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Hi, Nubbin54 and the usual suspects are:
1. Fuel cap or fuel tank is not venting properly.
2. Fuel filter clogged.
3. Fuel line pinched or kinked.
4. Vacuum line from the petcock to intake manifold cracked.
5. Float needle and seat sticking.
6. Float level too low.
7. Carburetor bowl vent line clogged/blocked/pinched.
8. Idle adjusting screw set too low.
9. Air/fuel mixture screw set too lean.
10. Idle port, transfer ports, slow air jet clogged.
11. Slow fuel jet clogged.
12. Faulty fuel pump.
13. Faulty auto choke or wiring connection.
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Suzuki drz 400 2000 Service Manual

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on May 10, 2019

Hi, Anonymous and the usual suspects are:
1. Fouled spark plugs.
2. Severely discharged or a damaged battery should have 12.5 volts or more and be able to pass a proper "LOAD" test if necessary, you may have a preliminary reading of 12.5 volts or more but little or zero amperage the battery is faulty and must be replaced, AGM batteries fail in this scenario more so than lead-acid batteries.
3. Check battery terminals for damage or corrosion, check the battery cables at "BOTH" ends for loose, corroded, or broken connectors, "INSIDE" and outside the cable harness, perform connector wiggle test and check cables with an ohmmeter if necessary.
4. Loose connection at ignition coil or plug between ignition sensor and module.
5. Spark plug cables in bad condition, shorting/leaking, spark plug cable connections loose check for spark leakage in the dark.
6. Faulty ignition coil or electronic control module.
7. Faulty pulse coil.
8. Faulty CKP, CMP, or BAS sensor.
9. Faulty ignition switch.
10. Faulty run/off switch
11. Tilt sensor needs a reset.
12. Security alarm failing to disarm needs reset
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How to diagnose no spark situation on motorcycle
Suzuki drz 400E Service Manual

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Mar 26, 2019


How to reduce front sprocket wear on Suzuki DR-Z range

On suzuki's DR-Z range, the front sprocket is covered behind and enclosed panel. This panel doesnt allow for mud to exit, and builds up causing excess wear to the chain and sprockets.

One way to fix this with out discarding the cover is to cut slots into it. You will notice that their are 3 moulded slots running diagonal across the cover. Using an approximate 8mm drill bit, drill a hole in the both ends of each of the slots. Use a rats tail/round file to file out the material in between the 2 holes. It does not require much effort to file.

Re-fit the cover, it now will allow dirt build up to exit, access to the sprocket with the hose for cleaning and for inspection, and looks really good aswell!

Before Picture

After Picture


on Jan 23, 2011 | 2004 Suzuki DR-Z 400 E

If 2 stroke check crank seals, check plug cap for proper resistance,check for good fuel flow to carb.Spark should jump at least a 1/4" gap,NOT JUST the .030 or plug gap.

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Nov 04, 2010

There is a possibility that one (or both) of the cams may be one tooth out of time. Remove the head cover and spark plug then put the piston on TDC compression and check the cam gear alignment marks on both gears.

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Sep 13, 2010

This is a classic short circuit. Go to the fuse that is blown and follow the lines looking for bare wires or burn marks. If you find it, put another fuse in switch it on and watch the fireworks. If no fireworks, then that is not it. Yes a blown relay or even coil could cause this, but it is more likely that they have blown because of some other fault.. This baby is all trial and error until you isolate the cause. No DRZ400E manuals available but fossick through any way, you might find something to give you a guide. http://www.carlsalter.com/motorcycle-manuals.asp

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Jan 14, 2010

if its liquid cooled u may need fluid--too lean condition in carbs causes valves to overheat--watever u do buy a clymer manual or hav a pro look at the jets-try not to ride until

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Dec 31, 2009

take to dealer, big, big job

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Sep 20, 2009

Hi bradley
The CDI box is the Capacitor Discharge Ignition system for creating spark at the spark plug and does not charge the battery. When you say it is not charging, are you able to measure the voltage across the battery with the engine running at 2500 rpm. If it is charging it will run to at least 14.5 volts. The headlamp should also be nice and bright, and a noticeable increase in brightness when revs are lifted from idle.
If it does not, then you have a problem with the bikes alternator, or the regulator that controls the charge rate. Also check the fuses for failures, and general tightness of the battery connections and wiring about the battery and frame earth. If it appears to be charging, but the batt always seems to not be taking a charge and flat, then the battery itself may be the problem. They dont last forever and can often be the source of "no charging" issues.
Let me know how many volts you have at the batt terminals with the engine running.
regards robotek

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Jul 14, 2009

Corbin should make the aftermarket seat for your bike. You can reach them on line at www.corbin.com. Hope this helped..

2004 Suzuki DR-Z... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

if it is a new battery,and not an old dead one,,then your regulater/rectifier needs replacing

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Mar 20, 2011

If you are riding a dirt bike you probably have a leaking water pump seal allowing transmission oil into the antifreeze. If the motorcycle is a four stroke street bike the leak is probably in the head gasket.

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Jan 28, 2011


80/100R21 rear , check this site it has number 1 tires . metzler
is what I use , michelin, dunlop, avon are all top notch tires.
you may also check www.jpcycles.com good luck, look on your
front tire on side wall it will give your tire size . OK

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Oct 26, 2010

hi this sounds like you fuel to air mix, and can be adjusted by a screw type knob at the side of the engine, turn this until it idles at about 1000 rpm, ( that's if your motorcycle is a 500cc or more) if this does not cure it, then the carburettor will have to be balanced...hope this helps

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Sep 08, 2010

Try spraying a little starting fluid into the combustion chamber (not much) and see if it trys to kick over. If it doesn't, it could be the CDI module or coil. If it does it's probably not getting fuel past the carb. "Pull the plug, pour a cap full of 20w50 in. Drain the carb and blast the air box with carb cleaner. Put it back together and give it a try". ----------------
Check out.Thanks.

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Jul 21, 2010

Check that your choke is shutting of the carb mouth

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Apr 26, 2010

yes it should but i would recommend a new hose

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Dec 19, 2009

Is the kick stand up? if so, chk the switch it may be stuck.

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Oct 14, 2009


Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Sep 03, 2009

check your coil pack that is is getting decent voltage from the battery, check the battery to.

Suzuki DR-Z 400... | Answered on Sep 02, 2009

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