

It's a non - interference engine, you should be right with a new timing belt.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 04, 2018 | 501 views

My friend, you may be about to blow up the motor.
Would you please refrain from starting this RAV4 until it is fixed, or you may destroy it, if it is not already destroyed.
Since I am so far away from you, my first thought was a stuck gas pedal, I remember them sticking and people dying many years ago. If you cannot take this vehicle to a Toyota dealer, at least call them and ask them about recalls and what might be wrong with it.
God bless your efforts.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Mar 08, 2016 | 72 views

You have a spark at the plugs, which indicates the ignition system is working.

The engine is cranking over?

If not - or it seems slow to crank - check the earth lead on the battery.

The only other thing that springs to mind is either the crankshaft or camshaft sensor.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Jan 19, 2016 | 139 views

Yes there is also a fuse box under the hood. The schematic for fuses should be in the fuse box cover.

1997 Toyota RAV4 | Answered on Dec 15, 2015 | 3,343 views

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