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Yes, people should.
As long as your antenna is connected up and you can hear people, they can hear you.

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I have a wilson 5000 on a 4 mag setup.18ft of coax and a 1 to 2 match on all channels. I also have a 29 lx radio .

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there are two lights for the antenna.when you are transmitting the top light will change from green to red the bottom shouldn't be on.this is the awi light. it means there is a problem with the antenna system, and you should get it checked. It could be the antenna swr ,bad coax,or the radio.Since you can't do anything with the coax or radio it has to be done with the antenna. Get a real SWR meter and check the SWR or have a tech do it. If the SWR is ok then your antenna just might be in the wrong spot ,or it may need to be grounded A tech will tell you the problem as soon as he puts his meter on it.

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I will answer the question. Figuring that 10 amps is continuous not peak. 10 amp multiplied by 12.5 it should be good for 125 watts. But you are on the ragged edge. I do agree you should lower dreaded key but you did not ask that question. But a swing kit will solve that. That is amusing SSB and the 80 watt cobra 29 comments.

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three things you need to check the mic must be plug into radio, make sure that the radio is set to cb not pa,check your rf gain is turned all the way up and last of all check the antenna.Now that being said if the radio does not receive you might have to take it to a radio shop.

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Look , I don't speak a forign language but I can get what you are saying . ford rangers from 1993 to 2003 should all have interchangeable parts ,Mine does.

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make sure that it is a cb radio and not a business band radio

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no tx,no dx. Did you check the fuse? Turn the squelch to the left all the way and the RF gain all the way to the right. you should be able to hear a hiss.Check to see that the radio is on CB and not PA. If you hear a hiss then check to see that your antenna is attached properly and that the antenna is matched to the radio . You should be hearing something now. Check to see that the antenna is grounded properly also .

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ok .ther is no pot per say ,But if you are wanting to turn the dead key down you can adjust the choke at L14 . that will bring up or down ,but only by 2 watts .

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Mack's cophased harness just merges the two wires at the connector going to your radio. If the radio falls out of compartment and is caught by the coax it could damage this connection. Outer shield and inner lead could short here. I have replaced many a final due to bad coax for my company which primarily Mack. Well i say that but it is the beloved company driver that continues to talk on a bad antenna system. It actually take a while to kill a final even with out an antenna attached. Good Luck...........

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turn squelch all the way to left and leave it there RF gain should be all the way to the right.Radio should be in CB not Pa mode

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what happened that there is no RF gain?

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try it on a base station antenna and see if it still happens. If it does it should be under warrenty so send it back and get another .

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you need to get a schematic of the final and with a multimeter check to see if the final is putting out the correct voltage.Or you could just replace it. also replace the driver.

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something wrong on your audio amplifier,if you don`t know how to trouble shoot it,let technicians do it for you,they know how to fix it.but if you are a technician/hobbiest,please make an audio test to it`s amplifier to distinguish if it hum or make a noise.also of course,can you check the presence of its supply if it has,if none so trail out the map of it`s circuit where it`s component doesn`t give off voltage.
i hope it will help you to your trouble shooting

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if you are talking about the AWI light you have a high SWR on channel 40 you want to bring that reading down so you should reset your SWRyou may only be able to get it down to a 2.1 but its better than what you have. and its only a 15% power loss which you cannot tell the difference in without agood set of ears.

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sometimes this works,take the wire holding it at the broken end , stretch it out not to tight but tight enogh to see where it would connect by moving it around the inside and looking for a wr spot thats missing a wire.If you can't find it you will have to take it to someone that knows where it goes.Contact friends and see if they can do it.other than that you will have to get it to a tech.

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simple,just chech the input resistance and out put...they should have even small resistance always example .5ohms .3 ohms it counts...

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