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First, connect the USB audio interface which came with the Xenyx to a USB port on the PC. Then connect the TAPE OUT from the Xenyx to the IN of the USB audio interface. And connect the OUT of the USB audio interface to the TAPE IN of the Xenyx. You should now be able to record from any of the Xenyx channels. To listen back, engage the control room button which reads CD/TAPE. Contact me if you need any clarification.

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You need to connect the speakers using an XLR cable into the Main output jack on the back of the mixer. If they are powered speakers you will need to connect them into a power source and turn them on AFTER connecting them. Once powered on you can control the signal going to the mixer with the Main Mix fader.

  1. Turn mixer on
  2. Ensure Main Mix level is at zero
  3. Connect from Main Output to Monitors
  4. Turn Monitors on
  5. Turn up Main mix to desired level

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For decent signal to noise ratio your channel faders should be about 75% up. You should set the trims when punching down the PFL button for each channel so that peaks go up the meter to about 80% of max. Your master levels shoulld be from 50 to 80% up. You should be using BALANCED cables (TRS or XLR) everywhere. Your equipment should ALL be powered from a single receptacle or power conditioning module, even if it means running extension cords. Many people try to run unbalnced cables from this to their amps... it doesn't work and noise results. You didn't give us much info on your system so that we could analyze further

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Hi Parksrus,
Here it is:
I hope this helps.

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It sounds like the 2tr/usb to main button is engaged. Its the red one above the phones/ control room volume control.

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you need a cable with two A3F  XLR s going to a 1/8" stereo phone plug, male. plug the XLRs into the Main out L&R on the mixer. plug the 1/8" into the LINE Input on the laptop. You should be able to get the cable from any music store,or Radio Shack. below is a link to the manual,in case you don't have one. Good Luck! 

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The C23 part is a capacitor and the 7085 is more likely a 7805 which is a voltage regulator. The regulator is easy to find. For the capacitor, you will need the service manual to determine the value required. The main issue is that the leg of hte 7805 is lifted. This implies that the part was conducting more current than expected. This is an indication that the problem with the regulator is a RESULT of a problem, not the defect itself. I would not suggest replacing the power supply blindly as the root cause may beon another board. Just changing the power supply board may result in the same problem again.

I would suggest a trip to the repair shop to get a detailed repair estimate. The shop shouldbe able to determine whether or not the only issue is the power board.

Also, from the experience I have with Behringer units, the power boards are unique to each model.


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The list is too long to post here... and you have not told us the configuration of your system. There are hundreds of mistake an operator can make... and you don't tell us what the "speakers" are you are mentioning... I ASSUME that these are NOT just computer speakers. From the main outputs you should have BALANCED cables (TRS or XLR) cables tying to your amplifies or powered speakers. Put a signal into channel 1 and make sure the mute button is up for that channel... move the main fader up and some sound should go through. When tied to a PC you have to have drivers installed and WIndows configured to use the mixer for VOICE input and SOUND recording in "Sounds and Devices" in the Windows control panel. Use headphones to verify the audio is going through the mixing buss portion of the mixer.

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We need more information about how you are using this... specifically what is it connected to and with what type cables... You MUST use balanced lines either XLR or TRS cables. You MUST power this from the same receptacle as amps or other connected equipment. Use of plain old guitar type cables as audio interconnects from the output of this is a big no-no.

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You need to either connect it using a MIDI interface card and cables from the PC or you can use a RS232 serial cable which may be hard to find for your PC. It appears to use the 7 wire RS232 type connector at the mixer board end. You can get USB to MIDI converter devices from several sources.

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The 2442 is just an extended version of the 1622FX. The manual covers the whole series.

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You will need a power amp for the monitors or powered monitors. I also use Behringer, they are good quality for a very good price

Hope that helped

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The switching power supply has probably failed. See if you can get a number off the power supply board like SPS400 or similar. Unless you are electronically adept this is lkely NOT a DIY repair.

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Try headphones... do you get sound both sides (assuming your PAN controls are centered.???
Now do same with the main output cables discoonected... do you get headphones both sides???
Next solo or PFL a channel... do you get sound both sides???
Answer me these as they are tests that I can do some isolation using the circuit schematics. Make sure to answer all three conditions.

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Yes, the foot pedal turns off the internal FX whatever the FX is set to... Yeah, I would rather have the manual for several items than a monstrous manual with 5 different languages to sort through...
On page 15 of your user manual the footswitch is discussed. It appears that the footswitch toggles the effects on and off... that is each press reverses the state and there is an indicator on the panel showing whether it is on or off.

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For the whole mix, there are two XLR (mic cable) sockets on the back panel labeled 'Main Output' Left and Right, if your amp has XLR inputs you should use these. Otherwise there are two jack sockets labeled 'Main Out'.

This is a complex desk with a lot of useful options, you're going to have to spend some time reading the manual. Have fun.

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Don't know what you are saying. Phantom power is only used for Condenser mics and a few DI boxes. Make sure you ONLY use TRS or XLR cables into ANY/ALL inputs when using Phantom power. Please describe what you mean by :some channels decide to come". ONLY change Phantom power when system is off as you will get loud noise often by switching phantom while live.

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Set PAN knobs at 12 O'clock.

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It appears there are internal jumpers that do this on the MX2642A but the schematic does NOT show these for the Xenyx2442FX. These if they existed may be push on type OR they may be ones you have to change using soldering equipment. Carefully open the unit and look on the back of the circuit board. The jumpers would have low numbers... Should be JP1 through JP24.... I have a hunch that they are not provided for your model. Here is your schematic:

Scroll down to the "Get Manual" and click on it to download. The jump[ers would be near the pre/post fade switches for AUX1 and AUX2.

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This happens when you have lose earth connection from your main source power supply. Check the earth connections (grounding) which should be available in the mixer, i.e some power cords don;t have earth wire, so change this if you think yours don't have it. Also check the grounding of the other items attached to your mixer, basically grounding is very important to reduce the static shorts. Try changing the power supply source, change to other outlet and check if it is OK.

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