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winsetup.exe is a trojan virus. Run your antivirus software. If you dont have any, go to www.microsoft.com/security_essentials and download their free product, which is very good. here is a detailed tutorial on removing nasties from your computer:


HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Mar 12, 2018

no goal stated at all.
what are you attempting? sharing files , printers, or remote desktop mode.
to do any of that both most be connected to your router
then both must have shares turned on.
why now post to microsoft, if you are connected ok to the router
and both PC can use the internet (unstated)

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

wow posting with no OS stated, windows what? or linux?
amazing impossible post.
it needs 2 drivers.
usb2, and the cam, no camera runs lacking both in most HP computers.

we are not HP , HP is HP
and your page is here.


see that?
came with vista or w7 , 32bit or 64bit.
so tell HP what you have and bingo the drivers.
are you internet connected?? for PnP to work you must
if that fails.
see this.
Cyberlink YouCam Software

the ICH9 chip must work first. correctly, under chip set (USB)
id load them all but BIOS. leave bios alone.

or run HP assistant
note they ask you what OS it is.... a KEY FACTOR always.


HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Jan 01, 2018

G60-235dx. (2011 model, is my guess)
ok tell the full story please.
PC boots sequentially.
progress in that matters. so it seem windows unstated runs?
so you power on and what happens ?,
errors before windows logs in or after.?

my guess #1 is the main laptop battery is bad, remove it.
this pC runs on AC power pack endlessly, (AC power good)
dim screens. can be bad CCFL lamps or low power in the PC.
so again take out the battery
what flash drive, remove that, test the pC with no usb devices at all plugged in.

just an A.C power pack and no main big battery.
this PC has old CCFL lamp tubes that all go dim, fast.
turn yellow then dim the flicker and then DIE for ever.
all do. some in 2 years time never turned off. they do.

it the screen goes black use a flashlight if data is good on the screen the back lamp is croaking. (***** of CCFL tubes)
there are many cause of black screens, I can list 30. (will not)
but dim screens are only
1; main battery bad and shorted.
2: AC power pack near dead. (weak happens)
3: shorts in the main board, modules.overloading power buses.
4: CCFL dim as every one this old does, all do.
see flash light test.


HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Oct 18, 2017

fan turns? hear it and feel it.blow.? in must.
cd drive ejects? (button)
no text ever on the screen? this is first. all else more complex.
do the flash light trick?

no beeps
no flashing caps lock key (codes) if yes, what code.
step one is get BIOS and its screens working
even using and external VGA monitor will help.
and the magic Fn+F4 key to turn that on.
hp is down this morning...(support pages)

the G60 series uses a CCFL lamp, that blows out (easy)
or its inverter.
if external monitor works, and flashlight trick works
CCFL back lamps are dead.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Aug 23, 2017

it needs service,
if the charge circuits fail, it needs to be repaired.
do know the charge chip is on the MOBO. so , not easy to fix.


the full service manual is at HP, why ask here. we are not HP.

here it all is. see guides?


my guess is the MOBO is bad,(the charge chip blew out)

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Jun 02, 2017

is the display just the HP logo? It could be that th motherboard cant find a drive toboot from. hard drive may have failed. You cantake the back of and start the machine up, listen to the tones and see the LED on the mother board blink, then look up those codes online to see what they mean.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 28, 2015

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

It will help you find the product key for your legitimately installed copy of Windows Vista.

Although, considering you're still on Vista, you might have other issues :)

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Mar 14, 2015

Try holding the 'fn' key and hitting f5 after the external monitor is connected.
This should toggle through the internal / external / both monitor selections.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on May 12, 2014

Try pressing F8 and choosing repair.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Jan 24, 2014

Firstly make sure all vents (especially the CPU cooling Heatsink Vent on the rear, these form internal blankets that cook the unit if not cleaned. A better solution if you are not traveling much is to purchase one of the notebook stands which include cooling fans, these range in price from under $20 depending on manufacturer and style. Removing the protection of the base can cause other issues like static charges and insect infestation. Though in the past I have had to cut away the existing inferior vents to make them larger and then use speaker mesh to give the protection required, this has often worked in keeping such systems cool. As I have never been happy with many of the cooling systems in laptops. Especially in the AMD units which seem to run at higher temperature than the Intel units in the past, though AMD is improving in some of the recent models I've worked on.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 23, 2013

This would depend on how you are connecting. If by a wireless router, check the signal strength, walls (especially thick or damp), objects with moisture like human bodies all drop signal strength because microwaves are absorbed by water. If the signal strength is good, check the routers logs by accessing the router's administration web page which usually has a statistics or log of past faults. If it is not the router or others using the router are not having the same issue. Then I'd require more information about how you are accessing the internet.
There may be software packages trying to access the Internet that are being blocked, which would block your connection.
The variables here are quite numerous.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 23, 2013

Having had unusual faults with batteries in these models from similar issues to having no power at all, the least time consuming test would to be remove the battery and power it only from the AC adapter. If it boots okay, the battery is faulty. Next I'd try to access the BIOS, Keep tapping [F10] key straight after pressing the power button and see if RAM and Hard Drive is recognized. If this fails, there may be a motherboard/RAM issue. Then if there are two RAM modules, take them out and insert each one separately, though remove the power and battery before attempting this procedure so as to not risk damaging the RAM modules, I usually keep at least one finger grounded on the metal regions to avoid a potential difference between my body and the RAM. If it boots with one RAM module and not the other, the issue is obvious. If it doesn't boot with either RAM module into the [F10] BIOS, it is likely the motherboard/CPU has failed. IF RAM is okay and then next would be the Hard Drive: With hard drives, sometimes they can mechanically fail, from overheating and bearing failure. This often presents itself as running fine one day and suddenly fails to fire up the next. You can often hear the drive failing to start spinning, though the CPU cooling fan is often too noisy to hear if the drive is spinning or not. Two techniques are useful, take out the hard drive and very gently spin/shake it back and forth manually in the same plane as the disks would spin, normally, sometimes this can free up a stuck drive, if this does, back up all your data while the drive is running and replace it. If this fails, sometimes we can get a failed drive to run by wrapping in a plastic bag and putting in the freezer for an hour. If this works, get what you can off it quickly and replace it, as the control circuits have been cooked.
Note: On all notebooks, air circulation is poor, they should all be placed on flat surfaces, never laps or soft cloth surfaces like on beds, as these block the fine vents and introduce fluff into the unit.
They should have compressed air forced back into the CPU cooling vents regularly to prevent a buildup of a blanket of dust which cooks the CPU and support chips. Keep the cooling system free and clean to get the best out of your notebooks.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 23, 2013

If the unit is under warranty return it to the vendor. If it is out of warranty, it is likely there is damage to the wiring harness is damaged or the connectors between the motherboard and the display are loose.
This would require opening the notebook up and checking the cable. Hopefully the connectors are loose and can be tightened and secured with some neutral cure silicone.
Though skip the removal of the hard drive from its carrier and only go up to the part where he removes the front panel and check the connectors leading to the display. If they are loose, this may be the issue. If not, proceed to where he removes the display. Then open the display. 2 screws behind the rubber plugs on bottom of display and unclip the rest. Remove the display panel and check the cable for cracks or loose connections. You may find the cable required for your model on HP Partsurfer, though many of the cables for this model are no longer available, if not available, the cable will need to be repaired or secured to stop flexing with movement binding with tape can sometimes achieve this. If you don't want to attempt this, take it to your nearest repairer.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 23, 2013

If there is no power at all the problem could be that the Power Cord is bad or the Motherboard is bad. The guys at: http://www.generalsystemsconsulting.com can help you. They will fix it and ship it back by Fedex or UPS. Get a quote from your local computer shop then try them.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 23, 2013

Trying opening the screen at various angles. The switch/sensor that senses that the laptop screen is being closed may be defective.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Nov 10, 2013

Press CTRL ALT and DEL all together twice

THen it will bring up a login window

Put in the username : Administrator

Password is blank ( dont put anything there )

If it says account disabled then boot your computer in safe mode, Login as Administrator and then edit your account password from there.

HP G60-235DX... | Answered on Oct 14, 2013

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