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To repair missing NTLDR orcorrupted system file/s, boot up with the Windows installation CD then - Press R to repair wheninstructed. Press 1 or Enter to repairthe C:\Windows folder. Then type chkdsk /r and then press Enter. The repair process willtake quite a long time.

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congratulations, your new device meets with the features functionalities of networking, communications among several innovative impressions. First, lets get familiar with networking termnology. Online is another term of surfing the internet either by a computer or recent telephone devices. For example, devices that are online have features capable of recognising several similar devices with several feature functionalities. Already modern computers are internet compartible especially with the recent ingenuities are wireless adaptable least requiring cables to capture online or inter networking requirements.

Lets get started with the online experience.

1. New computers would require that networking features be turned on for the first time. For example, powering device should briefly allow the user to ascertain the networking panel area for ajustments. Especially with new devices, networking panel area should be capable of allowing the user enable recognition of several other devices within the vicinity similar to settings required by having many computers requesting network communications.

a. Prior familiarise with the devices user guides ascertaining about wiifii, wireless feature locations buttons.
b. powering on the computer device from where feature buttons observable can be enabled by check markers or buttons especially makes the networking functionality attainable.

2. Once the computers networking features are turned on especially that new user recognises that several devices would derive interconnective creates the online processes

a. usually new computers would have on the desktop an icon button that indicates internet explore navigation, especially of recent computers may be mozziler foxpro, google chrome also called network pages or browsers.
b. Locate the browser icons, a click on the button should display a page especially with new computers already with wireless signals features enabled should display a message.
for example, an aready existing computer with wireless resources is capable of being recognised on the new computers browser page as indication that the online process is successful. What makes the online process unattaionable? For example, the new computer may least attain accessibility another computer in situations that available devices in vicinity are subscriber line networks. What that means is that the local area vicinity computers or telephone devices that are wireless capable are subscriber device least allowing sharing resources. It may be possible in this situation that the new computer recognises available devices however least capable of attaining or displaying resources beyond the browser page. For example, a click on the browser on the computer desktop would display a page also with messages that a connection as not successful, aborted, disconnected or unavailable. Usually,attempting to connect a computer device or phone may require refering with internetworking provider that has several functions.

For example,

1. the local area where the new computer is being installed would have existing computers that have subscriber paid services least allowing that devices share resources without additional fees.
2. refering with the networking provider ascertains that the new computer may share resources from available computers at paid fees discussable. For example, in area that the local area devices have broadband resource sharing usually costs exuberantly. second, in a situation that the local area devices have networked betweet devices least allowing access may require acquiring modems or modulations devices as means toe belong to the several devices of networks. The advantages of modems is that, the new computer becomes capable of capturing an enormous amount of resources especially from several networked structures. modems have enormous functionalities, the possibilities are that the new computer may interprete programs, that may least becomes dicipered especially that networking involves several devices, computers microsoft, apple mac, or telephones from several technology companies. A modem adds to the interpretation capability of the new computer that may already be internetworking compartible.

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First restart your tablet turn it off turn it on try connecting
If it did not work then please restart the wireless access point and try

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You do understand that with Android OS, you can only use Android Market to download apps right? OR, activate the option to allow non-signed applications (APK) to install / run. If the web connection is fine (you can view webpages), enter Android Market (there should be a icon on the homescreen) and choose any app or game. Then report the error here.

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If you browse ebay for a new drive. It needs tobe 2.5" in size and ATA interface. 40Gb is the norm but up to as far as you like really.
Happy hunting.

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Download the "hiren boot cd" (easy to find on google) burn it on another machine, then boot you machine via the new cd, then there is a tool to reset useraccount password
the is how

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dear friend i understood your problem there is nothing special to do just format your laptop pslb84-027025 becausethe problems you have to face is due to virus program attacks to your laptop some times an antivirus program unable to find the viruses so i suggest you to format your laptop.

NOTE:keep the back up of the drivers , or you don't have? just go to then select your device then download the drivers related to your device.

thank you for give me chance to help you,

please give your ratings!mridavaran.png

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well you have to Start "Toshiba Assist". The shortcut is placed on the desktop. Click on "Protect & Fix" and on the right side you should find button for "HDD Protection".

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You'll need to contact Microsoft in this case.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question

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Be sure that CAPS LOCK is not turned on.

Be sure that you have not used LEFT-SHIFT-and-CTRL to select a different input language (such as French).

Reboot, and press F8 to get a menu. Choose "Safe Mode".
You should be able to reset the password.

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Hello :

While computer is starting[not while OS is loading but before that] just keep clicking on F8 repeatedly .
A screen of booting choices will appear . Just click on [Safe mode ].
Now you'll be able to log into your system but in [Safe mode ] . Now you need to restore the system to a previous point (time) , as it was working well .
Don't know how to restore , then I'll tell you .

Just click {Start} on the taskbar .

then [all programs] just keep moving up to [accessories] after that [system tools] . there you'll find [restore system] .

Just restore your system to the previous point (time) you like and problem will be solved .

If that didn't solve the problem , then enter in the [Safe mode ] again and just scan your system for viruses . Some viruses can cause such a problem .

good luck .

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You use one of two methods
Method 1
1. Install the battery in its compartment.
2. Plug the AC adapter

The battery will start charging, and the status light for the battery will appear amber. The light will remain amber as long as the battery is not fully charged. When the cahrge is completed, the light will turn green.

Of course, if your are using your computer while battery is being charged, it will take three to four times longer to complete the charge.

Method 2

Toshiba sells battery chargers which you can use to charge a battery outside of the computer.

Hope it helps.

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i have the same problem.
I run the windows screen keyboard and i discovered that when i press both r+t keys and u+y both shifts are switching on. i'm not able to switch it off even using mouse on screen keyboard.
as temporary workaround i press fn key then i press shift on screen keyboard, then both shifts switches off.
i didn't fount full solution.

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It seems these days that you don't get much in the way of written material from manufacturer's these days. Try this link:

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Try typing in 1234567890 then hit enter and see if that works

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u can change ur forgated ad pasword by using botaable sp-2 cd. when you boot it on your computer it ask u change your p .w ? then u change it.

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If it is not defect, but the battery is empty, it can take up to 10 or even 30 minutes, before there is enough power to start the tablet. Depends on brand and type. Check the manual to see how long you should charge a new tablet, before you can switch on. I would charge at least that long.

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Which ever one you are happy with is the best.

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