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there may be a blockage in the waste water pump had a similar problem with a beko there was a rubber band wraped around the outlet fan

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water fill valve have a particle of trash or deposit from water.replace water valve and problem solved.

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I seriously doubt your motor burned up. They have thermal protectors that shut it down when certain temps are reached. Likely the empellers of drain pump are jambed with toothpicks. You access it easily by removing the front panel. From either edge slide a putty knife inserted about 3/4" along the top edge of the panel. About 4" from the edge you will come into contact with a clip. Remove the putty knife and insert where the clip is. Push in a little and you should feel a springy resistance. Push in harder and you will lift the clip past a cut-out notch at the top of the panel. If you push till the blade comes to a stop you should be able to put your fingers on the top corner of the panel and give it a slight tug to free it. Don't pull too hard just enough to clear the clip. Then repeat procedure on other corner. Once it pops open set it aside but prop it up with something. When they fall over they sound like a gun going off the way they slap the floor. Do your heart a favor. The pump is probably a plastic that you can see through with the help of a flashlight. you will probably have to remove it to get them all out. Prepare for excess water in hoses if tub is empty. If tub is full of water bail as much as possible or use a wet and dry vac. Let me know if you run into trouble.

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Possibly the clutch spring but I wouldn't discount that the drum motor wasn't damaged from the strain it had on it from damaged mechanical parts. Sometimes the coils in the motor are burned out...a weak motor is the result!

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Is it a scraping sound or more of a rumbling sound? If it's scraping check for screws, nails, necklaces, etc., in the drain holes of the basket. If rumbling sound your tub bearings may be failing.

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Make sure it is level in all directions.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "activate it." Are you are manually pressing down on the lid switch or are you saying that lifting the lid starts the spin cycle? You may just need to adjust it. For whatever reason the actuator on the lid isn't pushing the switch far enough to activate it. It is possible that the actuator broke in some weird way that makes it contact the switch when the lid is opened. Regardless the spin cycle should cease when the lid is opened. The actuator is the wire hinge on the left side of of the lid. They always break where the screws connect them to the lid so you should be able to see it by lifting the lid. You can go here for manuals and exploded views of your machine. The hidden lid switch and actuator are clearly visible if you click the "Top and Cabinet" diagram.

Now i want to say something about your machine. First to be fair i don't know what the reviews of this machine might have been and I've never owned one, but if it serves you well hold on to it. Maytag doesn't make them like that anymore. In fact Maytag doesn't really make them anymore. That repairman died years ago and was never replaced. I'd take a machine like yours (with manual controls and no brain) over every smart h.e. machine i've ever had the misfortune to work on or operate. Sure they save water and they are quiet now but the drain pumps are junk fixing to bust and in my opinion the reason people experience mold and odor problems. They oversuds chronically and then have to sit while the machine decides when and how you can proceed. Doors lock shut at the most inopportune times. Control boards cost hundreds of dollars to replace and diagnosing problems on a "smart machine" can sometimes be more than a little baffling. So treasure it. Just sayin.

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You will need to replace the "thrust bearing" on the bottom of the unit. Here is the kit to order.

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Replace the lid switch. Here is the part to order.

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You will need to check for an article of clothing stuck between the basket and tub that may be partially blocking the drain hole.

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It is possible that the machine does not start off the cycle because there are errors due to feedback from the inputs. For the program to start up the main program controller must initiate the INLET/MOTOR/DRAIN pump/ valve to open up and allow each function to be driven starting from the flow of water into the drum as also the drain valve to open to exit the water at the point of the program cycle. If this does not happen then the voltage at the valve/motor/pump must be checked or the fault relates to no voltage from the controller. This means the controller is a suspect.

If the fault repeats all the time to stop after a said period then it can be a fault on the panel board. check also the power supply to the board, check power to the processor.

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Sounds like the tub seal. My MAV2755AWW (Maytag Atlantis top loader) is doing the same thing right now. Here is the solution I found:

Caution: You'll need some tools, like a spanner wrench for your model...order this now of you plan to do this work yourself. You can find it for 15 dollars online, but if you go to Maytag, it can cost you upward of 90 dollars. You can get a tub seal kit for about 60 dollars. The cost for a repair tech to do this job was almost $300...gauge the $75 you going to spend plus the hours of work if you don't know what you're doing, against this cost. Good luck!

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The squeal you here is from the drain pump going out. I have replaced so many of these it's not funny. The new pumps are redesigned. All you need to do is remove the belt from the bottom, open the access panel on the rear left side (as you look at from the rear), remove the three bolts and pull the pump out. put the new one on in the reverse order. Here is the new pump.

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If you have no power and you have power to the outlet, then you will need to replace the control board. Here is the board to order.To replace the board, remove the back cover on the console, the board is located at the back of the timer.

The part comes with a 365 day, any part, any reason return policy.

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Could you give me the model number. then i could look up the parts you need

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It is so common that the washing machine can make terrible noise in many ways and is a common fault. In all occasions it is important that your observation is most important and so is vital to the identification /rectification and solution. If you have noticed that machine is vibrating when it is running then the motor /drum suspension has to be inspected. Since these fittings are located on the underside of the machine it is important that you look for the noise with a good inspection lamp. Manually turn the motor and drum and listen for the noise, if so the motor bearings, the drum agitator shaft and fittings must be checked. Also the suspensions which include the shock absorbers and springs, the body clamps must be checked to be in correct alignment and not changed in position. Tightening of the mounting is also very important. Finally in most cases a drop of OIL or smear of grease on the moving parts cane solve most issues.

Check this link :
For replacement of bearings check for tips on this visual link:

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