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They suggested a dryer because they thought the stone had absorbed a liquid and was causing the stone to darken. This is common on unsealed granite. If you put a sealer on the counter tops however, whatever it is you see there will remain under the seal. I would ask the installer to come out and take a look at it. If they are unwilling, the Home Depot has a cleaning kit sold in the kitchen counters area of the store made by a company you can call and they will ask questions about the problem and provide advice on how to fix it. They are extremely helpful with free suggestions as well as stuff you may be able to purchase to fix the problems. In any case, granite is sensitive stuff and while it is physically durable it seems to be extremely sensitive to stain and etching and learning about proper care, cleaning, and dos and dont's will save a lot of heart ache and time for you down the road. (For instance oil absorbing into the stone is a several day ordeal to fix). Good luck with getting the results you want. If you did find a specific solution please share it here.

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In case anyone else encounters this problem here's what
worked for me. I had this happen last night and came here
searching for answers. It did not unloosen on it's own
after being left overnight. Finally this morning I came up
with something that worked for me. Shoot the lid all
around with a hairdryer and use a towel to keep seeing if
it has loosened up enough to move. After a few miuntes of
spraying it with the heat it stared sliding around and then
came up.

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hello, this unit does not have a fuse or thermostat to shut it down. it has to be the house breaker or wiring.

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Maybe try white vinegar - apparently you can clean glass hobs with it & it might help dissolve the fudge stuff if you pour it on that. I wouldn't use a razor as you might damage the hob more.

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Some times a breaker can be partially tripped and not visible . You should try turning the breaker off and on several times.

always unplug electricity before attempting to repair on any electrical appliance

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The cook top is connected to 220 volts. In the house wiring there are two legs each 115 volts. Usually they connect with a red wire, black wire and the third a neutral. It is likely that at the connection to the unit or at the electrical box a connection has failed or the 220 volt circuit breaker has failed on one leg. A qualified electrician needs to do the repair!


project1-nbbnxwvnfadegsi2zsme4jri-2-2.jpg Hope this helps?

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For free help and parts the best website for this type of home appliance is at the link below.
Appliance Parts Lawn Mower Parts Heating Cooling Parts 365 day returns

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I had no instructions, manual, no receipt at all, due to a residential move. I asked questions and described the product numerous times - even went to Office Max to ask for any advice, describing what the Router action was and what was different. They gave me a list of possible Router Companies. This led me back to several phone calls, which did finally help. Guess what - part of the problem was with new techniques at my "Online Provider."

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Ok Hello there.

Number 1)
There are several types of this 8430 but all will be similar . For the complete set of machines if you REALLY need the EXACT one.go here

Number 2)
PLEASE don't 'fiddle about' with the cooker if you don't know about electrics. There are VERY high powerand DANGEROUS electric cables in there ! This is Nothing like a low power Stereo or TV BE CAREFUL !!!!

Number 3)
I am not familiar with this top but it seems from the diagrams that it just drops in to a base unit that contains the fan unit.somehow. I don't see any screws in the surface of the top so TURN OFF THE POWER COMPLETELY take out by lifting the edges ; the whole thing and work on it from underneath to access the electrics..

These diagrams below will show you all you need to do the job. READ THEM THOROUGHLY BEFORE you start.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL with Electrical wiring. !!! I cant stress enough

Owners Guide

Parts list and circuit diagram (if your switch is playing up.this will help)


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You have probably accidentally disconnected some wiring whilst moving it need to re explore

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This is the correct way to wire the right front burner on Jenn-Air JEC8430ADS cooktop. Let's do the red wires first. The red wire that comes from #2 on the switch goes to the common connection for the element that should be labeled 2a. The other red wire goes to either of the "b", hot surface indicator switch contacts and the black to the other. Use 1b or 2b for these connections whichever reaches easiest. The yellow wire goes to the inside loop of the burner and the tan to the outside element.

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there are 4 wires for that red white black and green sure you didnt miss a wire

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Purchase some silicone lubricant spray (available on Amazon for $5)

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i think that there is a sub for that switch.
i tried finding it but cannot find the sub.sorry

Jenn-Air JED8430... | Answered on Feb 25, 2012 | 696 views

I have two of the 71001494 fan switches new.

Jenn-Air JED8430... | Answered on Feb 25, 2012 | 798 views

Watch the provided video on the cleaning procedure for glass cook tops.

Jenn-Air JED8430... | Answered on Jan 21, 2012 | 209 views

Yes, Red and Black are supposed to be your Load wires (110) each then green for ground which should be white..Before I wire it up use a tester and make sure that is what is going on.

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you might be able to get it from

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