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the post should be the same as an original. The wires should be green and tan. Green wire goes to the post towards the front wheel and the tan to the post nearest the engine. Don't forget to "polarize" the generator before starting. procedure is in the service manual. Momentarily short between the battery positive post and the field terminal.

1979 Harley... | Answered on Dec 07, 2019

To adjust the valves on your Ironhead Sportster, first collapse all the pushrod tubes, remove the spark plugs, and get the rear wheel off the ground. Put the transmission in fourth gear. Now, use the rear wheel to turn the engine.

To adjust the valves, bring the front cylinder to Top Dead Center. Use a common plastic drinking straw down in the spark plug hole to make sure the piston is at Top Center. Make sure both tappets for the front cylinder are all the way down. Now, loosen the lock nut slightly and turn the adjuster to make the tappet longer. You want to make it just long enough so that you can't turn it with your fingers. Gradually back down on the tappet until you can turn the pushrod with your fingers. Lock the locknut down when done. Now do the other tappet.

Once you've done the front cylinder, turn the engine using the rear wheel until the rear piston comes to Top Center. Always turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation. Adjust the two tappet the same way as you did the front cylinder tappets.

When finished, put the transmission in neutral, lower the rear wheel, put the plugs back in, and close up the pushrod tubes.

These tappets set to Zero Backlash, none. Therefore this must be done on a completely cold engine. When the engine starts up and as it warms up, the cylinders and head "grow" due to the heat expansion properties of the metal. As they grow, you pick up valve lash and the valves will clatter a bit. This is where the old saying came from, "You can tell it's a Harley from a mile away by the way the engine sounds. You can tell it's an Ironhead from a half mile away from the valve clatter". If you get the valves too tight, when the weather cools down in the winter, you could wind up with a valve standing open just enough to make the bike impossible to start due to low starting compression. It's better to have the valves a bit loose and have them clatter than have them too tight making the engine difficult to start.

Good Luck,

1979 Harley... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019


Possible causes
- Dirty Fuel Injector 1
- Faulty Fuel Injector 1
- Plugged Fuel Injector 1
- Fuel injector 1 harness is open or shorted
- Fuel injector 1 circuit poor electrical connection
Tech notes
Clogged or partially clogged fuel injector can cause this code. Start by performing an injector flush before replacing the injector.
Possible symptoms
- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
- Engine Misfire
- Engine Run Rough
- Low MPG
P0262 Description
Code P0262 is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects a low voltage in the Fuel Injector 1 Circuit. During normal conditions theECMturns the Fuel Injectors ON and OFF in the Fuel Injection System.

2004 Harley... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

take it to the dealer, set up problem with EFi

2005 Harley... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

So you will first disconnect the battery then take the center counsel off and remove the t25 screws carefully pull assembly out and change filter

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

The switch is insulated so wires can go either way.

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

No, use new fasteners as they are one use only, use locktite and torque accurately

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

1. Start by prying the metal ignition cap where the key would usually go off to get to the wires. 2. Twist the battery and ignition wires together to complete the connection and send power from the battery to the motorcycle's ignition. Alternate Method 1. You can clip the wires on the bottom of the ignition. Only clip the red wire and the solid green wire. If there is no green wire, look for a solid yellow or black wire. Various colors are used to prevent non-professional tampering. The battery is always red and green, yellow, and black are the ground/ignition wires. Only clip the previously mentioned wires and leave the other wires alone, especially any "stripped" wires!

2002 Harley... | Answered on Dec 06, 2019

Connect it to a Code Reader and find out what the issue is? Then fix the issue and reset the check light. The proper name is an 'Engine Malfunction Light'. It shows a problem that needs addressing.

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

.038" - .043" per Harley Davidson ....set at .040

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

under the seat where the battery is at

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

Sounds like it is operating as it should now. Maybe it was a software update. Why would you want to risk starting it in gear?

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

Does it un screw on my 75 flh there was a small screw. http://www.hdtalking.net/ check here 2..

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

Jumper solenoid post to post ( large Cables ) with battery jumper cable. If it starts bad solenoid.

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

Hi Tamara,
possible cause is the connector on the side of the throttle body. This connector will be facing towards the rear of the motorcycle just behind the air filter box. Disconnect it and spray a good quality switch cleaner with lubricant into the connector or use the HD contact grease and put a small amount into each contact hole. Then insert and remove the connector a couple of times before finally leaving it in position. I have got this fault a few times and this proved to be a cure.

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

the click means the start relay is getting power,just not enough or it may be bad.Check cables to the starter from start relay also.

2000 Harley... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

is the solinoid engaging the starter gear when the starter turns over if motor is not turning then solinoid is not engaging starter drive gear

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

20 years in the elements might be time to replace it .

Harley Davidson... | Answered on Dec 05, 2019

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