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Back - light problem. Check and replace damaged component/s at its back-light inverter board, or replace this board as card basis. If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Surf the site with patience. Pull up older posts. It will be best to replace the inverter board as card basis.
To some model sets; especially LED back-lighted types; the back-light inverter circuit will be part of the main power supply board [SMPS]. In such cases, the power supply board might need replacement. To some models sets, the back-light inverter and SMPS section circuit will be integrated at its main board itself. If so; the main board should be replaced. To some models of sets, all these section circuit will be integrated at its main board. If this is the case, you have to replace the main board.

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You have a 27 " tv.

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Only if you have an external headphone amplifier that is connected

to the TV audio out.

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Those channels all are related in the same tuning band that most tuners have----suspect you have a bad tuner--unless you are using a box in which case suspect the box is the issue.

If the tuner is the problem there are ways around that--used a cable box set to the rear inputs (audio/video) on your set and bypass the problem.

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Sounds like a hookup issue--what is being used for 1080 on the set?

HDMI? Component?

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Hello The problem of your television is no picture.Usually in that symptom of LCD TV the problem is no back light.If there is no back lights the screen or display is totaly black.The problem is in the back light driver board, maybe there's a blown mounted fuse in the driver board or bad or leak capacitor from the supply of the back light driver board.Thanks...Hope it will help you to fix it..

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You have problem with your power supply, power cord and if you are technically know how you may inspect the power supply if fuse blown. If Black color you have problem on the power supply this is for serviceman only, if slight clear and you set a cut you may try to replace it.

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Try to go this link it might help

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There are a couple of things that could cause this, unfortunately there is no reset for this televisions and it will have an internal failure at this point. I will try to explain the possibilities the best I can.
First you could have a failure in the power supply, we have seen some capacitors fail in your model and cause funky problems like this. If this is the case you could be looking at somewhere around $175-$200 to fix the set. IF the power supply had to be replaced you could be looking at $350

Next could be the main board, this would not be good news because you could be looking at $400-$500 for the repair (I know this is up there in the price range and most likely getting over the cost of a new set)

Lastly you could have a problem with the panel itself, this would mean a new set for sure because the part cost is more than a new set. The panel in your tv is about $800 just for the part.

Any of these could cause your problem, but it will require troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of your problem. If you have experience, and test equipment and would like to attempt some troubleshooting I will be happy to assist you, however if you do not have equipment or experience then you would need a repairman at this time to get an exact diagnosis. I am sorry that I don't have a quick fix or easy answer for you on this one, it is definitely an internal failure.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!

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For the United States and Canada

In the United States and Canada the male plug is a NEMA5-15 style UL Listed, and CSA

Labeled. For LCD TVs that are placed on a desk or table, type SVT or SJT cord sets may be used. For LCD

TVs placed directly on the floor, only SJT type cord sets may be used. The cord set must be selected

according to the current rating for the LCD TV. Please consult the table below for the selection criteria for
power cords used in the United States and Canada
If the cord size is SJT take 14AWG _ 12Amps
If the cord size is SVT take 17AWG _ 12Amps.

The specific power cord for this LCD TV is enclosed and has been selected according to the country of
destination and must be used to prevent electric shock
Check the socket confuguration of your wall socket and select proper pluged cord.

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Not likely that the Fluorescent lamps all went out, more likely the backlights inverter board or the power supply has gone out. The lamps are rated at 50,000 hours, but the electronics that drive it is not, same as those CFLbulb in your house, it does not last 8~10,000 house as advertised, the electronics go out first. Smae for thsoe new LED backlit TV, claiming 50,000 hours!

You need to have it repaired.
Basic LCD monitor and TV troubleshooting guide:
Failed TV and Monitors pictures:
Learn about bad caps:
Capacitors kit: he can make you a set of caps.
Or, just make sure to use caps with low ESR, 105c, high ripple current and long life rating such as PANASONIC FM or FC series.

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Plasma and LCD TV sets are prone to having capacitors in the power supply section fail. This is the most likely cause for the probem you describe. When capacitors fail your will commonly see one or more of the following symptoms.
  • No video, Power light is on or blinking.
  • TV is making a clicking noise.
  • TV takes a while to come on
  • Screen is very dim or flickers.

Again, You can get a power supply repair kit with the parts, detailed instructions, and support from sites such as . Or just click here to see more details on their kit.

Here are pictures of capacitors...Notice that the ones below look bloated. They have failed and will need to be repalced.

Capacitor being replaced! Fairly easy DIY fix.

Again, You can get a power supply repair kit with the parts, detailed instructions, and support from sites such as . Or just click here to see more details on their kit

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This sounds like a bad LCD Controller Board (otherwise known as a TCon board), but you would have to replace it with a new one to be sure.

Here is one available on EBay for about $76 if you were interested in doing the work yourself:

A repair shop could also do the work for you as but they would probably charge you at least $100 labour plus the cost of parts for that kind of job.

These boards are a common source of problems for these TVs, so you will have to carefully weigh the cost benefits of spending money on a tech or on swapping out circuit boards yourself, versus the purchase price of a brand new TV that comes complete with a warranty.

Here is a link to another expert's solution which contains links to his excellent set of LCD Troubleshooting Guides:

You can read through them and get an idea of what the repair procedure would involve. If you find BUDMRTN's guides helpful, please give him a thumbs up on that page.

Please comment back here to this page if you have any questions, have difficulty accessing the links, or just require further general assistance and I will respond as soon as I see it.

Thank you very much and good luck.


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I am sorry but we did not receive any question from you. Please repost and include the question or issue that you have so that we can assist you.


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Try connecting a video source to the input shown on the screen and turning it on before you turn on the TV. This is NOT a work-around, it's for diagnosis - it provides something to look at besides the input name and the default blank screen. Look for a dark, flickering or pink-tinted band across the set. These indicate a bad Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (a dark band could also be a failed inverter).

Unless all of the inverters light up their lamps successfully within a couple of seconds, the set is designed to shut down to prevent secondary damage caused by trying to run a malfunctioning high voltage circuit.

CCFL lamps can be replaced, but unless you are very skilled at soldering electronic components, you should pay extra to get lamps with the wires already attached, if they are available for your model. See the Tech Support page at for more information.

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Try website like to buy refurbish 7 in. LCD screen.

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The screen needs to be replaced.

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New screens can be found in places like eBay and other sites.
BUT the cost of a new screen can cost more than a new tv !!
In general if a screen has to be replaced, the set should be considered TOTALED and sold for parts.

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The TV will go back to internal sound so that one day some family member of yours does not call the service center complaining there is no sound coming from the TV when you are not home !!!.
Even zoom functions on some TV are like this. To prevent PANIC CALLS !!!.

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