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If the seal is torn, it will have to be replaced if you want to stop the leaking.

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you have a device in the washer that looks like in the pic, this controls the door lock and the water level if the pipe is blocked it will not trigger the switch to turn off the water
washer-pressure-switch-location-youvnqskhtbtm4ehoip33noy-3-0.jpg the pipe is as in pic and its in all washers, take the pipe off the valve do not blow down the pressure switch as this can damage it but blow down the pipe to the drum to push anything out in the pipe, if this does not fix the problem change/replace the pressure switch.

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I take it that you have tried rotating the cycle knob slowly through the point at the end of the wash cycle to the rinse cycle? On many machines, this will trigger the pump to drain the tub. Yet I am guessing that you have already tried that.

You could try running a garden hose from the machine along the floor and then outdoors. Next, take the end of the garden hose and place it into the top of the machine so that the end of the garden hose goes to the bottom of the tub. Feed in another five feet of garden hose into the machine so that this five feet is below the water level. Now, hold the palm of your hand over the end of the garden hose at the bottom of the machine and while doing this, pull out the extra five feet of garden hose and then remove your hand from the end of the garden hose. This should have "primed" the end of the garden hose with water so that the water will get sucked out of the machine and flow through the garden hose to the outdoors.

If this doesn't work, then you will need another person to **** on the other end of the garden hose in order to get the water to start flowing through the garden hose.

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check drain pump for blockage

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You have a faulty water control valve that is not closing all the way. You can go on line and research the part with the model and serial numbers.

Maytag MAH2400A... | Answered on Oct 22, 2015 | 45 views

Hello. The door lock switch part number is 34001011 in case yours is defective. Usually, just unplug the unit, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in. The main board will unlock the door. On a front load washer, the easiest way to replace a defective door switch is by removing the spring clamp that holds the bellow onto the front of the unit, pulling the bellow aside nearest the lock and swapping it out. HOWEVER, putting that clamp *back on* can be a real headache--I'm able to replace the clamp by hand on the clamps with the smallest springs. The larger ones will require a threaded clamp spreader tool, available at better(larger) appliance parts dealers. If you are hesitant about attempting this, definitely call for service--if the bellow is re-attached incorrectly, it will leak or can be torn because of wrong positioning which can result in it rubbing against the spinning basket. I hope I helped you!

Maytag MAH2400A... | Answered on Sep 05, 2015 | 75 views

Hello. There is an LE error that means "fill error". There is also a "tE" error that means "sump thermistor failure". You are probably getting the tE error--the thermistor is located at the bottom front of the washer tub in the center. If water is leaking from the bellow(the rubber part that seals tightly against the door), it might be spilling down onto the thermistor wires, shorting it out. With any leak, this will be an INVOLVED repair. My suggestion is to call for service--to reach anything in the front of the washer internally, the front panel must be removed--this is complex, and must be done carefully, especially if the bellow is leaking and needs to be replaced. I hope I helped you!

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There are springs and bumpers that hold the drum in the center and if one of them popped off, that causes this problem. What is the make and model number

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My name is Peter. I am a retired field service appliance technician.

There is a solenoid valve on the larger pump.

1.) Unplug your unit.
2.) On the back of the top cover are two screws. Remove them.
3.) Pull the cover back about 1/2" and lift the cover off.
4.) Looking down behind the dispenser you will see several components:
a.) Three black rubber hoses connected to two water valves.

Substitution Part Number 34001210 - Cost: $43.00
You can probably take the hose to your local Home Depot or Lowes and find a match for considerable less, if replacement is needed.
1.) Remove the hose clamps and remove the hose.
2.) Try to blow through the hose - is it blocked?
3.) Can you run a coat hanger through it to clear?

b.) There are two water valves. Disconnect and clean. There is the larger one which has a solenoid valve.

On the bottom of the larger solenoid valve, disconnect the two wire connectors. With a multi-meter (If you do not have one they are only about $25.00, a good investment to check electrical components)
Set the meter on the lowest Ohms. Placing one meter lead on the one connector and the other meter lead on the other connector
you should get a reading of '0'. If not the solenoid is bad.

c.) Ok, lets not forget the sensor;

Part Number 34001209 - Cost: $49.00

This is in the same area. There is no way to check this sensor if it is bad. You replace it only if all of the above is operational components check out ok.

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sounds like ur o erloaded. but did u run a diagnostic test??

Maytag MAH2400A... | Answered on Jul 09, 2014 | 153 views

On what cycle is this happening or is it on all the cycles? I would shut the washer, then I would run the diagnostic first. If it does not give you what the problem is, I would then check to see if it will spin and drain. This might be the problem, it is not able to spin. this was my problem. I was told to replace the electronic board, but that was not right, I had to replace the motor, I have to look it up for you, but it was quite simple after my son and I figured out how to take the back off. The part was 265.00, but quite cheap compared to the fact we didn't need a repairman. I believe I had caused my problem by overloading the machine, which I never do again.
check to see if it will spin first, run diagnostic testing then get back to me I will try to help you..

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first check power to the outlet then power at the end of the power cord then it may be the control board- not cheap ($200+-)

Maytag MAH2400A... | Answered on May 16, 2014 | 61 views

Wax motor (Door lock mechanism) & or control board burn out. Door can be unlocked with nylon string situated in soap power dispencer at front.

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ND means no drain, the water level fails to drop below the low water level in final spin.
check for
1 restricted drain system.
2 kinked/plugged drain hose or pump
3 faulty pump
4 loose connections on the board or pump
if you find none of the above you have a faulty control board.
hopefully you just find something clogging the pump, remove the pump completely and make sure it is not a paperclip or something like that down in the pump jamming it up so it doesn't drain, be careful and get lots of towels because there will be water in pump system.
Here is the board to order in case you find that it is the problem.

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If the drum moves up/down side/side without the outer drum moving, bearings gone, replace. To check for clothing, which I doubt, remove front seal outer section, look around outer part, to bottom you probably find clip, prise apart, front back, not side ways, refit sideways

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your part is prob number 26 on this drawing:

You can purchase a new one here..

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check for water left in units tub,if so check pump inlet and outlet and drain pipe in the house for foreign objects,then if clear make sure pump drain is running if it is,but noisy it may be bad,as in the impeller on the motor shaft may be loose and the water may stall the pump

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one reason could be that the outlet pump is not working to full capacity leaving a small amount of dirty water remaining after spinning, the cure would be a good pump clean out or maybe replace the pump if machine is old, or another reason could be what we call back-syphoning where the washer sometimes can fill up from the house sink waste - if the washer outlet is connected to the U bend, this also is a simple cure, make a loop in the pipe or fit an anti-syphon valve, normal a cheap price from a vac store...hope i have helped - 20 years of experience doing appliances

Maytag MAH2400A... | Answered on Aug 29, 2012 | 92 views

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