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I am sorry this has happened to you. The bad news is join the club. These machines are fantastic and make a great cup of Java.( when they work) problem is, they are not real good when it comes to longevity. Because I have dealt with these type of machines a lot , it appears your main circuit board as burnt out. This is what controls the operation to start the functions of operating. Its like a car trying to start with out the battery. There is good news however. I have called Keurig so many times, i believe i will be on the x-mas list this year. 99% of the time if you call them, they will for FREE, replace the machine, especially if you treat them nice on the phone, and tell them how much you love there product. You know, kind of **** up some. Customer service at Keurig is 1-866-901-2739. They shouldn't give you a hassle. They have normally notch customer service. I hope this helps, even if you can fix it yourself, number one, you shouldn't have to, and it would cost more than machine with the part and time then machine cost. Let me know if this only solution has helped you. Mike


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if it is faulty and under warranty, you will get a new one from the service agent
If you just want a new free one --- no such luck

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I had a similar problem except there was no water going into the K-cup. I fooled around with the machine for awhile but I had no luck. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I broke out a can of air that one uses to clean computer keyboards. I sprayed the air into the nozzle that puts water back into the reservoir and air came out of the water intake hole but not the needle that puts water into the K-cup. This meant that there was a block between the the needle and the reservoir. I plugged the water intake hole with a towel and my fingers then sprayed the air into the same nozzle. All of a sudden, a large blast of water came out of the needle. The machine worked after this. Just be careful not to put your hand in front of the needle because the water might be hot. Also, unplug your machine before doing any tinkering. Hope this might help some people.

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Keurig Special Edition B60: How to clean inside:

Hello.. There are a lot of different cleaning methods and solvents to clean the insides of your Keurig coffee machine, however I don't recommend them. After using, you will still dispense remnants of whatever is leftover in your drinks, this includes Vinegar methods.. nobody likes drinking vinegar coffee.

The Dirty Truth Why You Need to Descale

I recommend using a food product that cleans effectively, called Citric Acid.. You can get this at most grocery stores for a reasonable price. You only need a small amount for each cleansing, so whatever amount you get, it will last a very long time.

I recommend the smallest package you can buy at your local store. I bought a large bag on Amazon the first time I found out about this remedy. Now, I have more than enough for a lifetime of uses.

The first time I descaled using Keurig's recommended descaler. One bottle for one use cost $18 at Target/Walmart.. I'm never doing that again.. It says on the bottle to select the highest cup size, so with the Citric Acid I would do the same. use either the rinse/brew button, dispense a couple tanks worth until it comes out clear (my Keurig machine has 5 x 12oz cups worth per tank)..

Video Tutorial:


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12/03/2015: I just talked to the Keurig machine technical support. They said the internal reservoir can not be drained and that the amount of water that exists inside it will eventually evaporate. Tech support says: As long as you drain the attachable reservoir tank, you should be okay.

  • I would try to do a cup of hot water and then immediately after dispensing, turn off the machine before it can draw in reserve water
  • Make sure you wait at least 30 minutes for the water to cool down inside the machine before trying to remove it or you might get burned from the water coming out of it.
  • Unplug the machine before proceeding

  1. Open the K-cup dispenser
  2. Turn the Keurig machine upside down at an angle so that the water comes out of the nozzle, where the K-cup sits
  3. Softly jostle the machine until the water starts to trickle out
  4. don't get discouraged if not all the water drains out. just do your best and be satisfied with it.
  5. pack it upright in a box, make sure the machine is properly cushioned on all sides so that it doesn't get damaged if accidentally tilted, bumped, etc
  6. mark the top of the box "this side up"


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If you dontclean it why not

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It might be time to clean your keurig. Fill the water tank with vinegar and run through about 5-6 glasses leaving time in between to let the vinegar clean. After running all of the vinegar through it should be brewing regularly again.

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I found that the kcups were under pressure. When I insert the kcup, I press down on the cup to puncture the bottom of the cup then close it. Works fine now.

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Make sure if your outlet has a reset button that it is pushed in, sometimes the circuit trip and the reset button needs to be pushed back in. Try a new outlet see if that helps.

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It could just be clogged. Have you cleaned or descaled the unit? There are 2 places where clogs occur - in the head and in the output of the K-Cup. A good indication of a clog in the head is that you will see water returning into your tank through the clear plastic outlet. If you see this, open the head and find the large needle in the upper part (this is what pierces the K-Cup at the top. Stick a cake tester or extended paper clip up the pointy nozzle and move it in a circle to unclog anything that might be there. Then run it a few more times. Also, clean out the nozzle in the bottom of the k-cup area in the same manner. Hope thishelps

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Remove the water reservoir, then reinstall it to it's normal position. Refill or top off with the recommended bottled or filtered water to the max fill line.This will clear the prime message. If after you do the the above procedure at least two times, the prime message keeps coming back your machine has brewed its last coffee. If you bought it from Costco, I would recommend returning it there. Or If still within the 12 month warranty period, call Keurig.1-866-901-2739. Tell them and they will ship you a replacement.

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Ebay , type kuerig b60 funnel

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if off warrenty throw it away. sorry

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Check the water output in the brew head itself. Open the head like you were going to out in a k-cup, and run a small object like a paper clip UP the water output to make sure it's clean. Then remove the K-cup holder and clean the water output line at the bottom the same way.

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I am not sure but the little filter may be dirty and need to replace

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Main board defecetive, retun for replacement.

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Debris was left in the chamber when manufacturing the unit. Flus and clean accordingly and it will survice.

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Return if prime is not working. No prime, no workee.

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