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If this is confirmed then you have to replace the controller unit. But since none of the symtoms were mentioned and if the there is no action or output from the controller you must replace the unit.

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If your observation was more specific it would have helped. If the controller board is not indicating the right time nor that the cycle time is too extended, then it is possible that the controller unit is a suspect. Remove the panel , check for dirt or moisture trapped in the epoxy, clean and reset all connections . if this wont solve the unit can be a suspect.

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

Unfortunately FixYa cannot provide manuals direct - members of the forum are just people from all over the world, probably working from home, and not representing any particular manufacturer ;-0)

You will need to type into your search engine/web browser '(make model number) washer manual' and you should be presented with a number of sources from which you can either download for free or have to pay a nominal amount.
You could also try the manufacturer's web site direct ;-0)

If this has assisted you please consider a 4 thumbs up for the rating.
Thanks and good luck!
John C.

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sound like you have a short in the wiring & it needs to be checked by a service repair man

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Do not adjust the pressure switch, it takes special calibration gear to set it up, so the only thing to do here is replace it. Make sure the tube to the switch is clear before you replace it, if that checks ok replace the switch Assembly

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That meens door close you may need a lid switch

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The ND error code means NO DRAIN. To see why the ND code keeps coming up the drain pump needs to be checked for a partial blockage.


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I'm and owner that knows the machine very well. If you are someone has some basic skills you can repair the machine.

It will come down to how much down time you can tolerate.

What I think is the issue is that the Upper One-Way bearing is seized and when the machine enters into spin cycle of the selected wash cycle the washer can't spin the wash basket. The Control Board tries to enter the spin cycle over and over again. There is no software routine in the Control Board to sense this and the machine keeps trying execute the spin cycle of that wash cycle......Timer never counts down.....

Place that wash load in a Spin Only cycle. If my diagnosis is correct then the machine will do the same thing never count down on the LED display in the Spin Only cycle.

All these machine are ready for a Tub Seal replacement and I can direct most owners thru the process. The cost is in the area of $60 for Tub Seal, ****** O-Ring and Outer Tub bearings. If you need to replace the Clutch Pulley around $80 additional. If you are the original owner I'm sure you have been thru that.

Here is a link to replacing the Tub Seal and Outer Tub bearings. See if this is a direction you want to go. FAV6800A/FAV9800A Outer Tub bearing replacement

Here is a link to what I believe is your just took me a long time to extract info from the owner on the failure. [FIXED] Maytag Neptune, Timer Problem

Maybe a FIXYA tech can jump in and add what they think might be the issue and a troubleshooting/repair path to follow.

You can make the machine last for a long time............way beyond the 3.5 yr. to 6 yr. point of most failures.........but each owner has to decide their course of action.

I go by dh1200s on most washer DIY forums including this forum.

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Washer bangs around in spin cycle and throws a DC or UC unballance code with cloths in the wash basket is that correct?

If so it's a Clutch issue.

If you want read more about what I feel is your issue read this post Maytag Neptune load unbalance

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You could have had a over balanced load or the unit doesn't see the lid closed.
I would check the load of close or the lid circuit before changing parts.
Good Luck

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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od-means the door has not been opened since the last cycle.
try opening the dorr ands shutting it hard. If the code still comes up then reset the unit at the breaker box. Leave the breaker off for 1 to three minutes then check the unit. If the code is STILL there then the door lock is malfunctioning.

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Could be a Tub Seal leak my 1st choice. Could also be a leak caused by a cracked outer tub, issues from the hoses from the drain line connections to the drain pump, drain pump and or drain line.

Are you going to try to DIY the fix?

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Motor for the most part is bullet proof has a 10 yr warranty

I would start with front panel removal and see if you can rotate the Clutch Pulley CW the Wash/agitate direction and CCW the Spin direction. Make sure nothing is seized.

It could be an issue with the Control Board or the Motor Controller. I have working spares for all and that makes troubleshooting easier.

If you decide to troubleshoot further and try a Control Board swap (in the console) or a Motor Controller swap I would buy parts from a supplier that will allow you to return the part for refund with no questions asked.
Google this ""Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW"" a forum where I help owners of the FAV6800A and FAV9800A machines.

This is a sticky on a DIY forum at the 5th post down you can link to the FAV6800A/FAV9800A Service Manual. You can post in that forum in the Maytag washer forum for additional help. You will find a link to parts supplier.
I link you to a post on this forum where I was working with an owner who was troubleshooting issues and started throwing a LR error code. He ended up replacing both the Motor Control Board, my 1st suggestion and that did not resolve the issue. A Control Board swap in the Console resolved the issue. Maytag Neptune Top Load FAV6800AWW -- tub/motor will not spin ... I won't troubleshoot any further on this forum it's just difficult for me. Can't edit, search post and sometimes pics don't attach. There are better DIY forums out there for working on the FAV6800A/FAV9800A......just mu opinion.

Your machine more than likely is ready for an Tub Seal replacement.....Google this FAV6800A/FAV9800A Outer Tub bearing replacement Another forum I help owners with FAV6800A/FAV9800A machine issues........good luck.

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See this link for the Service Manual and a pic of Drain Pump/Drain Line on the right side of the machine. leaking at bottom of washer after it spins out not alot of water but a pain in the ****, how do you

You can place the machine in Service Mode once you have the Service Manual and turn on the drain pump thru console commands.

As I mention in the other post here on FIXYA you can only access the drain pump with the front cover removed.

If you place the machine in a Spin Only cycle will it complete the cycle?

If you can give a bit more detail on your troubleshooting maybe I can help.

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The FAV6800A and FAV9800A only have access thru the front panel and washer top once released fromt the rear or side access. See Pick of Outer Tub removed for Tub Seal and bearing replacement.

Google ""16022808.pdf"" to find the Service Manual.

Page 33 will show ou how to release the top cover and page 41 for front cover removal.

If you have wash water leaking down on the Clutch Pulley I feel you have a Tub Seal leak. The issues could be related to the drain hose/drain pump or cracked outer tub.

I don't troubleshoot on this forum to difficult to carry on thread. Google ""Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW"" or ""FAV6800A/FAV9800A Outer Tub bearing replacement"". Two DIY forums I frequent that I feel are true DIY forums.


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try to use the afresh washer cleaner and use a double dose 2 tabletes

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Yep need to put surge suppressor on the Washer 120VAC service outlet. Wonder if you may have grounding issues at the mains. Are you in the country?

Try e-bay for both the Control Board and Console.

P/N for the Control board is 25001001 or 25001217R

Could be a Console issue or something pulling down + 12VDC on the Control Board like corrision issues at the TDS.

Go here if you want to treoubleshoot for free Google ""Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW"" post in the Maytag washer forum.

Or maybe someone on this forum can help.

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You have lost signaling from the Left Hand Lid lock.

The OD code is sent out from the Console main control board when a lid open is not sensed via the signaling from the Left Hand Lid lock for three completed wash cycles.

Google this sticky for help with your issue ""Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW"" start at the 5th post down. You will find a link to the service manual and help on troubleshooting your issue.

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Could be a Control Board issue, a Console issue or something pulling down the +12VDC supply on the Control Board.

How deep into DIY do you want to get? There is no reset button to fix this issue. Hav you had any electrical storm activity recently?

Maytag Neptune... | Answered on Aug 30, 2011 | 139 views

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