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Miele WT945 Dryer Problems - Stage 3/4 fix

STAGE 3: THE ‘PROPER’ FIX (4 hours)

Unfortunately, if you want to go further the next stage of disassembly is horribly inaccessible. The Miele man rated it as probably the most difficult job on the machine, but said it was feasible and that he would personally undertake it if it was his machine rather than move to Stage 4. The challenge is to get the fan box itself off, which extends deep down into the rear of the machine where it eventually plugs into the back of the drum. And the back panel of the machine does not come off or swing out like the front does – the back and the sides are one piece of sheet metal. So you’re stuck with manipulating the thing at arm’s length in a very narrow gap, and to add to the fun there are some very sharp edges down there.

I've now personally done this job - it's a two-person task, took us around 4 hours but is feasible.

So (omitting some of the obvious smaller tasks like disconnecting wires and cable ties as needed), in addition to Stage 2 disassembly:

- undo a further Torx bolt holding the fan box to the drum, just to the left of the outlet hole you worked on in Stage 2, and loosen another bolt near the motor which holds a slot in the fan box casing to the drum

- remove the fan motor (held by two bolts, one low and invisible on its mounting bracket)

- remove the fan box's air inlet from the hole in the back of the drum that it slots into. This is right at the bottom of the fan box and thus very inaccessible. Eventually I found a long piece of sturdy wood (around 4 x 1cm section) could be poked down to this point (between the rear of the drum and the front of the fan box) and then gently pulled forward to lever out the air inlet.

- using Corbin-type pliers on the clips, remove the four hoses that connect to the fan box (best to do this once the air inlet is free from the previous step, as you can then lift the fan box up a little with the hoses still connected, which makes access to the clips a lot easier.

- remove the fan box from the machine, and unscrew the Torx screws holding the white plastic cover (which includes the condensor unit) to the metal casing. Go very carefully here - corrosion can cause stiff and maybe sheared screws. Best to soak the screws with WD40 beforehand where they thread into the metal casing.

- remove the fan rotor by undoing the nyloc nut on the shaft. It (the rotor) is a tight fit on the shaft and may need some gentle encouragement with a hammer. Pause again to be amazed at the amount of fluff. Clean everything out fully (fan rotor, metal fan housing, white plastic cover/condensor unit, black rubber strip which seals the two halves of the fanbox together, hole at the rear of the drum which the air inlet plugs into.

- replace the plastic cover using some fresh silicone sealant around the edge, on top of the black rubber strip, to make it watertight.

- reassemble everything in reverse order. When it comes to reinserting the air inlet to the back of the drum, wet the inlet and the rubber gasket with copious soapy water. Even so the fit is very stiff indeed - just pushing with a thumb from the rear will not work. Solution: remove the white plastic cap from the inspection hole on the rear panel. Find a sturdy short cylindrical object (a large spark plug socket from a socket set is ideal) which will fit through this hole and press on the bottom of the fan box acting as a drift. Then rig up a lever (perhaps a horizontal wooden batten levering against a door frame) which will allow you to exert controlled pressure (a lot of it!) on the drift. Pack another wooden batten down the front of the drum to lock it in place, otherwise you will be wasting effort pushing the drum forward against its springs. You should feel the inlet push back into place. Look down from the top with a torch - if you can still see the sharp flange around the inlet tube, it's not pressed home enough.


Miele technicians will only replace the fan box, not open, clean and refit it as described above. So the ‘official’ fix is to pay the callout charge, plus the infamous £400 for a new fan box,

on Jan 05, 2018 | Miele WT945 Front Load Washer /...

Hi dear.
It is very complicated work. I can suggest you should not involve doing that but if you know what you are doing try that out. See if it helps.
Common problem: Stuck drying air fan shaft.
1- Unplug machine from power. Remove top cover.
2- RHS at the back,on outer drum horizontally mounted motor,drives a belt.
3- Try to rotate motor shaft (impeller) by hand, see if it's hard to rotate. Try to make it free to rotate.
3- If you have a capacitance meter, check value of capacitor should be in range of 2.5 uF if not replace capacitor.
Beyond that you need to get tech. to assist your machine. I hope that helps so far. Thanks.

Miele WT945... | Answered on Jun 01, 2016

Hi Dear.
As I know,your machine does not have replaceable fuse in it. Thanks.

Miele WT945... | Answered on Mar 11, 2016

This happened after we cleaned the filter, and it was because it's easy to put it back crookedly and the threads cross. Make sure you are pointing it down a bit and don't force it for the first 3 turns so you know the threads are correctly engaged. You have to use a bit of welly after - when it's right the cap is inside the housing by a few mm all around its circumference

Miele WT945... | Answered on Aug 03, 2015

is water coming out of the hose or the plastic housing? if the hose then it has a hole or tear, if the housing then the pump needs replacement






Miele WT945... | Answered on May 23, 2015

I think you will find it could be the circuit board. Have a look on line for a replacement because it should be easy to fit and save your self a fortune for a repair man!

Miele WT945... | Answered on Apr 11, 2015

Water input normally moves powder. Was there water going in?

Miele WT945... | Answered on Feb 20, 2015


Miele WT945 Dryer Problems - stage by stage fixing (Introduction)

After two years of regular dryer fan seizure, and having called out a Miele technician to fix an unrelated problem on the WT945 (main water heater shorted), I pumped him for more information on the dryer side of things. I have to say he was extremely helpful and straightforward with his advice. So – with much help from the expert – I’ve attempted a complete summary of the dryer problem and its various solutions, which hopefully may be of interest to fellow sufferers. Good luck!


Dryer fan seizure seems to be a common problem with the WT945 as it ages. The symptom is (usually) a flashing ‘dryer’ light on the front panel and wet, cold clothes instead of a good drying cycle. If you’re familiar with your Miele sounds, there is also the absence of the high-pitched fan motor noise when drying (although the main drum still ‘tumbles’).

Before you attempt a fix, please be aware of safety issues. If you’re not confident about working on mains appliances with large, heavy moving parts, I would not recommend moving beyond Stage 1. In any case, always work with the power off, and beware of the heater (the long rectangular box sitting on top of the drum) – it can get very hot indeed.

First understand your components. When you take the top off the machine (screws under white plastic caps on each side of the top, about 5 cm in from the front), you will see a very obvious electric motor at the top rear right corner of the unit. This is the fan motor, which (through a rubber belt) drives a shaft that goes into a much larger, flattish unit bolted onto the back of the drum. This larger unit is the ‘fan box’, and hidden within it is the dryer fan that moves the air that does the drying (similar to a hairdryer). The small nylon ‘fan’ mounted on the front of the motor shaft (which cools the motor itself) is a red herring – this isn’t the fan we’re concerned with.

You will undoubtedly drop tools into the machine at some stage. Don’t panic and don’t mess about with magnets on strings etc – it’s far quicker to open the whole front panel which hinges on the right like a door. Take out the detergent tray, undo three Torx screws revealed around the edges of the tray holder, undo the three bolts behind the main door of the machine (these aren’t as fundamental as they look – nothing is going to fall off!). Open the filter flap and unclip the filter drain outlet from the inside of the flap. Open the door by breaking the seal and overcoming the spring clip at the base of the left hand side (can be quite stiff). Access is now pretty easy to the ‘floor’ of the machine to retrieve your tools. When closing the front again, don’t forget to feed the emergency door release plastic tab through the hole at the top of the filter flap aperture, otherwise it will be hidden inside the machine next time you want to use it.

See my next tip 'Stage 1 fix' to start work.

on Feb 17, 2015 | Miele WT945 Front Load Washer /...

clean the filter

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at https://www.6ya.com/expert/david_2f6e03df6c124197

Miele WT945... | Answered on May 29, 2014

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