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1) Try to measure the if there are 110Vca in the terminal in forward or reverse.
2) Try to measure the ESR from Capacitor and replace it.
3) If you system as LIMIT Switch , test for continuity with DMM for faulty and replace, or some wires loose or disconnect.
4) If you system are Relais see if the relais for UP and down, and working most of them has LED that will be LIT indicating working or NOT
5) If NOT voltage Vca are NOT, coming from The Controller Board Motor, REPLACE IT,
Control board motor has 3 power supply: 1) Console board 2)Elevation Motor 3) Main Motor.
Some IGTBs are Defective.

LED Blink Patterns on the Control Board Treadmill

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you must RUN the software calibration go under the HOOD motor and follow the instruction. or read your owner manual for instruction and fix it.You will get easy diagnostic and fix it.

God bless you

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see the video and proceed according .God bless you

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Please go to the Menu, and go to the section go caractheristic and change the Lbs to Kgs.

God bless you

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go to the MENU, and see the details.
However your must read your instr. manual and see how to enter.
God bless you

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reset the machine, please see your instru. manual, follow the section troubleshooting and reset. if you do not have it the manual download from www.
If the probleme persist RUN the software calibration for troubleshooting. coming with the machine.

God bless you

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this happen because lack of maintenance schedule, shut down and produce enough friction and loud, and shut down for to protect the electronic systemLUBE Inmediately the deck belt,maybe is time to replace the deck belt. by WORN.
2) LUBE THE rollers bearing too
3) test the motor voltage input, if there are the MOTOR need REPAIR.see my persosnal TIPS.
God bless you

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see the video and fix it. God bless you

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you must test the quick start button for defective, this is closed all the time, this connect the machine,and of course pass to RUn . You must LUBE the deck belt, for to avoid the system shut down.
I strong recommend try to RUN the software calibration Hunder the HOOD motor, for easy diagnose, troubleshooting, and fix it.
3) test the input voltage motor, if there are voltage the motor need repair.
4) test the output voltage boad, if there are NOT the board is faulty.

see the block diagram.
God bless you

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it's a big job, the front cover protecting the motor unit has to be removed, the rear roller has to be loosened inwards by using the large allen key to release the tension. The front roller has to be loosened and lifted out of the treadmill (it may need cleaned to take away any rust)
The rear roller can be lifted out and then the bed (running deck) needs unscrewed (allen keys) this should slide out. The new running belt should be put in place in the treadmill, place the front roller in place, the bed and the rear roller, fasten each of them up and adjust the rear roller so that the belt runs straight and it tight enough that when walking on it, you can't stop the belt.

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    • 1
Switchthe power off without unplugging the machine. Do not take the safety key out ofits place.
    • 2
Inspectthe bottom of your console. The calibration switch is in a small hole. Insertthe eraser end of a pencil into the hole and softly push the button. You willsee CL11 on your console after you push this button.
    • 3
Usethe Speed + or - key to select MPH or KPH. Push the Power key to save yourselection.Sincerely.E.CUADRAMANAGUA, NICARAGUA C.A.

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Dear Sir:

Go to the Menu, in the section: Languaje: you can adjust it.

Sincerely. God bless you.


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Dear Sir:

Thank you by you request , I will help you right now:

How to measure FUSEAND CONTINUITY A digitalmultimeter is the ideal multimeter t use to check fuses. You can test afuse using either a digital volt-ohmmeter or an analog volt-ohmmeter. Thedigital multimeter uses a LCD to indicate the condition of the fuse under testwhile an analog meter uses a traditional meter movement to indicate the fusecondition. Difficulty: EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
  • Digital multimeter or analog multimeter
1. Usinga digital multimeter
o 1 Connectthe test leads to the volt-ohmmeter. Plug the black test leads into the blackjack marked "Com" or "Common" on the front of the meter.Plug the red test lead into the red jack marked "Volts/Ohms" on thefront of the meter. o 2 Setthe meter's function switch to "Ohms" and the range switch to the"R x 1" scale. If your digital multimeter is an auto ranging meter,you will not have a range switch. Instead, you'll have just a function switchbecause the meter will automatically select the right range for the quantitythat you are measuring. o 3 Turnoff the power and remove the fuse to be tested from the circuit. Never test afuse for continuity while it is still connected to the circuit that it is usedto protect. If the circuit still has voltage, the meter will be irreparablydamaged. If the fuse is still in the circuit when tested it is possible to geta false indication that the fuse is good if the meter gets a completed circuitthrough other circuit components. To be safe, always remove the fuse from thecircuit before testing it. o 4 Touchthe black test probe to one end of the fuse and the red test probe to the otherend of the fuse. It does not matter which probe you touch to which end becausefuses are not polarized. You are checking to see if there is continuity throughthe fuse element. A reading of approximately 0.5 on a digital meter's LCDindicates a good fuse. Most digital meters read their own internal fusesresistance, hence 0.5 Ohms and not 0.00 Ohms. LCD readout of "O.L."indicates no continuity through the fuse. The fuse is bad and needs to bereplaced.
Thank you in advance, sincerely. God bless you.

If you need further assistance, please contact me.


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Dear Sir:

Thank you by your request, I will help you right now.

Please do this step with VERY CAREFULLY!!!.

A multimeter isa versatile tool for measuring voltage and current. Electricians usemultimeters to measure alternating current, or AC, and direct current, or DC,voltages and currents. Many multimeters also measure resistance, capacitanceand temperature. For example, an electrician uses the multimeter's AC voltagesetting to determine if a wall outlet has power or if a power supply isfunctioning. This knowledge helps the electrician pinpoint the cause of anelectrical problem and select the appropriate repair. Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructions
    • 1
Plugthe black voltage probe into the voltmeter jack marked "COM."
    • 2
Plugthe red voltage probe into the voltmeter jack marked "V."
    • 3
Rotatethe range selector knob to the highest range setting, which is marked"VAC."
    • 4
Turnthe voltmeter on. Slide the power switch to the "ON" position.
    • 5
Touchthe probes to the device for which you measure the AC voltage. Use extremecaution. Ensure that the probes do not come into contact with anything but thesurface you are measuring.
    • 6
Readthe voltmeter's display. Turn the range selector knob to a lower range ifvoltage is less than the currently selected range
Thank you in advance, sincerely. God bless you.
If you need further assistance, please contact me

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Check out They can help if your boards look like either of the 2 on the website.

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