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Pin-cushion distortion. If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Pull up older posts. Surf the site with patience. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/

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Nobody in US do know to repair this TV.

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My Loewe Aconda 81 HDR TV will not turn on. When I press the power button the green light comes on but the red light stays on with it and after a few seconds the green light goes out and the red light stays on. Any help please.

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Hello Tom Helton,
Welcome, and thank you for using FixYa!
To answer your question: A television Professional will need to run through the gambit of tests on this television with a Volt-Meter and Osilliscope. Each resistor, transistor, capacitor, and soldier joint will have to be checked for failures.This is the only way to ensure if the television is salvageable. But it will cost at least $150 for diagnostics, then add on parts, and lastly, the repair labor cost. You could be looking at between $250.00 and $350.00 for the repair costs.I wish you the best with your decision between repair or replacement.
Have a great day!

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Before we start taking things apart, lets try your simple remove power plug routine and power system back up. Also, please try your unit on a few different channels to see if your problem continues on each channel. Your Main Board, Power Board, T-Control Board are suspected problems at this time. Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds, the unit should power down by itself after you have powered it on. If it does not, then do not be concerned. Let me know if the problem continues. The first link below will bring you directly to the troubleshooting guide if you need to continue forward with the same error. Additional information http://www.fixya.com/support/r5093881-lcd_flat_panel_tv_troubleshooting_guide Failed TV and Monitors: http://s807.photobucket.com/home/budm/allalbums http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague Parts: www.shopjimmy.com

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Above is your service manual.

What is happening is the internal "Fault" that is causing the Protection Circuitry , to detect the problem and attempt to shut down the set, keeps restarting the set, because as soon as it shuts down, the "Faulty" component(s) cool down?, and the "Fault" ostensibly "Clears" so the PSU starts up again, only for the component(s) to heat up, whatever, again and fail, so it shuts down, and if left unattended, this would continue on until the part eventually failed, and it will stop for good, as in how tour set has acted. . Sometimes this is called a "Hic-upping set".

Any fault that involves the power supply is usually quite serious, and needs a professional, usually, unless one is familiar with servicing current day, televisions

And in my professional recommendation, you should get a "Quote" for repair, from, an, Approved Service Center. Now, this point is very important for a good result, Always contact, their "Local" or a, "Head Office" Loewe in your case. Ask them, for a referral to an authorised servicing center, where you ask for a "Quote". Now, when you get the information you want, then you can decide as to repair of replacement.

The reason we want an approved agent, is that way, all the engineers are trained on their own brand sets, they have seen almost all faults, and will get the job done quicker, and for less cost, and usually have parts on hand, also sometimes, there has been a service bulletin in issued and the repair may be subsided or even free. There are many, many, many reasons that display this symptom, one must work through the troubleshooting steps to isolate and identify, the Cause and repair that and any damage done.

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The problem either the on/off button is faulty or a heat sink not doing it's job.

The on/off button simply toggles a low voltage circuit that powers your tv. If it is dusty, it may complete the electrical circuit and send a false signal.

A heat sink may be dusty and unable to dissipate heat. Overtemp protection may be switching the TV off.

what you should do is to get a can of compressed air, open the back of your tv and clean the dust off the circuit boards.

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I know these sets, did a lot of work on them when new and under extended warranty.

Two common problems:

With the back off look at the black transformer to the right with a big red wire that goes up to the bell of the picture tube: lots of these will arc at the top left side of the part--if you turn the set on and see a brief spark there the Flyback transformer is bad.

These are quite affordable and fairly easy to replace.

The second problem they have is there are about a dozen brown caps in front of the Flyback and one of them "opens" not a short but if it opens voltage etc go up and set shuts down.

8 out of ten times it is the Flyback.

Look closely at the white label on the left side of the flyback--the part number is there!

If this told you something you did not know rate this solution as very helpful as I do this here for free.

I have not seen many of these sets lately but still have the 3 new remotes my shop gave me.


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I worked in a shop that fixed these sets and tried many universal remotes and not one worked. The remotes from the parts depot in the new york area are very expensive----about 80 dollars wholesale.

You will find some on EBAY from time to time. When we stopped fixing these sets I got two brand new ones which I have in my collection. I would if you search EBAY you may find one.

typical part numbers are like: 87000-066 etc.

I have attached a photo of what they look like. There are minor differences but any of them should work your set fine.



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Your unit has some sort of PSU fault, or a problem that is shutting down the Power Supply Unit, PSU. This happens so that no further damage, and possible fire will occur. The sound is, it starting up, detecting a fault condition and shutting down, over and over. You need to take the unit to a reputable service centre/man and ask for a firm "Quote" for the work to be done.

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I have worked on several when new and later of these sets.

If red light goes green and then back to red set is in shutdown.

A few questions--when you try to turn it on do you hear a short squeek or sound?

These were modular sets--but circuit boards are very expensive for them--only two common problems--one is the high voltage transformer--it will arc when you try to turn set on and set will shut off---I can tell you how to look with your eyes for this problem and provide a photo of where to look.

Second, some have a problem where a capacitor on the "main" board opens or shorts--I can provide photo of that part.

The bottom line is if not high voltage transformer(easy part to change) or the cap---it will be very expensive to fix. I am in the San Diego area and here there are only 2 places that will even try to repair the Loewe sets.

if this information has helped you rate this solution as I do this here for free.


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In that case you need to contact a repair engineer for your appliance who makes home visits. If you still have a manufacturer's warranty then you may wish to contact Loewe directly: you also have UK Sale Of Goods Act protection for up to six years as goods must be or durable quality considering the intended use and price paid. Sale of Goods Act obligations are the retailer's responsibility.

FixYa is a free supplementary online resource: we're unpaid volunteers and are not representatives of any manufacturer and are certainly unable to make home visits.

Sorry that this is not what you wanted but it's the only correct answer.

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press the button on the remote labelled "TV" and then try again.

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Any operation outside normal parameters would be considered "broken". Most broken TVs are repairable by a competent servicer for less than the price of a new one. A symptom like this however is the exception to the rule. It may very well be not cost-effective to repair. This is why most repair shops charge a bench fee for evaluation. If it is worth the peace of mind to know for sure then the investment of the minimum fee would be necessary.

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I've read on your site where a number of others have had this problem and on the strength of that have talked to a local technician who has more or less agreed - so will go with his expertise. Many thanks for your interest.

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possible bad handunit. to ck hold up to am radio tune to700 push remote buttons if working you will here buzzing. if not try universail remote.

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Fixya is unable to suggest sources for Loewe parts.

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Hello sorry to bother you but my smart tv keeps saying there is no signel been like this for 3 weeks now

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