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Hi there's this website something like reliable-store and it is very amazing for manual for repairing servicing anything
someone on fixya recommended it to me and I thank him even today
They have full manuals and it's verrrrry cheap and mine
I got free in offers
3rd time I bought it, I also had an issue with the file so the girl replaced it in 30 mins
there is one website more but i don't remember its name it was 2 years back bitman something link this
Try these out brother

2001 Saturn... | Answered on Aug 27, 2019

the park lamp, tail lamp fuse is located in the underhood fuse box the location of fuses in that box isprinted on the inside of the fuse box cover

2001 Saturn... | Answered on Feb 20, 2019

The security light is a visual indication that something in the car's antitheft system is failing. In most GM cars and trucks there is a hidden system that most people are unaware even exists. From the moment you put your key in the ignition, there begins a constant line of communication between your key's security chip or transponder, to the ignition's lock cylinder, and then to the car's TDM. These 3 parts are in CONSTANT communication. If the key is in the ignition, these parts are sending signals to each other. The security light illuminates when that signal gets broken, even just for a second. When the signal breaks, the car goes into antitheft mode. The car thinks its being stolen or hotwired because it is not getting that signal from YOUR specific key. There is where the security light turns on and shuts down your vehicle.

2000 Saturn... | Answered on Nov 20, 2018

The short answer is: It doesnt have one, so it doesnt nead cleaning. No GM product in year 2000 still uses a carburetor.

Saturn L-Series... | Answered on Oct 29, 2018

remove the two caliber bolts that hold it to the bracket,use a screw driver to put inside inspection hole and pull towards outside of car,now you can pull it off,pop the pads out ,put the new ones in,take a large pair of water pump pliers and compress the caliber piston back in the caliber the whole way,put caliber back on reinstall bolts and then do the other side,before starting car pump brake pedal back up this will push the piston back out against pads then you will have a full pedal again,

2002 Saturn... | Answered on Oct 23, 2018

Clean battery connections and try moving the shifter to the neutral shifter position to start if it's an automatic.this would check the safety neutral switch.but it is most likely the starter motor.
Last,if you see an anti theft light on the dash when this problem occurs,leave the key in the on position for 10 mins and try starting again.

2002 Saturn... | Answered on Mar 20, 2018

Hello: Open hood, on driver side there is a fuse box, remove the cover and check the fuse, if fuse is open, replace it. If you used a device in the lighter receptacle that may have caused the fuse to open.

2002 Saturn... | Answered on Mar 16, 2018

Hello Anniesattic0,

Well it sounds like you're describing at least 4 different issues:
When i would start the car there was a scraping sound
This could be a multitude of issues. Bad starter, electric cooling fan attempting to turn, water pump failure, insufficient engine oil, etc.

i would have to drive faster to keep the temp down:
Never a good idea. Sounds like water pump has failed, or electric cooling fan has failed. Lack of coolant (NOT water). Thermostat stuck open.

when i get to a light it would idle and feel like it was wanting to die.
Probably overheating due to afore mentioned cooling fan or water pump issues. Possibly IAC (Idle Air Control) valve failure, EGR valve failure, MAF/MAP dirty, TPS sensor bad. I would lean towards IAC Valve failure or port blockage and/or engine temperature issues.

I went to start the car and when i turned the key it would want to start but wont.
Is this when the engine is hot? Again due to the first two issues.
If when cool, then check the entire charging system (Battery, cables, starter and alternator. Ensure all cables are in perfect shape and connected well.

Based on your description, I would lean strongly towards Water pump failure first. Electric radiator cooling fan a close second. Then have charging system checked.

It's time to find a good mechanic to help you out.

Best regards,


Saturn L-Series... | Answered on Feb 11, 2018

Do u have the correct fuel pressure & are the injectors firing?

2001 Saturn... | Answered on Feb 02, 2018

This has nothing to do with the heat on the vehicle .
Reduced Power
The reduced power telltale is turned ON by the cluster when it receives a command from the body control module (BCM). The engine control module (ECM) (L81) engine sends a message to the BCM over the CAN serial data link.
The reduced power telltale is illuminated when the ECM is limiting engine torque in a low traction situation. This telltale is used only for the V6 (L81) engine application.
The reduced power telltale is turned ON by the cluster for 2-3 seconds, when the ignition is turned to RUN, for a visual system check.

Taking the vehicle to a qualified repair shop an having it diagnosed would be your best . Unless you have a factory tech 2 scan tool to read BCM DTC'S - diagnostic trouble code's an have factory diagnostic repair info.
Reduced Engine Power Mode
When the ECM detects a condition with the TAC system, the ECM may enter a reduced engine power mode. Reduced engine power may cause one or more of the following conditions:
• Acceleration limiting--The ECM will continue to use the accelerator pedal for throttle control; however, the vehicle acceleration is limited.
• Limited throttle mode--The ECM will continue to use the accelerator pedal for throttle control; however, the maximum throttle opening is limited.
• Throttle default mode--The ECM will turn off the throttle actuator motor and the throttle will return to the spring loaded default position.
• Forced idle mode--The ECM will perform the following actions:
• Limit engine speed to idle by positioning the throttle position, or by controlling the fuel and spark if the throttle is turned off.
• Ignore the accelerator pedal input.
• Engine shutdown mode--The ECM will disable fuel and de-energize the throttle actuator.

2003 Saturn... | Answered on Jan 21, 2018

Check the vent in the gas cap. Vacuum in the tank will build up and prevent fuel flow till relieved. When it won’t start, take off the gas cap and listen for the sound of air rushing into the tank.

2001 Saturn... | Answered on Jan 20, 2018

The best way is to source the part and then find a local auto-electrician to swap it out.

See the link for purchasing one. There is also a video on how to repair the fuse box, so it must be a known problem.

2002 saturn sl1 fuse panel for sale Google Search

2002 Saturn... | Answered on Jan 17, 2018

Tends to be pointing at a faulty /tired startermotor.
If you are capable of reaching the starter attatch a test light to igniter lead on solinoid and chrck if it is getting power when key turned to start of position. Ifit is getting power , remove it for refurbishment

Saturn L-Series... | Answered on Jan 16, 2018

You may have bad bearings in the blower motor. When the car turns, inertia moves the armature to where is not binding momentarily. If so, replace the blower motor. Ask parts store for a remanufactured unit. Dorman makes good aftermarket parts.

2003 Saturn... | Answered on Jan 09, 2018

-Make sure the battery is full and high CCA in order to be able crank at this cold weather.

Good luck


2003 Saturn... | Answered on Dec 27, 2017

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