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It might be a physical issue or just something in the settings.
  • Try to do a factory reset on the camera, maybe there is some setting preventing the flash from firing?
  • Consult the user manual for further troubleshooting
  • Take the camera to a shop to see if the issue can be fixed
the manual can be found at:

Reference Manual Nikon COOLPIX L810 Nikon Knowledgebase

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 14, 2015

doesnt make any sense, are you hitting a button when removing the tripod ?

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 14, 2015

how can the camera work if the battery is removed ?

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 14, 2015

The good news is that the problem can probably be fixed. The bad news is that it will need to go in for service. Contact Nikon USA Service at 1-800-645-6687 9AM-8PM EST, Monday to Friday.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 12, 2015

Do you have more than one battery or do you have a multimeter? If more than one battery fails it can be a contact not making a clean connection or a defective camera. Try cleaning the contacts on the battery and in the camera. If you have a multimeter, you can check the battery's charge level.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 10, 2015

You need to take your camera in for repair. Call the Nikon USA 1-800-645-6687 between 9AM-8PM EST, Monday to Friday for instructions for returning your camera for repair. They do not charge to examine your camera and estimate the repair.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 08, 2015

Turh off camera change settings then turn back on
If that doent work you can go to menu and reset the camera

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Feb 01, 2015

have you replaced the battery, sometimes it is a low voltage and does odd thiings? have you went into the menu go to settings an reformat the card. remove the batter and start over. sometimes if you can get a q tip or simular item on to the contacts you can use alcohol or tuner cleaner to clean the contacts. make sure it is dry before you turn camera on. if not you will need to take it to a service place. and may dont evenn try to repair them any more. its a throw away age. i fixed me my self. but i hope you can too

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 30, 2015

What no one tells you is there are two batteries. One you can change and the other you cannot. The one that you cannot is inside the camera and it has to be disassembled to get to it. Then it is soldered in place and has special connectors on it, so they are hard to replace.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 23, 2015

Take it back where you got it . Perhaps they can help of give you your money back

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 06, 2015

Often times in point and shoot cameras a lot has to go on before the photo can be taken. The camera has to focus and adjust settings just as the picture is taken and if the camera doesn't have enough light or enough contrast in a scene it has a difficult time making the adjustments. Point and shoots are nortoiously slow in working when compared to DSLRs. If this isn't the issue try resetting the camera to facorty default in the mnue options.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 05, 2015

Guess: That battery is old and has to low voltage.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 02, 2015

If you are viewing the page on a Windows PC, hold the Ctrl key down and repeatedly press the + key until it is large enough to see.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 01, 2015

You didn't say if you could see the subject in the LCD prior to taking a picture. If not, the lens isn't opening. If you can see the subject, it would probably be a defective sensor chip.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 01, 2015

Use a card reader and insert your memory card. Look for it under "My Computer" and it will be listed as a removable drive. Open it and you will see you photo files. Create a folder to hold the pictures on your PC. Select the jpg files on the card (removable drive), copy them, then paste them in the folder. If you have no photo editor on your PC, download the free "Fotor" at http://download.cnet.com/Fotor/3000-2192_4-75901678.html .

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Jan 01, 2015

First, I would check your batteries. Start by removing them and making sure that the battery contacts in the camera and on the batteries are clean. If they are dirty. A new pencil eraser can be rubbed against the contacts to remove any oils or residue. Next, I would make sure your batteries are charged. Since you did not state which model Coolpix camera you have, I do not know if your camera uses AA batteries or a battery pack. If it uses AA batteries, a quick way is to check is to take them out and put them in another device that takes two AA batteries and see if it works. If the batteries are bad, put two new alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries in your camera to see if it powers up. If it does and you wish to use those batteries, be sure to go into your menu and set the camera to use alkaline batteries because there voltage output is slightly different from rechargeable batteries . Remember that you cannot recharge those batteries and trying to do so can damage your charger and cause the batteries to explode. If your camera uses a battery pack, I would buy an external charger from Nikon. They are inexpensive and if it turns out that the charging circuit in you camera is defective, it will save you a repair bill by providing you with an alternative means for charging your batteries. If the camera will not power up with new batteries, the camera will need to be sent in to Nikon USA for repair (see the Nikon website for information). If the camera powers up with the substitute batteries, either your rechargeable batteries have gone bad or you camera's battery charger is defective. For problems with the internal charger, it is probably more cost effective to buy an external battery charger then to send the camera in for repair unless your camera is still under warranty. External battery chargers are available for under $20. There is one other possible cause of battery failure. If the camera's internal circuitry has an electrical problem, especially a short circuit, the camera will draw excessive current from the batteries and run them down. If that is the case, you would obviously need to send your camera in for repair.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Dec 25, 2014

From the sound of it, your camera has extensive damage and will need professional service. You didn't state which model Coolpix camera you have so I can't advise you if it makes economic sense to have it repaired. I recommend that you contact Nikon Service at 1-800-645-6687 between 9AM-8PM EST, Monday to Friday. They can tell you what it will cost to repair and then you can decide if it is worth it.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Dec 25, 2014

Hi Carol,
This sounds like a problem with either the power button or the camera's electronic circuitry. I would contact Nikon Support at 1-800-645-6687 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and they will be able to help you get it repaired at one of their factory service centers.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Dec 25, 2014

Are you sure about the model number? The link below will take you to the Nikon website page that provides free manual downloads for all their products. I do not see any Coolpix cameras listed with the number 1600 as part of the I.D. Go to the link and check your camera's model number again.
Nikon Product Manuals available for download Nikon Knowledgebase

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Dec 25, 2014

Best Buy is not as return friendly as some stores, in my experience. That is why I avoid buying from them as much as possible. Sam's Club offers a great return policy and they have very inexpensive maintenance warranties too. They base theirs on the cost of the item in most cases. I would try returning the camera to Best Buy. Take some evidence of your trip dates with you. If the sales person refuses, ask to speak with a manager. If the manager refuses, go to their Facebook page and post the problem and write the company's CEO and explain the circumstances.

Nikon COOLPIX... | Answered on Dec 07, 2014

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