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First, make sure that the CAL/SWR/RF switch is set to CAL. If you still can't move the needle, check the RF output. If the needle moves to the far right, you at least have output power, and something is wrong with the SWR circuitry. Does the needle move with incoming signals?? If the needle doesn't move, then you either have a damaged meter. If the needle moves on rec eived signals but not when you transmit and the switch is set to RF, then you most likely have a damaged transmitter output stage.

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If your asking about a Cobra radio then these links will have the pin-outs plus wiring color code for different mic's.
I had to guess what you was asking for as your question was kinda vague. And a Cobra 29 is a 4 pin mike, not 5 pin.
The 148 - 142 were 5 pin. I'll include it also. Cobra 29LTD ST 29WX ST

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if you have a replacement meter bulb and solder skills , the bulb is in the side of the meter attached inside a rubber grommet.

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its very easy to blow the transmit transistor circuit if shorted

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the channel selector led is tricky and requires some skill with a soldering gun.if your not skillful at this i suggest you find someone to do it for you.

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would need to know the mic wire code you going to use. but half moon cut out at top as you look at it is top left 1-4 next row left side 2-3. 1 is cable/ unshield (common). 2 is MOD 3 is TX 4is RX... 1 is wire with no cover 2 is with cover rapped round wire RX is received TX is transmit, hope this helps. newer mic have different code wires so check with meter, red green and blue and shield is on some of the new wiring.

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You have to press the transmit button to get the radio to send a signal that you can calibrate the SWR meter to. If you are pressing the transmit button and nothing is happening then it could be a blown final transistor, a bad switch, bad microphone connection etc.

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ok, you have a high SWR.. this is what you can do.. you're gonna need to check the Radio's coax connection to see if it's loose on the Radio itself.. you're gonna have to open the Radio cover on the speaker side.. now go look at the connections on the pc board itself and see if there is a possible broke connection.. one is pcb ground, and one for the center. also, you might want to get a phillips head screw driver and gently tighten all the screws on the pc board. becareful going in there.. after this said and done, check the antenna connector itself to see if it's loose. if so, then you're gonna have to a pair of pliers to turn the nut on the inside while you use wrench to hold it in place on the outside.. now you're ready to test the radio.. don't put the cover on just yet until you see the results. set up your SWR Meter to the Radio and then set up the dummy load and do a SWR Test. if the reading is good, then the Radio is all set.. now for the Antenna.. you said that it's all new, but regardless you need to test it too.. check both ends of the cable and do a condinuity test.. get a ohm meter that has an audio sound. this will help you.. set the meter to ohms/conditnuity.. then short out the probes to get a ZERO reading/audio sound.. now take one end of the of the cable and put the probes on the connector.. one probe for the outter ground shell and the other probe to the center pin connection. if you see a ZERO reading or an audio sound, that means you have a short in the cable.. another way is to do it end to end.. put one probe on one end of the cable, and the other probe on the other end.. test the ground side first.. if you get a sound or a ZERO reading, that means you may have a short in the cable itself and may requier to remove the connectors.. some cases you might have to replace them.. remember to calibrate your meter when testing let me know how it goes.. I'll continue to help you.. you can contact me on Facebook.. Good Luck..

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Look closely at the jack for the microphone and you can see the small numbers that are on it. On the Roadking red and shield (bare) go to 1. White 2, Blue 3, black 4 and the yellow in the cable does not connect to anything.

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not all the time, but the 10 codes Police Department uses are slightly different than what we used on the C.B. in todays communications in C.B. Radio, much has changed over the years and the code are hardly used, but it's nice to stay in tune with it.

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This is not a user-accessible function. You would need to take the radio to a qualified repair person, i.e., a CB repair shop
If the radio power output is 4-watts or less, as measured by an accurate wattmeter connected to a dummy load, then there is no need (from a legal perspective) for reducing it.

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the same way you set it on any other radio.Look at the face of the set,you will see a switch that says S/RF,CAL , SWR. Now look at your meter and you will see a triangle that shows cal.Put your set on ch 1 with the switch in the cal position and bring the needle to that calibrate line on the meter by keying the mic. now release the key and set switch to SWR and key the mic again.Now write this reading down.Repeat for channels 40 and 19. If the reading is higher on 40 than on 1 you need to shorten the ANTENNA.If its higher on 1 than 40 you need to make your ANTENNA longer Always check 19 to make sure you have an average SWR. Any reading under 1.9:1 is good

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make sure you have your radio set on CAL and then adjust the knob that says adjust .Turn it all the to the right then bring it back to the set point on the dial then un key the mic,move the switch to SWR , key the mic and that is your reading. Do this on channels 40 - 1 then 19. Make sure you write down the readings for each channel. The adjust your antenna from there.

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is fuse good should be on red wire power or in back of cb itself

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In the form of a question???? I am assuming you are hearing it on another radio or someone has told you it is quieter. A shorted coax is more likely wattage and range reduction. Proportionally reducing audio volume.......modulation. If you have only changed antenna it could be broken or could you have put the Teflon washer on the bottom of the mount rather than insulating the antenna from the mount during installation. That would result in a direct ground. Thank for reading my blither.....take care.

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plug the external speaker into your PA jack and select the PA switch. If PA works then the audio chip is good. The cobra 29 must have a mic plugged in to get receive audio, You may have a broken wire at the mic connector.

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Check for fuse, inside box, as well as outside under the hood. Check your ground wire, not connected...when your groundwire is not making contact to
the body or other metal.. this problem will happen, or your hot wire is not connected to your fusebox...trace your hot wire to see if it is connected, if not connect to fuse box, and this might solve your problem. Hope this help!

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Cobra 29 LTD doesn't have SSB. You must have a Cobra 146 GTL or one of the Cobra 148 GTL's.

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don't mess with it you need a special meter to set it.

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