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Try this:

Get the Nero 9 application
Install it on your computer
Create a Video Disk
And browse the folder of the VOB files Add it to burn the disk
Select Burn to burn the DVD ....

You may also try to put in a blank dvd and copy all the files on the DVD drive
Select burn these files on the disk
This should work

Regards Soumajit

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can not say do not know what it is on .

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you are not subscribed you are a user. just leave if you dont like it and dont come back

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Posted PHONES to Computers?
Paired with either the Mitel MiVoice Business or the Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP), the 5540 IP Console supports up to nine line appearances, eight call hold positions
seems best is RTM, read the manual or call maker for support?

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the RTC coin battery inside is dead.,
on most computers over 5 to 7 years old, it simply dies.
replace it.
is not an Opticon a LCD monitor display?
if yes the computer has the bad battery.
all things on earth can be fixed, even Hubble was fixed in orbit.
only cost limits this and time.
next time tell what computer you own.
name maker modle name and model number and if
it is a desktop PC , or just what, and answers go 10x more easy.
even videos of how to do it.

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RTM at
or ask them, not sure me what computer this is posted to same.
what is it , tell that first.
is it a printer, (wild guess)

ask them yet,

or find the manual find the word RESET , in the manual.?

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what computer is this, and is web connections working?
posts to what for what,
there web site has posting there, do you mean there?
if yes ask them that, the control it.

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RTM, read the manual yet, why not, it costs you zero to read.
or google it?

9million hits, seem you are not the first.

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Ok, well it could be the following
First off you should, Turn off your antivirus (just for testing) disable or uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC, it causes issues, and lastly disconnect IPV6.
90% of places and routers, and device cant support it yet. To see if its on, in windows,
click start, in the text box type CMD and hit enter
A black command prompt will show up
ipconfig /all
Scroll back up and if you see numbers other than Os in IpV6 its connected, you need to disconnect that.
TO do it that
click on your wifi signal in the bottom right of windows, go to open network and sharing access.
On the left, choose change adapter settings.
Per your connection type (wired or wireless) right click on it on it and go to properties.
under the setting Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) uncheck the box if its checked.
hit OK.
Do this for all listed.
Restart windows.
Still a no go try the following
1. Check to see if the router needs a firmware update? When was the last time you did that?
2. What are your security features on the router. Your not MAC filtering or anything like that are you.
3. The card for the new Dell, what type is it. NIC is what I am talking about, is it B/G/N type. Or G/N. Does your router support 802.11 G/N or just A/B
4. Are you doing this WiFi or hardwired, I assumed hardwired cause you call it Ethernet.
5. Reset the router with no settings or security at all. Save you current router configurations first (if any) and there should be a button somewhere that you use a Pen to push and reset. Hold for 10 to 20 secs or longer. Now its a empty box until Comcast updates it to a new modem. (must do this to power cycle the RCA modems)
6. What is your NIC card? With a new system its a Gigabit, does the Modem support it. It shouldn't matter but check the cable too. Gigabit cards have bit parity meaning the can switch the bit. If you are using a cable that is wired different on each end, and your modem needs it to be wired the same on both ends it will never work.
7. Are you using a router also.
So here is what you should do.
1. Update all Win7 OS divers and software.
2. Update your Router Firmware if you have one.
3. If possible update your modem (usually you cant).
4. Unplug the modem and router (if you have it)
5. Plug in the modem, then press the reset button in the back until it reboots again (it could have old settings stored in it from where it came from.)
6. Plug your router into the modem(if you have it)
7. What on you Dell is managing your NIC. Is it windows, or Intel or what. Turn off all management software that is managing your NIC. Use windows if you are not using already.
8. Plug in the cable, and do the following
Open your browser hit stop and type the following does it get to a admin window
then use doe it connect to a admin window or 0
this should get you into your admin screen in the router.
use the user name admin and password admin
or leave the user name black and type admin,
if that does not work look to your documentation.
if you can get in reset the thing and clear all settings within reason, if you are not OK with this, don't do it
Run Ping and Tracert
How to use the ping command
Windows 7, Vista or XP:
Click Start->Run and type cmd and press Enter. This will open a black DOS window. When open, type ping -t and then press enter.
The output will look like this:
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=75ms TTL=46
Reply from bytes=32 time=75ms TTL=46

Let this run for about a minute or so and press Ctrl and C to stop it. In the output, look for how often a Request timed out message appears and also look to see that the time=XXms part of each reply is as low as possible - below 100ms under ideal circumstances.
Are you loosing packets is so then nothing is getting out.
Run a traceroute
Sometimes it is helpful to run a trace if you are having difficulty with a specific destination or service.
Windows 7 & 8, Vista or XP:
Click Start->Run and type cmd and press Enter. This will open a black DOS window. When open, type tracert and hit enter. When it is finished, you will see a "Trace complete" message.
Are you going to them, or not?
If not then the internal firewall in the router is stopping you and you need the ip Addy to the router to change this. Here is the guide to your router, read up
Finally you will need drivers if the rest is not working for Windows 7 and your modem/gateway this is a driver for windows 7 and that router
other than that you have to contact Comcast, or get the info for the admin settings in the router.
Finally, are you using the USB type connection or RJ45 Cat 5 cable. If your using a USB then disregard the Patch cable thing.
Also if you have one connect with the USB (its a fire wire cable and being that you have a gigabit NIC in your computer it should connect with no issues.)

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well it needs service , right?
Bernin artista computer

you might ask the maker for help , make sure it has AC power first.

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IO error means Input/Out error. It looks like your mediaplayer is not liking your external hard drive. Make sure the video is supported by the mediaplayer, otherwise you will need to convert it to a video file that the player supports.

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Pst converter Pro
This app will help you move your mails from microsoft outlook to apple mail this is .pst to .mbox.
I hope this helps. Thank you

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You can go for third party Apps that are available online for this kind of issues. Pst converter pro is the one i have used and transferred my mails successfully from windows outlook to mac mail.
You can also transfer you contacts and calender entries very easily using this tool. You can get this tool at for both the mac and windows pc.
I think this will help you.

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You need to first find what you can do well. Then how much you can invest. Interest and invest both are very important to run a business.

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Get them

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I can't tell you about Organix CBD oil as I haven't used t. But I can suggest you looking through as this source can provide you with a list of the best oils with the detailed information. Hopefully, you will find a god alternative there.

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