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Typically when this occurs, it is an indication of a short circuit in the motor controller board. To test to make sure the problem is in the board

1) Unplug the treadmill from the wall.

2) Remove the motor hood.

3) Unplug the speed wires from the board. On many boards, you will have 2 to 3 wires that control speed and many are labeled H, W, and L. If you cannot find the speed wires, do not guess, contact us with your make and model number and we will try to help you with the wiring.

4) Return the treadmill to a usable position once the speed wires are disconnected and plug the treadmill back in.

5) If the treadmill begins to run at full speed, the motor control has failed and requires replacement.

6) If the treadmill does not run at full speed you could have a speed input problem, wiring problem, or another short circuit.

For any further troubleshooting questions please do not hesitate to contact us, our number is 888-713-2880 or check out our Tech Support Center online

Always hear to help, SportSmith

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Calibrating Your Incline Is your incline not operating correctly? There are a few simple steps that can be followed which will most likely resolve that problem for you.
The first step is to press and hold both the STOP and SPEED INCREASE buttons, this will be either an UP ARROW or a + (plus) symbol. While holding these two buttons down you will need to insert your safety key.
Once you have inserted the safety key you can release the buttons and let go of the key. At this point you will need to press the STOP button one time. Congratulations, you are now in Calibration Mode.
Now that we are in calibration, press the INCLINE UP button one time. This will cause the platform to go all the way up and then it will come all the way back down again.
Now that the incline has stopped moving you can remove the safety key.
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see the error +causes +remedy:God bless you

Errors 00 through Error 04 check upper PCA memory locations, RAM memory locations and
EEPROM checksum during the power up test sequence. If a fault is found during the power up
test sequence, the appropriate error code will be displayed.
Possible Causes
1. These errors messages almost always indicate an upper PCA problem when they are
consistently displayed. Failures causing these error messages to be displayed are rare.
Possible Remedies
1. If the error message is consistently displayed when the unit is powered up, the upper PCA
should be replaced. It is possible to see one of these messages displayed intermittently due
to external causes. If the units A.C. input significantly dips during the power up test sequence
the test could fail resulting in one of these messages being displayed. Treadmills operating
on non-dedicated A.C. circuits may see these messages displayed on an intermittent basis.2_4_2013_5_52_44_pm.gif

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I have the same problem as it continues to go higher without reversing. First note that when it does go back down it will drop with the whole weight of the unit so keep your hands clear. Unplug of course and straddle over the motor housing, grab both outside corner of the belt/table and slightly pull up and wiggle the arm with the teeth and the arm with the motor pivit indpendantly so its just a matter of realigning it and it will drop at the way down, (carefull its heavy and will drop hard so may be a good idea to put a few books of something stuffed under the sides to block it from dropping and possibly smashing your finger). Youll need to recalibrate, on the back of the motor panel is a spec sheet for techs, it has the recalibrate procedure on it. I just went through all this I have a problem with mine now reading the photo switch I think.

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Go to and request the manual for free.

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Please see the video attached. However you must test :
a) measure with multimeter the voltage terminal motor, if there ARE the motor is faulty.
b) measure the output voltage from terminal voltage control board, for input voltage terminal board. see my personal TIPS for motor HELP, if there ARE NOT the board is faulty.


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please see the video and fix it. God bless you

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check the video to find out how to maintain a treadmill.

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Here i have added a video. Its related to how to maintain a treadmill.

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adjust the REED switch, test it, clean it, and tight the plug or connector very well.
2) Replace the new batteries, with the same type, same marks, and the same polatity
3) clean the contacts batteries spring, with c. cleaner from some electronic store.
4) Tigtht the ribbon cable inside from control keypads.
5) Try to RUN the software calibratin for easy diagnose, troubleshooting and fix it.
God bless you

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1) LUBE the deck belt, you must do it every 1 week after use. Otherwise you will the same problem that you have right now. This is by lack of maintenance. Maybe you have WORN deck belt.
2) LubE THE rollers bearing with WD-40 NOT use for deck belt. deck belt is with 100% silicone lube.
3) Test the input voltage motor, if there are the motor need repair. see my personal TIPS for troubleshooting motor.
4) Test the output voltage board, for input voltage board, if there are NOT the board is faulty.
See the block diagram
God bless you

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you must know if the machine is working 2) if the machine is working go under the HOOD motor and proceed with the steps how to enter. or go with the instruc manual, and see how to enter to the Software calibration and proceed according.
If the problem persist, you have a faulty upper board.However adjust the speed sensor, and Reed swtich, clean it. and tight any connector very well.
God bless you

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1) replace batteries under the display board, clean the contacts with contacts cleaner.
2) adjust the REED switch, clean it and tight the wires connector.
3) tight the ribbon cable from keypads, clean it, tight the wires connector from display board vs lower board.
God bless you

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rea the instruction manual in how to fold and dissasembly. If you do not have go for free download. or

sincerely. God bless you

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What is the problem? please specify. sincerely.

ernesto cuadra
managua, nicaragua. c.a.

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1) Try to change the batteries from your model.

2) If do not have battery( normally under display board) spray with contact cleaner the keypanel.
3) Tight the flexible cable from keypanel vs display board .
4) Tight the connector from display board vs main controller board.
5) Adjust the Reed switch +speed sensor(touch the magnet with another face in the motor).
11_28_2011_5_50_14_am.gifSee the block diagram!11_28_2011_5_50_57_am.gif

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Use light for iluminate any screw from the cover, and then when you must shure tha every screw is out, you must proceed to take out.


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You must be shure is screws are completely removed. Take some flaslights and see carefully if there are one.

After you can take our the cover easy.


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