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If batteries leaked in the camera the connections IN the camera may be dirty. Putting in a new battery takes care of the battery connection but not the camera connections. This is why it is very important to take out batteries when you are done taking photos. When you want to shoot again you put the batteries back in and set the time and date. You MAY be able to clean the connections with a pencil eraser. If you use a pencil eraser please blow out the dust from the eraser. If you are positive the camera then I cannot help you here.

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That is not enough information. In general when you take a TIMER photo... Say you select I want to take a photo after 10 seconds. When you press the shutter and LED may blink during the 10 seconds. The rate of blinking changes right before it takes a photo..

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In many cases, especially when the light is low the camera WILL get confused and it will not be able to focus in low light. In most cases what you pay for is how well it will focus in dim light. This camera does get confused easily. In many cases I have moved the camera so it sees something near what I want to photograph and push half way and the move the camera back and take the photo.

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In most cases you have a ring that lets you select 4 things when shooting photos. Top: Flash, Left: Clock (Timer), Right: +/- and Bottom: Flower. What you want to do is select TIMER AND the number of seconds you need. Please understand this setting is not STICKY. You have to set it EACH time you want to take a timer controlled photo. Meaning if you set it for 10 seconds and it take a photo after 10 seconds then you push the button again it will take a photo right away.

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Assuming the bid was on E-bay, you can find there 24-hour customer service number on there website. I had them cancel a bid for me a month ago when I bid on a 3TB hard drive thinking it was 4TB. It was a rather painless process. Just be sure you can tell them a good reason for canceling the bid.

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Try cleaning the battery terminals inside the camera's battery compartment. If there's corrosion, use a pointed wooden stick (like a large toothpick) to flake it off first. Then moisten a Q-tip with water -- just enough to dampen it, you don't want water dripping inside the camera -- and rub the terminals. If you think there may be some oil or grease on the terminal, do the Q-tip thing with alcohol too. If these approaches fail you'll have to take the camera to a repair shop.

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so your camera has internal memory ? and you need to take the photo's from the camera to your hard drive ? if that is the case you can do it with a usb cable ..check the model number and you'll find a cable to go from camera to laptop/pc

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on May 29, 2015

U need to download nikon wmu software from google playstore or appstore. Then start wifi of ur camera and then start wifi connection in ur mobile.select "nikon p600" in wifi setup.when connected, start application named "wmu" in ur mobile.wait for the connection.after few seconds wifi connection will be established.hope this would help u!

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Put fresh batteries turn on camera with your thumb on lens edge, apply only slight pressure,
turn on the camera give it a whack with flat of your hand do this couple of times , this will only work if the gears are mis located , if the problem persists the gears need to be changed

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It is not the lens. The condition is the aperture will not function as a result of the main circuit board malfunction. Check the polarization of the power supply battery and cell strength.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Apr 16, 2015

Hi dear!
1. If you see like window blind on LCD when you camera switch on at camera mode. Check one more thing, press menu botton. You still see like window blind on LCD. and then you have defective LCD unit. Otherwise, you have shutter blades (not dust cover blades in front of lens) defect inside of lens unit assembly.
If LCD defect will be very inexpensive service and easy, otherwise, you bring to local repair shop. (very easy problem)

If Actual picture come out like window blind image,
then I want you load to computer and open the file.
You still see like window blind image. then 200% is the shutter blades not working properly inside of lens unit. Bring to local repair shop unless you are not able. Then I can give a little monkey job! using a tooth brush!

Hope You Luck! A Professional Camera Clinic Guy!

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Apr 11, 2015

Sounds like the batteries are dead. try recharging if capable or replacing if not.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Apr 02, 2015

Use this Niko web page: https://www.nikonusa.com/en/Service-And-Support/Nikon-Authorized-Repair-List.page

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Mar 04, 2015

You did not say which model Coolpix camera you have (there have been 168 models over the years) so I can only give you general information on deleting multiple photos; i.e., deleting all pictures in the memory.

On some models there are two buttons, usually the trash and one other button, labeled with a red dot. Depressing both buttons at the same time for a few seconds will erase everything. If your camera does not have that feature, the other method is to use the "delete all" menu function. Enter your camera's menus and scroll through them. You should find that function in the menus.

I strongly suggest that you follow the link at the bottom of this posting and download the manual for whichever model Coolpix you own for free. The Nikon's manuals all cover the process.
Nikon Product Manuals available for download Nikon Knowledgebase

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I would go to the TOOL menu. When you are in the TOOL menu you will see something like DATE. You can change the DATE and TIME there.

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If you only tried importing to the program straight from the camera, you could try to import the pictures, using a card reader or by copying the files to the computer before importing into the program.

In addition to the basic JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. formats ACDSee 17 should support the following RAW formats:
  • CRW Canon
  • CR2 Canon
  • cRAV Sony
  • DCR Kodak
  • ERF Epson
  • HDR Creo
  • MRW Konica Minolta
  • NEF Nikon
  • ORF Olympus
  • PEF Pentax
  • RAF Fujifilm
  • RAW Casio, Contax, Leica, Panasonic, Pentax
  • RWL Leica
  • sRAW Canon
  • SRW Samsung

If you have purchased the product you can consult:
  • ACDSee 17 Online help
  • ACDSee 17 User guide
  • Official support
The Online help is at:
help acdsystems com
The User Guide in PDF format can be downloaded from:
The Customer support can be contacted at:

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