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I would contact Behringer BEHRINGER Limited Warranty You may need the manual here Behringer XENYX 2442FX Manuals

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Oct 18, 2015 | 198 views

I assume that the power-amp is good.
This noise, of course due to defective parts inside.
But, which section is it? Chances are:
  • Amplifier circuit in the Main-Outputs. If the MAIN MIX in the minimum position and still noisy, then the damage in that section.
  • At one or several channels. Let's test.
    Set to minimum volume for all channels and MAIN MIX. EQ=flat. FX=minimum. TRIM at half (let's try at 12 o'clock).
    Raise the MAIN MIX, let's say at 15.
    Gently, raise channel 1 volume to maximum, listen, if there is no noise, channel 1 is safe. Lower the volume to the minimum again. Move to another channel in the same way.
    If found noise, that is where the problem is.
Actually, many more detailed steps for testing, but the description is too long. This above is a simple way.
Circuit power supply should also be checked, whether all normal voltage.



It is part of the image of the amplifier section circuit.
Parts which may be broken is the IC 64,65,77.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Sep 15, 2015 | 188 views

They should come on/flash when the associated button is set.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Apr 15, 2014 | 92 views

Which clip light on what and what mics are you using?
The small room settings are from 10 so just turn the know to the setting you require and press it, this should set it.

The stadard way of setting up mics is to set the channel gain so the channel clip light just blinks occasionally when you are making the maximum sound you can into the mic.

For effects repeat this process using the aux send FX for each channel you want fx on (turn the rest to 0) and doing a balancing act between these and the aux send fx master so you can only just get the FX clip light blinking occasionally.

Next set your gain/attenuators on the amp(s) so its clip warning can just trigger when you are giving it 0db when you are playing the loudest you ever will.

A mic fading away could be the battery dying (in which case try using phantom power) or if they're radio replace the batteries before each service. If they're wired dynamic mics then it is possible there's some protection circuit somewhere that's reacting to the constant clipping and backing off the amp.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Apr 15, 2014 | 189 views

The clip light means your input signal is too high and distorting. Turn down the attenuator(input) knob until it goes out, use the channel volume for level. It should have a knob for the names of the effect selection.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Mar 29, 2014 | 208 views

Could be a failing power supply as you suspect. You don't indicate the age of the equipment, but that could be a factor.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Mar 09, 2014 | 147 views

hello. Im not too familiar with Protools (mainly because its a headache right out of the box), but MY understanding is that Protools won't recognize a lot of external audio devices. (such as behringer)
however..if you are able to record and 'see' the audio there, just not hear it, there might still be a solution, & seeing as how i never used protools, it still might just work.
First of all:
if you're using the UCA-200 external usb box connected with rca cables, then my solution SHOULD work, as it is what i did to get mine to finally do the same thing.

#1) you will need to pick up (x2) RCA-1/4 jack adapters . (radioshack, about $2 each)
#2) insert a red and white rca cable in the RIGHT side of the Mixer's CD/Tape out .....the other end of the rca cables will go into the UCA-200 INPUT.
#3) with 2 more cables in the OUTPUTs of the UCA-200, put the rca-1/4 jack adapters on both cables, insert them back into the Mixer inputs 9/10 (in the analog 1/4 instrument inputs)
#4) adjust volumes accordingly, make sure channel 9/10 isn't muted, headphone volume is up, etc..
.......if that didn't do the trick, then you will need to go into the Audio Settings menu on your computer..(or protools) and change the default playback device to your mixer (probably named Generic USB or something similar)

I really hope this helps somewhat, because i remember going through the same thing & it took a looong time to find the correct awnser.
best of luck!


check for any updated drivers for your mixer! (I personally recommend you do a Google search for Asio4all drivers, they're pretty good)

if your awnser is A), i would suggest going into your computer's Audio Settings menu, and select the mixer as your default playback device.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Dec 07, 2013 | 91 views


Operational amplifier circuit named 4580 is the issue as with most of mixing boards, each channel has its own operational ic's and one way to know which one is defective is simply touch every one on the board, inside of course, of the non-working channel, check for excessive heat and if you find one pretty hot compared to other you just find your bad component, you will recognize what type of ic im talking about, is a 8-pin smd ic where the pin 4 should have -15v and pin8 should have +15V, no other pin should have any voltage and this is another way to test an opamp, with a dmm in dc volts referenced to ground, chassis ground, let me know if you need further assistance.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Nov 05, 2013 | 57 views

You have built in effects that you can use - if you're trying to connect off board effects as well you need to use one of the aux send/returns.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Oct 23, 2013 | 110 views

Probably the easiest way is to run a balanced 1/4" TRS to XLR Male Interconnect Cable from one of the AUX outputs from your 2442 board.
Here's a link to an example cable:

Good luck! :)

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Jan 16, 2013 | 160 views

Same problem on my Eurodesk SX2442FX..
how have you solved this problem?

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Oct 17, 2012 | 587 views

The effects or FX section is on the top right of the mixer. On your vocal channels find the yellow knob marked FX and turn it to 0. Choose the effect you need using the Program knob (top right) for karaoke this will probably be 03 or 06. Start singing and turn up the yellow knob marked 3 - FX under AUX Sends until the LEDs above them hit -0db, no higher.
Now find the button marked FX - Main Mix and make sure it is UP.
Turn up the yellow knob (3 - FX) next to it until you can hear enough echo on your mic.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Oct 08, 2012 | 205 views

Shorted Diode , Fan supply circuit

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on May 18, 2012 | 168 views

Call Music Group Services NV Inc. at 425-361-3596

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Jan 14, 2013 | 158 views

Scroll down to "get manual" and click to download. IGNORE other download links.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Dec 09, 2011 | 508 views

Scroll down to "get manual" click to download. Ignore other download links.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Nov 21, 2011 | 1,110 views

That sounds bad! I haven't heard of a runaway supply for these... Testing of the power supply is in order. The LED's are all driven from the +15 volt supply which is secondary regulated by a three terminal regulator... probably a 7815. I have seen failures of this chip in another Behringer product so it may be a bad batch. The question now is if this has fried the main switching power supply.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Jan 04, 2012 | 594 views

You should find +/-15 volts and probably +12 volts an +5 volts as well as the +48 phantom supply. If only one of these is missing, check the regulator for it... most are three terminal regulators. If the one that is missing has a hot regulator you have a short someplace and this requires skill to locate Probably the fastest way is to use a thermal imaging camera... however I have often used a millivoltmeter to find where the supply drops tpo near zero. Using a "calibrated" finger and search for a hot component on the circuit board can be very effective. Likely one of the surface mounted chips has shorted. Replacing these requires skill so best leave board repair to a skilled repair person as you can easily damage the board permanently.

Behringer XENYX... | Answered on Oct 05, 2011 | 249 views

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