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If it's humming when something is plugged into the input, but not when nothing is plugged in, it's most likely the cable. If it hums when nothing is plugged in, the amp is defective and you need to return/exchange it.

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Remove the old one and go to any Radio Shacks,they will have the replacement,also I stress this soooo MUCH,MAKE SURE ITS UNPLUGGED PLEASE....TY

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This is a very simple unit: a power source of an linear design, a preamplifier with tone and distort control and an 10 watt integrated amplifier.
If the unit is completely dead then the fault is in the power section: cable, switch or source. To find out which you must check them all with a simple multimeter: cable and switch with an ohmmeter (the resistance should be 0 if good) and the source with a voltmeter - (check the presence of the 2 voltages (25 and 15 volt) at its outputs.
Here you can find the schematic of a very similar one
The only difference is the final amplifier chip.

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The schematic will be VERY close to this:


Scroll down to "Get Manual" on the web page and click on it to download.

The 10G may use a lesser power output chip but rest should be the same.

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You MAY be overdriving the amp. This is a tiny amp and should NOT be played louder than a typical BoomBox or the speaker may be driven too hard, going non-linear and then buzzing.

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Hum is always connected with the presence of AC interference into the signal path of the amplifier, which means the audio amplification is mixed with the ac ripples.
So this can be a break down with the power supply as a possible tank capacitor or a stabilizing capacitor in the main power or the sub sections of the amplifier or pre- amplifier.

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I'm an engineer, not a musician. The device is a frequency meter set up to display the musical note input to it. If you pluck a C flat and it shows an A you need to tune your instrument till it shows a C flat. You will have to refer to the manual for operation and modes.

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yes check the fuse . there is generally a fuse for power switch and that sounds like what your having trouble with. hope that helps you out.

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Does it still have a hum/buzz when NOTHING is plugged into the INPUT? If so, you MAY have a tub going bad. If the noise is only there when you have your guitar/effects, etc. plugged in, then the problem is the guitar grounding or effects faulty...
FIRST: When the amp is "cool", UNPLUG THE AMP POWER CORD FROM THE WALL! ! ! ! Then CAREFULLY remove and reseat the tubes one at a time. Be sure to insert back into the socket correctly. You MAY just have a bit of corrosion on the tube "pins"....

SECOND:Don't plug anything into the amp, turn on and warm up. GENTLY tap one tube at a time with a WOODEN pencil. DO NOT USE anything metallic (like a screwdriver....) and be VERY gentle. If the noise increases or decreases, you probably have a tube going bad...

That's all I have. If this doesn't cure the issue, best take it to a repair shop . . . .

Fender Music | Answered on Sep 27, 2019 | 133 views

While it is possible (probable) it is caused by the AC mains modulating the output due to a power supply fault, it could be caused by inadvertently creating a hum loop due to poor grounding - check out the link below...


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first checkout your cable
if you still have problem , change you pickup

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bring to a music shop fixya doesnt do appraisals

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The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe has been around since 1996

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You have to get the volume pot cleaned and lubricated. If not a quick replacement should do.

Fender Music | Answered on Feb 11, 2019 | 106 views

You could buy a Lehle switch, or simply use one on each separately. If you are using a multieffect unit you could make a Y cable to take the output to both amps but that will not allow you to select the drive channel - you still need the Fender footswitch for that, one for each amp. Lehle is a German company and they make a lot of different footswitch combinations but you will pay for the convenience.

I recommend the Fender single button footswitch for this use - Type: Footswitch
  • Number of Footswitch Buttons: 1
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0994052000
  • It's about $35.00 each, compared to the Lehle which starts at $200. Just put the two side by side and make a metal bar to attach to the two switches - then you have a single bar to activate both drive channels at the same time. I recommend using aluminum bar stock with holes drilled into it for the switches, or find a C channel aluminum bar that will put the footswitch buttons in the channel. You can also make it one inch overhang past both switch bodies and then use bolts to keep the bar in place. If I was doing this I would mount the footswitches on a board and secure the bar to be on top of the footswitches, using coil springs to maintain the bar's alignment vertically at the end bolts.
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    Google (fender)(AX-12)(manual) without parens.

    Fender Music | Answered on Jan 12, 2019 | 90 views

    It should be possible. In any case, the reverb spring assembly can be removed carefully and unplugged (should have RCA plugs). When mounting the casters, make sure the fasteners don't conflict/block the reverb mountings.

    Fender Music | Answered on Nov 10, 2018 | 100 views

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