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Your dynamic mics should be fine, phantom power provides one positive 48 volt potential to one side of the coil, and a negative 48 volt potential to the other side of the coil so your mics will effectively see 0 volts as these potentials will cancel each other out ( hence the name "phantom" power).
so provided that your microphones are wired properly internally, and your xlr leads are in good condition you will not damage any of your equipment.

I hope this has been helpful

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We don't have any graphic means of diagramming. You also don't say if this is for recording or playing or both. Assuming it is both, your best way would be to get two 1/8 stereo cables that split into two RCA plugs. Go from the headphone out of the DR1 to the CD inout jacks on the mixer. Then with the second cable go from teh CD out jacks of the mixer to the line in of the DR1.

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You would need a stereo splitter taking a 1/8 inch stereo plug for the computer into two 1/4 inch jacks to plug into two channels of the mixer OR a 1/8 to 1/4 TRS cable that you go into the Stereo (L) of one of the stereo channels... OR a 1/8 inch splitter to RCA plugs going into the TAPE input jacks of the mixer. You can't really go via the USB cable easily from YouTube,

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Here is a schematic than is for a less number of channels (they just repeat) than yours, but is enough to fix it:

Scroll down to the little link "Get Manual" and download it.

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The flashing means the FX hasn't been activated yet. Dial up the number you want THEN push DOWN on the knob to activate and the flashing stops and the FX takes effect.

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Judging from your mixer, I would connect your stage monitors to your SUB outs. Your mixer has 4 of them, allowing you to make 4 separate mixes to 4 monitors.

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I don't know what you are putting in... however many activation codes are case sensitive and some do and some do not want seperators such as dashes. Also verify the software is usable with whatever operating system you are using.

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Download schematic here:

Scroll down to the small "Get Manual" link and click on it.

The headphone amp is on sheet 13.

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It is likely you do not have the levels set correctly and are over driving the mixer. Reduce the trim settings using the PFL buttons and monitor the level indicators to insure you are not clipping.

With a condenser mic you CANNOT have any speaker in the room that the mic can hear of course. These mics are so sensitive. Your mixer and monitor speakers and recording will be in a separate room from the soundproof studio typically.

To monitor the system anywhere in the same room as the mic you MUST use headphones that do NOT leak sound or you will get feedback and distortion.

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In the "Sounds and Devices" of teh control panel under the Voice and also recording tabs amke sure the 2442 is selected instead of teh computer internal audiop system.

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You should find pwer supply voltages of +/- 15 volts going to most of the op-amps.
You should find 48 volts for the phantom power source.
You should find 5 volts for the FX DSP or any other logic circuits.
You should find a +12 volt.

Here is a manual close to your unit (yours is an expansion of it):

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Since the pedal is for one instrument only, your guitar should go through it and a Balanced TRS cable should go from the pedal to one of the 1/4 inch LINE inputs on the mixer.

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Often teh power supply fails because of other problems. Unless the board has flame damage the parts that are defective can be replaced... Getting some of the parts that are special can take time. Most of the components are available at many sources however. The SPS400 power supply can be repaired.

Here is link to schematic that should have the SPS400 as well as the rest of the PMH1000 on it.

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You MAY find the schematic is close to one of these:


If the main switchers are shorted, then likely the driver transistors are also gone.

Fpr personal SAFETY please use an isolation transformer when working on this.

Hint: Use a 60 Watt light bulb in series with the power input to act as a fuse when unit is "restored" to protect it if not quite all of the blown parts are found, during troubleshooting.

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Send the signal to the subgroup via and Aux channel PREFADER. This will allow you discrete volume control over your monitor mix.

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Noise problems are often due to poor grounding or failure to use balanced audio cables. Power ALL interconnected equipment from teh SAME receptacle or source.

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Select desired tracks with the PFL buttons. This solos those tracks to the headphones.

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The IPOD generates STEREO signals and you would have to use a 1/8 inch STEREO to 1/4 inch WYE cable into TWO channels of the mixer.
If you use a MONO cable it shorts out one of the sudio amps in the IPOD and will creates distortion.
When you use the two channels to accept the 1/4 inch plugs of the WYE cable, you will set the PAN controls of the two channels you use to opposite ends to maintain the stereo signal in the mixer.

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To get a replacement one calls Behringer at 1-425-672-0816 and ask for parts. You get the actual Behringer part number and incident number from them for the part(s) you need.
Then one can call FullCompass (find them with Google) and order the parts. through them. Behringer no longer sells direct.

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