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these HP posts are always HUGE walls of text.
that is ok but wow.
but then no photos of MESS?
must we guess that?
but if your LP has an external 15pin Video jack (d-shell type)
that uses any external display seen on Desktops
you can find out this your self
if the external works, then the internal hardware is bad.
easy no? shows the 1 VGA (15-pin)
jack there and the hot function key that ENABLES IT.

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Do you also experience this in other programs? Try scanning your computer with an anti-virus because it might be a virus infection.


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Nice computer

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Your diagnosis is correct abhisheks27, it is a graphics 'engine' issue.

The HP Pavilion dv6835nr is one of the HP Pavilion dv6000 series of Notebook PC's.

The Pavilion dv6000 series Notebook PC's have an issue with inadequate cooling for the GPU.

{Graphics Processing Unit, or graphics chipset,

Chip and Chipset are slang terms for I.C.
Integrated Circuit,

The cooling system consists of the Fan Assembly, Heatsink, and Cooling Tube.

Scroll down the page to Step 18, and it's second photo.
Here you are looking down at the top of the laptop, and can see the Fan Assembly, in the top left corner.

Steps 25 and 26 show the bottom of the motherboard, the Fan Assembly, Heatsink, and Cooling Tube.

The Cooling Tube is a hollow copper tube, slightly flat, and is filled with Nitrogen.
You can see it's curved J shape.

Looking at the photo in Step 25 observe the aluminum looking X shape, at the left side of the Cooling Tube. It has 4 red circles marking it's mounting screws.

This X-shaped object is a flat plate. It is a type of Heatsink.
This particular metal plate sits on top of the Processor.

Heat from the Processor is absorbed by this plate, then transferred to the Cooling Tube.

Observe the next aluminum looking plate to the right. Looks like a square tab, attached to the side of the Cooling Tube.
This metal plate sits on top of the GPU.

Heat is from the GPU is absorbed by this plate, and transferred to the Cooling Tube.

{Step 26 shows the top of the Processor uncovered, {Processor (CPU) }, and the GPU uncovered.
The GPU is the greenish square to the right of the Processor }

The cooling area (Size) of the small plate of metal, that sits on top of the GPU, is inadequate.
It cannot absorb enough heat away from the GPU.

This leads to the GPU overheating.

The GPU is mounted to the laptop's motherboard with a BGA surface mount.
Ball Grid Array.

To explain the BGA surface mount technology, I'm going to use an older Socket 478 Intel processor.

The Socket 478 Intel processor's have pins on the bottom of them. These pins line up with socket holes in the processor socket.

With the BGA surface mount there are no pins on the bottom of the chipset. (Chipset circuit board, actually)
There are Solder Balls in place of the pins.

On the motherboard there is no socket. In it's place there are Copper Pads.

The chipset is set into place on the motherboard, with the solder balls lining up with the copper pads.
A specified temperature of heat is applied, and this melts the solder balls. The chipset is soldered to the copper pads on the motherboard.

When the chipset overheats, (In this case the chipset is the GPU), the solder balls start to partially melt again.
This causes a poor connection due to cold solder joints.

{The solder balls have melted, and rehardened again. Not done properly this causes a cold solder joint }

The poor contact of the GPU to the motherboard caused by inadequate cooling, is the problem.

The solution is too have the GPU's BGA surface mount reflowed, and to install a better Heatsink plate for it, or add to the heatsink plate.

This is to show you more in-depth as to the problem. It also shows a possible solution.

I am Not providing this link for the possible solution it provides. The tech is also advertising selling a repair. I do not advertise for other people, and know nothing of this tech.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


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GO to this site: wait a few seconds for the Yellow ribbons to appear and then click and Choose download
If it doesn't work click the "click here" which I circle
Then Download and install your webcam driver


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HP does not plan to provide Windows 7 drivers for your model. It is suggested you revert back to Vista or XP and then run the windows 7 compatibility check BEFORE trying to switch.

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You can either use an external monitor for working with the laptop or talk to HP for replacement.

The best option is to use external monitor to backup data before sending it to replacement.

Good luck

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I am assuming you are wanting install this on a HP machine, so all you should need to do, is go to the HP website if you use the machine you want to install it on, the web site should be able to detect, your make and model, and if any software is missing it will direct you to the page where you can download the software, and install it in the same way you install any other application in windows.

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old post, I do only 2018 posts)
first off why the huge contradiction even HP and ASUS mixed.
photo of laptop, and title, NOTEBOOK
and texting a Desktop, but must be a so i moved you....
p6126f PAVILION. it is. no monitor stated, at all. no errors show on monitor, like no signal?
the PC blue light means it thinks its one.
the fans must blow, both PSU and CPU or you have no 12vdc power.
the uSB ports have power, but that happens even with PC in standby mode, or even turned off, that is how I charge my cell phone PC off, using my USB ports,
what matters is:
1: monitor errors, seen
2: Fans.
3; you clicked shut down via what< windows, linux what?
if you CLICKED shut down and the fans don't go dead
that means your OS is corrupted. for sure.
top reasons are bad drivers, and vista can't shut down.
or worse. there is always that. (virus)

I'd DUMP vista, nobody on earth wants to help anyone with a dead vista , horrid VISTA, did you know MS in there great wisdom failed to add recovery mode to vista, yah sux, swap gas. that.
upgrade to w7 and end this silly mess called vista.
w7-64bit is best here, with full HP support seen here.

this is not spam, its the real HP, the place with no malware,etc.

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no PC stated. what new Pavillion, must be guess that>
here I will answer for both classes of PC.

my wild guess, not seeing the PC.
you need the 2.5mm to 3.5 mm adapter. tiny to big.
you have the wrong ear phones , that dont fit PCs.
here it is,....
the also so the other way too. 3.5 to 2.5mm

as PC's get thinner,, the makers must go to the smaller 2.5mm jacks, or they cant do it.

no PC posted, why do that? 1985 to 2018
HP has vast 1000s of PC now. endless list really.

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it didnt lie to you, and no you don't have it.
first thing is you never said what windows this is.
XP? the DEAD OS? for sure IE

IE11 will not run on XP or VISTA, ever.
and is the only good MS browers.
if compelled to run relic, OS, like XP
run free firefox v56 or newer and works everywhere. a fact.

even better is avoid , MS media player totally
and run VLC (free) we can talk all day on why, but..ill skip that.

learn vast web sites do not allow xp IE explorer of any kind.
nor the Vista, and will get worse every day forward in time for good reasons, (ill skip those too)

here see the wiki, it cover this, in one simple page.
XP IE8 with SP3 manditory.
vista IE9 max.
IE11 is the only safe MS browser now, and will be banned later.
only Edge is safe, in the MS world of browsers now and the futures. IE 11 is frozen now, (end of life it is)

get firefox.

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It sounds like IRQ or IRQL on your Blue screen of ***** (BSOD). You can open the event viewer and try and track down the issue but it is usually a driver that is causing a fault or crossing over an interrupt.
I would suggest you get online with Microsoft and chat with them. First verify what system you are running (latest currently is version 1709) and they can help you resolve the issue with an update but don't let them wipe your system or suggest a clean install because you'll lose all your applications and they do not care if you can't find your Windows 2003 orrice disk with serial number. Try uninstalling specific drivers, especially your video drivers and reinstalling them from scratch.

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no PC state, make HP model, LT or Desktop.
no OS stated windows, what XP>? XP loves to hate CDs
it is INFAMOUS for that... and worse if upgraded the drive.
id bet this,
1: running sticking XP, and XP is a dead product at MS. and HP.
2: someone installed MS disks to it and lost the HP driver.
The HP drivers must be installed, for the cam to work
one USB driver and the correct camera driver to match you unstated OD.
The DVD drive needs this.
XP SP3, service pack 3 adds more drives.
then needs the (if XP ) patch to the registry called filter hack for XP DVD)

why even post lacking full model of HP and OS it runs
click start, click control panel click system.
bingo the OS name and version is there, if 64bit that too matters big time.

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Replace the processor betray.

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we are fixya not HP, so.... why ask here? and not HP real>?
OLD DESKTOP?: a000 is not the real model , only part.'
is this PC ,13 years old. ?
not even the word desktop stated once, wow.
my wild guess is it is a DT, due to super easy motherboard viewings. if not , say so please..

no full service tag stated, it has model and full p/n on it.
See my photo at end. (long post) lacking that.
HP made VAST pc with A000 , as part of much larger P/n
tag line 1 ,3 and 5 tells the helper what is REALLY there.
it even tells us if the parts are for USA. are you?

NO OS STATED in your post.
a000 is a very old PC and has the CAP disease, the china clone caps classical failure.. (well known) 1999 to 2003
so many questions, who fix it, why not just buy another newer PC, that has w7 on it already, the one that is not a virus magnet like XP. (or VISTA junk) W7/8/10 years.

you will not replace the caps easy, (takes special tools) {I can}
there are no new motherboards, HP does not sell things this old.
that leaves used, or (omg NOS) motherboards with the same useless China noname caps in it, why go there? avoid this and run from the box. (I would)

the unstated OS , is problematic here, XP will not let you change the mobo, and MS stopped taking calls in XP and VISTA>
so cant force activation that way, why go down this path.?
what I'd do is buy a usde PC with W7 coa sticker on this side
or newer' (COA is the OS license from MS)

for $100 or near, i can find a PC desktop. that is
vastly better that yours.
but if compelled to run bad motherboards same year.
then if I had your service tag , i could in fact point to them sold used, and be a match , exactly, the HP parts surfer lets me do that.(ask)_

first tell what OS is there? of the 14 used.
then post full service tag for 10x batter answers.
in 2006 HP added the new F11 key. started the year 2006
so if PC is that or newer the F11 recovery key works and you dont need any
HP (unstated) OS(unstated) install media (CDs)
see? how that service tag is magical?

what I'd do is get a newer PC. I bet yours is 2003 or older, i do.
here is the best solution for an upgrade.
id never buy any MOBO with those caps onboard. EVER.
here are some great whys to get a better machine
and not go broke.

LEGACY PAIN: my wild guess , is yours is here.?
off the HP legacy page? if use scrap it.
data--------------------legacy pigs----------------------------------------------

  • Pavilion 1G
  • Pavilion 300
  • Pavilion 400
  • Pavilion 500
  • Pavilion 700
  • Pavilion 900
  • Pavilion 2000
  • Pavilion 3000
  • Pavilion 4000
  • Pavilion 5000
  • Pavilion 6000

  • Pavilion 7000
  • Pavilion 8000
  • Pavilion 9000
  • Pavilion a
  • Pavilion b
  • Pavilion d
  • Pavilion g
  • Pavilion j
  • Pavilion k
  • Pavilion Media Center
  • Pavilion s

what is your 1,3,5? only this matters, first. and unstated
next is OS, what OS is running any PC from HP runs 6 or more OS
sold new, even linux ,freedos and P/S2 ! and w95 up
tag_service1-1iohaobt0khnrlk3utl25c3h-4-0.jpg tell more and get x10 better responses !
Like do you need mobility?
do you need W10 or 64bit support. (be wise)
do you want the PC to last 10 more years? or 1 week.
what APPS do you run if any, or only use IE6 the virus magnet.
do you use the internet (LOL)
do you need the MS CLOUD.
the list is endless but this is basic.
did you ask friends if they have a used PC they don't want
or would sell for $10?

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1-Start 2-Run 3-enter Services.msc
4-Scroll down to Windows Audio
5-Double click and change the startup type to Automatic.

On I.E

1-Start 2-Control Panel 3-Internet Options 4-Click the "Advanced Tab 5-Scroll Down to Multimedia -Insert a check mark in play sounds on websites 6-Go to Tools -Manage -Add ons -make sure everything is enabled 7-Then close Internet Explorer and Reopen Internet Explorer

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It is an Hp. If it has AMD graphics, I would suspect and AMD chip and fit a new one.

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no PC stated

w8 is new
its not w8 fault, id do that with W10 too.
what his is , is the silly new boot logic HP now uses.
I hate it, for just the reason.
it should say and halt, OS fails to boot,
do a repair install.
here :
1`: if all your fails are backed up are they.
2: hit F11 recovery and do a fix startup files first.
3 :if that fails a full reload.

do startup repair , if no joy
do system restore, this is total w8 restore. from the HP partitions.
if F11 is dead that usually means the HDD is bad.
or was slammed, (you upgraded the OS with out HP help)?


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ran for 2 days on AC pack only?
battery out, be clear there... it must run on ac alone .
the BIOS is next
is the screen with text?" or really is 100% black all the time.
remove the hdd if it makes abnormal noise, and check that BIOS screens work , even take out the DVD drive.
battery is already out. they short. get it out .
then push the bios keys, ESC?
this PC laptop has CCFL lamps that go dead.
so do the flash light trick first. while calling up BIOS.

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any tower pc will do the job as all you want is the case and not especially what is in it
check garage sales , second hand shops ' junk yard shops / recyclers etc

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